The Hot Brown – Food Wishes – Kentucky Hot Turkey Sandwich

The Hot Brown – Food Wishes – Kentucky Hot Turkey Sandwich

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with the hot brown that’s right i’m very excited to show you this hot turkey
sandwich invented in louisville kentucky and you know something has to be
extremely delicious to become very popular despite being called a hot brown
and by the way if it makes you feel any better the name actually comes from the
fact that it was invented at the brown hotel in louisville apparently as a way
to absorb some of that bourbon that the hotel guests were enjoying late into the
night which by the way totally works but anyway let’s go ahead and get started
and the first thing we’re going to need is some roast turkey and what i have
here is about a two pound piece of boneless turkey breast and as you can
see I’m using the rare and delicious crocodile Turkey actually those are just
marks from the net bag this was wrapped in
but anyway what we’ll do is generously season the meat side with kosher salt as
well as a little bit of herb de Provence or whatever other herbs and spices
you’re into and of course if you don’t want to bother with this step
I just want to swing by the deli for some thick-cut turkey that’s fine you
are after all the karl-anthony towns of your Kentucky hot Browns but using
freshly roasted does take this up to another level but anyway we’ll do some
salt and herb on the meat side and then for the skin side we’ll go with just
salt and we’ll want to be fairly generous and then once that set we’ll go
ahead and transfer that into some kind of baking dish it’s been lightly greased
with butter or oil and then what we’ll do is pop that into the center of a 350
degree oven for about 45 minutes to an hour or until it reaches an internal
temp of 148 and the best way to monitor that is with one of these probe
thermometers and as you can see I’m almost there so I waited for that sensor
to beep at 1:48 at which point I pulled it out and it looked like this and then
all we need to do is let that cool down before we slice it and if you’re
thinking 148 sounds like kind of a low temperature well it’s not because of the
carryover heat that’s gonna actually raise to about 155 at least but anyway
we’ll go ahead and let our turkey cool down and then if we want because our
ovens already going to be on we can go ahead and partially cook our bacon that
we’re gonna put on top later so that’s what I’m doing here I’ll cook that bacon
for about 10 to 15 minutes or so or until it’s approximately 50% cooked
and there are other ways we could do this we can actually microwave the bacon
or just put it on crisp at the end but this is my favorite method and you’ll
see why later and then what we’ll do once our meats are complete is move on
to our mornay sauce which we will start by melting a couple tablespoons of
butter over medium heat into which we’re going to stir a couple tablespoons of
flour and once that’s all been combined we will continue to let that cook
stirring occasionally for maybe about three minutes or so until we’ve
basically taken that raw edge off the flour and you’ll know because it’ll
start to smell that cook pie crust all right that’s like the best move tip
I ever learned and once mine reached that point it looked a little something
like this and then what we’ll do at this point is quickly stir in our cream
whisking it in all at once and of course as you know hot roux cold milk no lumps
and that goes the same for cold cream so we’ll go ahead and stir that in and
we’ll continue to cook this on medium until the thickens up and just starts to
come to a boil and once that happens we want to immediately turn off the heat
and that is the point I’ve reached here all right my mixture is thickened and I
can see bubbles coming up from the bottom so what we’ll do is turn off the
heat and add the rest of the sauce ingredients which will include some
salts as well as some freshly ground black pepper and of course a little
shake a Cayenne which brings us to one of the stars of the show our cheese and
for this we’re going to be using pecorino romano which basically looks
and grates like parmesan but it’s a little bit sharper and saltier and works
absolutely perfect in this dish so we will go ahead and grate and stir
in a very generous 1/2 cup and generally at this point I would encourage you to
use whatever cheese you want but this time I’m really hoping you do use the
pecorino having said that Parmesan will work as
would a nice extra sharp cheddar but anyway we’ll go ahead and stir in our
cheese and then we will finish this up with a little pinch of nutmeg which as
usual will be freshly grating in sure I could adit it with the song
