The Lavu Brewery POS System  – Devon’s Pop Smoke Case Study

The Lavu Brewery POS System – Devon’s Pop Smoke Case Study

My name is Jeremy Dow. I’m the owner of Devon’s Pop Smoke. I spent the last two years basically traveling
up to Portland, Seattle, Denver, really kind of looking at the brewery scene. Interviewing different brewers, interviewing
manufacturers, then coming back here. One of the things that we noticed was that
breweries are great but their food is always inconsistent. Their food is always a second thought. Because I do love the beer, we decided to
just work with the brewers. I’ve always been someone who just kind of
starts with a shell and just kind of works on that idea and lets it progress as it happens. So, we basically brought in some of the top
brewers here in New Mexico, and then we added our grills down there. Quality service, quality food. Lavu’s been extremely helpful. It makes it really easy to train the staff
on the basic features that they need to do their jobs effectively, so it allows us to
save a lot of time and money as far as training them and getting them up to speed on what
we need to do and the functionality for here. Here at Devon’s we utilize the KDS system. One of the nice features about that is it
allows us to send specific items to our food prep stations in the back. It also allows us to push items that are required
for our grill, which is in another section, and it allows us to take those items and keep
everything in order as far as delivery to the customer. It definitely seems intuitive. It seems very straightforward, but it also
integrates nicely with some of the other applications that allows us to even drill in deeper and
to really understand where all of our money’s going, what’s coming in, what’s going
out. So, our integration between Lavu and Beer
Saver allows us to integrate both point of sale for every beer that we sell and then
utilize the flow system that Beer Saver has. So, that way, every time a beer is poured,
we will see how much was poured, and that a tender was verified. So, it really helps us manage our numbers
as far as ordering. Customer Care has been great. They’ve been extremely helpful and when
we do get somebody who is a little less knowledgeable, they always get us to that next person, to
the more senior tech who will always be there to help us. So, we’ve always had really good support
from Lavu. Lavu has been extremely helpful.

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