THE KITCHEN – Final Trailer

THE KITCHEN – Final Trailer

♪♪♪ Alfonso Coretti. You girls have been very busy.Haven’t you Ruby?Mrs. Brennan.I won’t bite.Claire you’re the one I have
to watch out for aren’t you?Our husbands have 24 more months
left on their sentences.
You girls are
gonna be just fine.
We’re gonna take care of you. I can’t even make the rent with
what they gave me last night. What are we gonna do? All these men
working these streets and not a solid set
of balls anywhere. Bunch of guys that don’t even
remember what family means. So we remind them. I don’t want you to do it. I want you to teach me
how to do it. Step off my business. Baby… it’s my business now. Any of you need to talk
this shit through? Then get out of our way! I am within rights to wipe you off
the face of the earth. Run! We worked hard for this. Do you wanna go back
to how it was? I’d rather die than go back! You go to war… there’s no coming back. Claire… put a bullet in his head! You girls kill me.

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  1. Dude this is the biggest rip off of Good Girls ever…down to the casting choices…🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. I envy REALLY old people on their death beds/last stretch in this era. They got to live in an era without SJW/leftist trash being shoved down their throats 24/7. Every day I feel the urge to just wanna off myself more and more. I don't think I can do this anymore, I don't even think I can stand another election cycle, especially when Trump is re-elected and Leftist get even MORE crazy. I don't want to do this anymore, I don't want to live in this reality or planet anymore. And I'm being dead serious, I feel like I'm gonna fucking snap. They need to legalize weed in the country completely because that is the ONLY way I can cope with this new evangelical leftist reign of terror in our culture. I needed to be stone CONSTANTLY.

  3. But why 3 comedians. I can’t take this seriously. I’ll be waiting for the punchline to the joke the whole time. But I love those actresses.

  4. If you want to make powerful characters, show them doing, not saying. I'm sick of these 'strong women' movies where the women are constantly 'on' and constantly over compensating. Compare the way these women in the trailer act and talk to the way the men in The Godfather act and talk and maybe you'll see the problem.

    Ps, i am a woman. I find these preachy grandstanding female characters we get lately pathetic.

  5. 0:14 kinda looked like my second grade teacher 0_0

    I'm in 3rd grade now but I'm actually 10 IRL

  6. That looks SO GOOD!! But, I cannot stand Tiffany Haddish, so I won't be watching. Why do directors keep putting her in stuff?!?! She's just obnoxious and can't act for anything.

  7. Coincidentally, the name of this movie is where all these women should've stayed. Yet another corny "woman can be badasses too" flick. What a joke.

  8. Hahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂 now the pc police are putting woman in mob movies, they are so obsessed with woman being in power they are making up stuff now. Not to mention this movie looks terrible. Maybe as bad as ghost busters or hidden figures. I smell another flop.

  9. Guess what we didn't ask for and still don't want? Another movie about strong wahmen…. guess what never existed in any instance of any form of organized crime, you guessed it, a female at the lead.

  10. Why does this movie scream feminism to me im not trying to be rude but its just a vibe im getting from this trailer

  11. I ❤ this coolest Mafia Chick Flick: "The Kitchen"💰🔥 💵 🔫 It's "The Godfather" meets "Charlie's Angels" of 2019!!😎😎😎👩👧👱

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  13. MELISSA❗️
    & MARGO❗️
    Opening Day
    For ‘The Kitchen’❗️
    GO SEE.
    I SO Look Forward
    To Being Free
    To Actually
    Last Time Was ‘The Martian’.
    Please See TTL
    To Help Them

  14. Oh God….. I just left from the cinema…. Disappointed. I was like, "that's it?" Where's the story? I expected more from this movie. It felt so rushed. I can't believe how it ended. I give this movie 4.5/10

  15. The Kitchen 2019 film Available

    I like mobster movies and this one didn't disappoint me. It kept me thinking and guessing. Good acting, plot and ending.

  16. 1. The DIRECTOR, DIRECTION, and SCRIPT, are garbage!
    2. Moss is under used.
    3. Too much sidewalk walking and talking.
    4. Zero character development or investment.
    5. The directing and script are REALLY BAD.
    6. This concept and pitch are great. The execution horrible.
    7. You can tell a woman with a spoiled prestine background made this because clearly she doesn't know crap about the mafia.
    8. Scorsese would have made this a classic.
    9. Must see mob master class movies before making one:
    *The Godfather
    *American Gangster
    10. The pacing and cutting is bad.
    11. No real mob style violence scenes. See 9.
    12. The actors were good but poorly directed and victims of a bad script.

  17. hands down to the people who made this.. it was frICKIN AMAZING!! DRAMA ACTION AND LAUGHS ALL COMBINED LIKE AAA

  18. "The kitchen" for a feminist characters driven movie! What a fuckin big laugh😂😂😂 oh, and of course its a box-office failure! GO WOKE…

  19. Elizabeth Moss is great in this film. Sadly, she is one of the few ingredients that works. Check out my review!…/…/the-kitchen-2019-review/

  20. It’s sad cuz Elisabeth Moss was born into scientology and didn’t really have a choice so it’s hard to believe that she’ll ever leave it since she’ll both be shunned by the scientology church and cut off from family relations that are scientologists. She’s basically brainwashed completely and it’s horrifying.

  21. Guess it is supposed to be like a Female Version of "Good Fellas"…..
    Watchable , but maybe half as good as "Good Fellas"…….

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