pepper but I felt like it deserved its own scene or I almost forgot it one of
the two and that’s it once that stirred in and we’ve checked for seasoning our
mornay sauce is done and I believe we can move on to slice up our turkey and
proceed to final assembly and besides not overcooking this and letting it cool
down before we cut it the only other tip here is to make nice thick slices all
right since we are gonna be browning the top we don’t want our turkey to dry out
so as you can see I’m doing some nice thick slices and then once cut if you
want you could pull off the skin which I do and then once that set we can move on
to our last official component the toast so what we’ll need is a couple slices of
white bread that have been lightly toasted and what I’ll do is go ahead and
stack these up and trim off the crusts mostly because that’s how they do it at
the brown hotel Plus by removing that crust this almost becomes low carb and
then what we’ll do is cut one of those slices in half before placing that into
a very lightly buttered heat proof baking dish and I’ll raise those pieces
as shown and I do like to put my baking dish on a sheet pan to make it easier to
get in and out of the oven and then once that’s down we’ll go ahead and top that
with two or three slices of Turkey but wait there’s more there’s actually one
more ingredient I haven’t mentioned and that’s some sliced tomato and what we’ll
do is place a couple slices between our turkey and then maybe a couple halves on
either end and by the way don’t even think into using some beautiful vine
ripened Tomatoes here all right this is gonna work best with those virtually
tasteless supermarket tomatoes which is what they’d use in literally every hotel
in the world and then once our toast has been Turkey and tomatoes we will go
ahead and spoon over our sauce and my basic approach here is to ladle over
enough so that everything’s covered whichever I’m not mistaken is probably a
little less and they use it to Hotel all right there you’re probably getting an
extra ladle or so but keep in mind we did use cream and not milk so the sauce
is quite rich and we want to be careful not to overdo it
and then once we’ve ladle their spooned over whatever we think is enough sauce
we’ll go ahead and top this with a very generous gradient of pecorino and yes I
said generous and I mean generous and then traditionally the cheese would be
topped with a sprinkling of paprika but I think we all know what I’m gonna use
instead so yes I’m gonna go ahead and shake over
some Cayenne at which point we will finish this with our two precooked
strips of bacon that we will cross over the top and that’s it this is finally
ready to finish in the oven and there are two ways we can finish this we can
pop this into a very hot oven like 475 or if we want under the broiler which is
the method I prefer but either way we’re gonna have to cook that until it’s both
hot and browned and hopefully look in something like this and because we
cooked our bacon about halfway by the time our sauce is nicely browned that
bacon should be cooked to crispy perfection which is pretty much what
happened here and that’s it we’ll carefully take a towel and transfer that
onto a napkin lined plate and possibly finish it off with some chopped parsley
and that’s it what is one of America’s greatest
fork-and-knife sandwiches is ready to eat so let me go ahead and dig in to see
how I did and I’m gonna start off slow and just go for a little piece of Turkey
which because we roasted our own and sliced it Thicke is still beautifully
moist and while turkey breast can be kind of boring
not when coated with that pecorino spike mornay sauce which as I mentioned just
works absolutely perfect here and now that my mouth is acclimated to the
awesomeness I’ll go in for a much bigger bite with hopefully all the components
and by the way while those tomatoes might seem like an afterthought they’re
actually quite important here right that little bit of juicy acidity really cuts
through the richness of this dish and while this is incredibly tasty and does
seem quite decadent it is not what I would describe as super heavy so I
really do love everything about this but anyway that’s it my take on the hot
brown featuring four or five very simple components that when combined like this
amplify each other’s deliciousness creating something truly magical and so
good you don’t even have to be drunk on bourbon to enjoy it although that does
help but either way I really do hope you give
this a try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredients of
more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “The Hot Brown – Food Wishes – Kentucky Hot Turkey Sandwich”

