The Prettiest (and Tastiest) Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – Marion’s Kitchen

The Prettiest (and Tastiest) Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – Marion’s Kitchen

Pretty as a picture, Vietnamese cold rolls. Not only do these guys look amazing, they taste epic. Filled with goodies like sizzling devilled prawns, lots of fresh herbs and veggies. You might have gathered by now these are not your traditional Vietnamese cold rolls, or spring rolls, or summer rolls, whatever you call them in your part of the world. But they are very pretty. They’re my little crafty version of these guys. But with cold rolls, I think the main thing is they always must have beautiful fresh ingredients that taste amazing as well. So we’ve got all of that and more. Let’s start off with the egg part. That’s that nice yellow strip that you see in a couple of the cold rolls at the end. We want to start with the egg, I just need a few of those. You want to add a pinch of salt here. Just give those a whisk. Into a medium hot pan, I’m going to add a little bit of oil. I don’t want this pan too hot, because I don’t want the egg to brown or burn on the bottom before the top is ready. You’ll see what I mean. This is enough for two omelettes. I’m just going to put half in here. What you want to do is swirl that egg around, and just keep swirling so that we get a nice even omelette. I don’t want to turn this over because I want to keep one side a really lovely bright sunshine yellow, the underside will get a little bit brown. So I just gently cook this until when I touch the top with my finger, I can see that that egg is not sticky, it’s cooked all the way through. Just use a spatula to ease the egg off the pan. Slide that onto a chopping board. What I want here are some nice rectangular shapes of the egg. So I’m going to start by evening off the edges. Don’t worry. Those little strips won’t go to waste, they will go straight into my mouth. The cook’s treat huh? I’m going to cut this into thirds and set that aside for when we’re rolling
later. For the devilled prawns, I’m going to use some Korean Gochujang chilli paste. This is a fermented chilli paste. I just love the beautiful bright red colour that this gives to the prawns. The Gochujang does have a beautiful colour, but it’s not super hot so I want to use a chilli sauce here that’s going to add some heat. I’m using my Coconut Sriracha. It’s got a beautiful tang, it’s really spicy also. Any kind of hot sauce that you have at home is fine to use. And a little dash of soy sauce. Add that into your prawns. Give that a good mix. To cook those guys, I just want a little bit of oil in a hot pan. Now just get them sizzling! When these guys are cooked through, just get them out onto a plate and let them cool down. One more thing before we start rolling, we’ve got to make an epic dipping sauce. I have a bit of a riff on the traditional kind of peanut hoisin sauce. I make mine a little bit spicy but let’s start off with the peanut butter first. And then some hoisin. Actually one of my Instagram friends ‘@viethomecooking’ actually alerted me to the fact that my Coconut Sriracha makes a really good cold roll dipping sauce, so thank you very much ‘@viethomecooking’ for your idea to make this sauce. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram, go and check it out. Any other hot sauce or a regular sriracha will do there as well. You do want to add some lime juice though, cause I want some extra tang. Just give that a mix. This will start off a little bit too thick, so I’m going to add in a little bit of water. That’s looking good. Let’s just get a clean spoon and dip that in there. Mmm! That is so good guys. My goodness, that beautiful peanut flavour, the hoisin, and then that spicy kick from the Coconut Sriracha at the end. Yum. In addition to those bits and pieces we’ve just cooked, I’ve got a whole bunch of yumminess here. I’ve got some shredded cooked chicken, I’ve got some colourful vegetables, some capsicum, carrot, I’ve got some cucumber, and these beautiful little edible flowers. I find these a lot in supermarkets these days. If you see them, grab them and you can just make these. Such a pretty idea to go with them. Also some lettuce. The one other crucial thing that you need are lots of Asian herbs. I’ve got some fresh mint and some Thai basil as well. You really want the combination of herbs, protein, and vegetable here. And a little bit of noodle too. The setup for rolling. I like to take my rice paper, dip it into some warm water, and then I pop it onto another clean tea towel. Because this rice paper just loves to stick to everything. It will stick to the tea towel as well. But it’s easier to kind of peel off the tea towel than having it rip and break on a plate or your work surface. Ok so that’s the rice paper. Now I’m going to get my beautiful little flowers, pop those on there. Some of these little baby leaves, which looks so pretty and fresh. I’m going to take a piece of omelette, put
that on top. You can basically go nuts here, be as creative as you are with all the different colours and the vegetables. Something fun that you can get kids to do as well. Now noodles. Lots of colourful vegetables. The wrapping part, these are quite big and a little unwieldy. But that’s ok. They’re going to look a little messy as we roll. I like to fold one side over first. Peel that rice paper off tea towel. Now fold the other side over. Here’s the key, it doesn’t matter how messy and loose your parcel looks at the moment. This is where you want to tidy everything up, and get it really nice and tight. Just roll that bottom side over, use your fingers to push everything into a nice little cylinder package. Ok and there you go! One beautiful little piece of artwork! How fun! I love making these. Just keep going with your prawns, with your chicken, with your egg, flowers, vegetables, everything! Make whatever it is that your heart desires. There you go, a little crafty version of
Vietnamese cold rolls. Let’s just see how we’ve gone huh? I love that dipping sauce. Those spicy prawns, mmm, so good. It’s so important that you have that mix of the herbs, the vegetables, and the protein in there. They’ve got to taste good as well as looking good. Mmm! Bit more sauce. Yum! Delish.

