58 thoughts on “The Good Place – Michael Roasts Eleanor and Gang (Episode Highlight)”

  1. “ You like Chidi, But Chidi doesn’t like you “ ShUT THe Fu- I will beat ya little turd. Tryna keep things PG

  2. Ok most of those were only half way decent but the one about the difference betweeb Eleanor and Michael is funny as hell. Serious burn right there.

  3. micheal: knock knock
    chidi: who's there?
    micheal: you died alone because you couldn't commit to anyone

    jason: confused you died alone because you couldn't commit to anyone who?

  4. "Eleanor and I have a lot in common. Now, here's how you can tell us apart : one of us is a manipulative demon who's an expert at making other people miserable and then the other one…is me" I fell out of my chair man!

  5. A good roast for Elanour would have been, " how did you have so many followers on social media? Your parents must have had a LOT of electronics! Oh wait they never loved you!!!!!!" But she is my 2nd fav character…so I apologize.

  6. I have a theory about this show that no one has even thought of. It's not the good place or the bad place. It's purgatory. Think about it.

  7. all the hints michael set out for them in this speech: (well not all 1200, just the four)

    0:45 for jason, derek bortles…
    1:15 for tahani, at the end of the party…
    2:01 for eleanor, this is exactly the place you should be…
    2:31 for chidi, do you secretly wish that it could be you who wound up under the trolley…?

    together they say to get derek to drive the train, at the last song of the night, while the four stayed in the bad place, and hid under the next train…

    youre welcome 🙂

  8. The only The Bad Place I like is the monsterland alternate universe from my favorite TV show. This ain't that.

  9. They may have invented the art form, humans perfected it. I mean look at Jason, he’s got a better punch line and he didn’t even mean to

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