  1. I like your take on this! We make them every year. But, I do have to say…. how can you say Louisville like you did? For some reason I thought you might be from the midwest. At any rate, even though I'm in Indiana, you totally have to say the name of that city right. It's pronounced "Lew-vull". 😉

  2. I had this at the Brown Hotel back in September.
    It was amazing.

    Oddly enough the highlight of the room service was a grilled chicken breast that was the best chicken I've ever had in my life.

  3. As a Kentuckian and also having eaten this at the Brown Hotel (they gave me a recipe card upon checking out) I have to say this is spot on. Bravo Chef John and Merry Christmas! 🎄🐎🥃

  4. the inflections in this guys voice make me want to shoot myself in the fucking dick. the *way he phrases*, *certain parts of the sentence*; should be fucking illegal.

  5. I've never used a thermometer in my life (for food) and I've never had food poisoning or any sort of food poisoning. I'm not saying they're useless, but, they were a recommendation at a time when ovens were sort of wish-washy in their heat retention and or displacement. Hell, I don't even use one when I'm camping… I just overcook whatever it is, haha!

  6. Love your work Chef! Honest question – season the skin, cook it, then remove it? Why not just remove it in the beginning and season the meat on both sides?

  7. I luv u, but.. Please try the original Kentucky Hot Brown?! Fresh roast turkey, extra sharp cheddar sauce with a dash of cayenne, and Benton's bacon. Thick toast, and the optional tomato slice. It's fit for the Kentucky Derby!! I adore all versions, especially Chef John's. The original, if done right is rich, but not as heavy as this one. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. As someone who is currently drunk on bourbon, I say well done. Im currently making a variant of this with government cheese and a possum I ran over earlier. God bless America and Colonel Sanders. My great great grandpa who created my bastard father. Skuse me.

  9. Love this channel. And your humor gives me joy 😊. Thank you for your calm and sighing approach. Be blessed xo.

  10. I love hot browns, but I don't like the toast points getting soggy so I keep them to the side and add them in one by one. I also like to put asparagus in this dish.

  11. Why does it sound like every single thing he says is a question 😩 I can’t watch this with the audio I just CANNOT

  12. Ahhh…. this takes me back. I used to LOVE this sandwich as a kid – one of my go-to choices when we went out for a fancy lunch. It was lost in memory, but now I must make it for MY kids! Thanks, Chef!

  13. Does anyone think mixing in an egg yolk after the cheese would help anything? I ask because the cheese sauce is similar to Alfredo and I put egg yolks in that.

  14. I make a richer one. I put a little white wine in the same sauce. I put ham in it, too and crumbles of bacon in it, too. I have never put the tomatoes in it. It is rich, but deliciously so. Also, no cayenne pepper.

  15. The ooollllddd shake of cayenne at 3:34 and 6:39.
    This looks so good I can almost smell and taste it..
    Have to do both soon.

  16. I was lucky enough to have one of these at the Brown Hotel. Bit pricey for a turkey sandwich, but lots of food and very filling and tasty (though I don't recall tomatoes). The hotel is gorgeous, the perfect place to enjoy lunch, and a couple of bourbons.

  17. Here's a thought. Use roast beef at one end, chicken and turkey in the middle, the ham at the other end. Call the barnyard brown casserole.

  18. Kentuckian here. Hour from Louisville. I very much so enjoy me a hot brown! Also, why does it seem like everything this guy is stating in this video while preparing sound like a question?! Lol.

  19. … at last, something that even Americans can't eat without a knife and fork …
    … but seriously, do you really need a lesson to learn to cook it?

  20. Oh my God I love a hot brown! Usually I make it the way it's intended to be made and I use the recipe from the two brothers who are chefs at a hotel in Kentucky and created the sandwich. However if I'm in a hurry I make hot brown sliders. Not quite as good but still extremely delicious. I purchase my turkey at the deli. I used to do a piece of turkey like this but I now have a lot of Home Care and my hands don't work so well. The bread is supposed to be toasted before it goes in the oven. So I take the slider rolls connected together. And I toast the tops and bottoms cut sides either on the stove in a cast iron skillet or in the oven which is easier. just until they are toasted like John's bread was. When it's made with the Kentucky recipe it is put on toasted French bread or other good bakery or homemade bread. This recipe has been changed up some and I go by the book when something is that well-known. Just like when I make homemade Reuben sandwiches I don't add anything extra and I don't take anything away. You can either put the sauce tomatoes and bacon on top or you can put everything inside the slider and put them in the oven until they are hot.

  21. Where I live you can purchase a Juicy delicious piece of turkey breast where the rotisserie chickens are. It works extremely well and doesn't dry out.

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