The New Commission 2019-2024

The New Commission 2019-2024

Firstly, I would like to thank Commission President Juncker for his welcome and support in the last weeks. He very kindly made available his incredible transition team, and today, his press room. I know Jean-Claude Juncker since I have been active in politics. I have learned a lot and I owe him a great deal. It will be an honour to succeed him.

2 thoughts on “The New Commission 2019-2024”

  1. After the speechbubbles were out of the way, I was positively surprised by her putting the people who succumbed to her party's backroom deals in important key roles. There is definitely something to be gained in democratic legitimacy and potential for consensus if heads of the opposition are given commissioner posts. One point I am confused about, was that space was delegated to the defense resort. Not research, not economy. This seems to be a bit anachronistic.
    Lets hope her record as defense minister does not continue in the same fashion in the european commission.

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