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  1. One of my favorite foods in the world and my mouth is drooling as I was watching this video that's how you know that's going to be a good meal and thank you for making this so now I could be creative as well

  2. I will have to look for square rice paper, we only have round ones and they tear because so many cracks in them right off the bat oxox thanks

  3. No need for a tea towel. As long as the rice paper isn't too wet (if your paper is too wet it will soften too quickly = stickiness) it won't stick to a regular flat plate. Done it that way my whole life. Never had an issue!

    1. Use luke warm water
    2. Lightly dip the rice paper in the water. do not soak ( I use a bowl and round rice paper. i dip half of the paper in the bowl and quickly rotate the paper until all wet)
    3. Shake off any excess water
    4. Put on a plate, stack on ingredients and roll!

    The paper still may seem hard but by the time you finish putting on all your ingredients the paper will soften nicely and it's ready to roll!

  4. So beautiful, will absolutely try for my son lunch boxe. You should have a plastic mesh tray to manipulate your rice paper…you will find them un asian grocery.

  5. Beautiful YES, but Vietnamese NO. The most important ingredient in rice paper rolls is Soya bean sauce. The taste and smell of Korean chilly sauce is totally different from Vietnamese one. It's really good but different. No need to make to prawn so complicated. Just steam it and let the soya beam sauce lead your taste.
    Welcome to Vietnam (again) to try a real rice paper rolls

  6. This is very beautiful vietnamese spring roll i have see, i never try this before, then when i watched your video i will try soon and why i dont make the video right? Thanks your video🥰

  7. Years ago I’ve been to a little hole in the wall in New York where they serve Vietnamese and Thai food and people line up for over an hour. You should open a restaurant to serve Thai and Vietnamese food.

  8. what i see a lot of Vietnamese stands that sell summer rolls do is that in order to keep the rice sheets from sticking too much they use spray bottles and do a couple spritz on the sheets so they get moist but not too soft.

  9. Wow I'm Vietnamese and this makes me want to learn to do cold rolls all over again!!! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing ⭐⭐

  10. It is so pretty. I am from Vietnam and I make Rice paper roll so often. If any one needs the original recipe please let me know.

  11. Next time u try rolling, place it under a flat cutboard instead. It will not break your rolls 'cause these rice paper are wet. A lot quicker!

  12. Does malaysian watch this ? Where to get the paper rice ? 😅btw this is my first time wtchg Marion's vid . I like it !

  13. just dont call it vietnamese dish when u put different shit in it. Im totally offended by this stupid fusion shit! white people shit

  14. Yumm looks so colorful, bright and beautiful! These colorful spring rolls makes me happy. Definitely going to try them out. Thank you for the awesome video and creative ideas.

  15. Hello Mariom, I find your cooking channel unique and interesting to watch. May I ask where do you get the edible flowers from? Did you get them frozen in super markets or did you pick them? Thaaanks! 🙂

  16. I'm Vietnamese and I've never had fried eggs in my spring roll ever…am I missing something here? Are you mistaken the Banh Xeo roll with eggs? Regardless, it looks good and very pretty, but I feel lost LOL

  17. Hello, I'm Vietnamese. I just want to say that you're so creative! it makes the rice paper rolls look more colorful and tasty. Keep going! Thanks!

  18. Sorry but i can see in the video that you have "gochujang" in those shrimps. That's not from vietnamese. But it's a traditional seasoning of Korea. Of course it's still a roll. But not Vietnamese. 🙂 and btw, it looks beauty.

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