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– [Paul] This was a hobby. This is what we
started out with. This is what we brewed beer in when I first started
brewin’ beer at my house, and then this is
what it all led to. – [Interviewer] Paul
Charron went from a five-gallon home brewer, to a 1,000 gallon
commercial brewery. – So, you’ve heard
of golf widows? My wife is a beer
widow. [laughing] – [Interviewer] When
Charron and his wife moved to Manteo in 1989, she started Full
Moon Cafe downtown, expanding it over the years. He went to work for her in 1995. – And then back in 2011, I told my wife I want to
brew beer for the restaurant, not just for myself. We made a tiny,
tiny little brewery, and we were brewin’
just a couple beers, and then as the years went on, beer started goin’ out
to other restaurants, and most restaurants were like, “Well, I’m not selling Full
Moon Cafe beer in my cafe,” so we changed the name to The Lost Colony Brewery
and Full Moon Cafe, and that was confusing
for a lot of folks. – [Interviewer] So, they
dropped Full Moon to make it Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe. – [Paul] It’s a perfect
name for the brewery. – [Interviewer] And Charron
says Manteo is the perfect place for it and the cafe. – It’s probably the
only true village, if you want to call it that, on the Outer Banks. Picket fences, sidewalks,
lots and lots of shops. – [Interviewer] But
there wasn’t enough space to grow the brewery. Charron jumped into his
“Beer Response Vehicle” to show us where he
brews his beer now. The Beer Response
Vehicle is for, you know, beer emergencies. – Any time someone
calls for a beer, if it’s not on a
regular delivery day, we’ll jump in the beer
delivery truck and do it. We’ll go to events, pour
beer out the back of it. Lights flashin’. We have a good time with it. – [Interviewer] The
town of Stumpy Point, about a half hour
south of Manteo, had everything Charron needed. A large building,
municipal sewage, and a good water supply. Charron says this is the
only brewery in the state devoted to true English beers. – So here, we’re brewing
nothing but British ales, which means our hops, our
grain, even our water, and our yeast are all exactly
the way you would have it over in England. – [Interviewer] He does that
by importing his grains, hops and yeast from England, and adding minerals
to the water. It’s served up back at
Lost Colony’s tap room, and the cafe next door. His eight beers range
from Kitty Hawk Blonde, to an imperial stout. – [Paul] Any style of beer
that is British, we make it. – [Interviewer] And Charron
calls the style of the cafe, “Pub Forward.” That means it’s
a pub-style menu, but with a gourmet twist that
surprises many customers. – They’re not expecting the
level of food they’re gonna get, and the surprise in
their eyes is like, “Hey, the food is really good! “Love your beer, but the
food is really good.” – [Interviewer] True to the
brewery’s English spirit, the cafe serves fish and chips. It’s one of the
most popular dishes. This version is made from
fresh, local flounder. – We bread that in our
house-made breader, and then we use our own Lost
Colony beer, our Buxton Brown, to make the beer batter. – [Interviewer] It’s
fried to a golden brown, and served atop a pile of fries. – Very simple dish, but very, very good. – [Interviewer] Another favorite
is the shrimp and grits. – And we start off with North
Carolina green-tail shrimp, and New Orleans
andouille sausage, and we saute that up and get
a nice golden brown on that, and we add fresh tomatoes,
Cuban black beans, fire-roasted red peppers, and then we blend that together
with a little bit of cream, and Parmesan cheese. – [Interviewer] It’s
served on polenta instead of regular grits. – So, it’s a shrimp and grits, but it’s our version of
the shrimp and grits. – Wonderful hospitality
when you come here. Everybody’s nice. It really characterizes
the happiness and vibrance of the town when you
walk in the door. And to have a good meal with
that, it all comes together. – I love it here. The people are just wonderful. They’re friendly,
they’re courteous, you know, they’re
just wonderful people, wonderful hospitality, and the food is excellent. – [Interviewer] Just the
experience Charron wants his customers to have. – I want ’em to relax. I want them to have fun. I want them to enjoy themselves. I want them to
have conversation. – [Interviewer] To Charron
that means put your phone down, and enjoy the company
of those around you. – [Deborah] The Lost Colony
Brewery and Cafe is at 208 Queen Elizabeth
Avenue in downtown Manteo, and they’re open every day
from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information, give
them a call at 252-473-6666, or go online to

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