*epic music* Heeeyyyyy YouTube *Music intenseifies* Tic Tok Tic Tok Where the FUCK is my diamond play button? It’s been 84 YEARS! *satan of roast* Yeah that’s right YouTube, I said it! You think I’m scaaaared?? Like all the other pussy ass YouTubers??? Like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Or CinnamonToastKen [Ken]: OH SHIT WHADDUP? [Felix]: Oh shit it’s yo boy!!! [Ken]: YO BOY [Felix]: YEAAAH [Ken]: IT’S YO BOY [Felix]: WELCOME TO THE ROAST!! *warrior scream* [Felix]: BIIITCH [Ken]: BITCH [Felix]: PREPARED TO GET INFIL– *pewds dictonary breaks..* [Felix]: What’s the word? [Felix]: INFILTRATE! [Felix]: PREPARE TO GET…… *processing…* [Felix]: ANNIHILATED!! *screams of roasters.. or roosters. you choose* *dramatic music* [Felix]: Hey Youtube! [Felix]: What a great stream service you got there with YouTube Red! [Felix]: Too bad Netflix has already been a thing! [Ken]: OOOOOOHHHH NETFLIX IS ALREADY A THING, BITCH [Ken]: OHHHH [Felix]: Please still fund YouTube Scare PewDiePie [Felix]: YouTube Red [Ken]: But you ain’t SHIT [Ken]: BIIIIITCH [Felix]: THAT’S RIGHT YOU AIN’T SHIT THOUGH [Felix]: BIIIITCH [Felix]: And how about that YouTube streaming service??? [Felix]: Good thing Twitch isn’t already a thing *Kens heart attack begins* [Ken]: Oh, oh God! [Ken]: The truth, he speaks the TRUTH! [Felix]: I speak the truth [Ken]: JESUS! OH JESUS! [Ken]: Aah! [Ken]: Tell ’em wassup , tell ’em wassup [Felix]: Hey YouTube! [Felix]: That comment system is fucking awesome! [Felix]: Just kidding, IT SUCKS! [Ken]: OHHHHH THE POWER OF PEWDS COMPELS YOU! [Ken]: THE POWER OF PEWDS COMPELS YOU [Felix]: IT COMPELS YOU! [Ken]: WOOOOOH! [Felix]: ARE YOU COMPELLED? [Felix]: ARE YOU COMPELLED???? [Ken]: I FEEL THE HOLY SPIRIT OF PEWDIEPIE! [Felix]: YEAAAH WOOOOOOH WOOOOH [Felix]: Ohh, is it hot in here?? [Felix]: OR IS YOUR ASS JUST GETTING ROASTED? [Ken]: RUBBER DUCKS, BIITCH! [Felix]: RUBBER DUCK! [Felix]: Wait, what the fuck.. [Felix]: Hey YouTube! [Felix]: Google+ was a great idea (no it wasn’t) [Felix]: Too bad FACEBOOK ISN’T ALREADY A THING! [Ken]: OHHHHH CLOWN ART [Felix]: OH! [Ken]: OHHHHHHHHHHHH! [Felix]: OH! [Ken]: OHHHHH! [Felix]: OH! [Ken]: OHHH! [Ken]: Leave a like 🙂 [Felix]: Hey YouTube! [Felix]: I’m proud of you [Felix]: You made so much money throughout the year [Felix]: OHH WAIT YOU DIDN’T MAKE SHIT! [Felix]: OOOOOOHHH *Ken dies* *giggle* [Felix]: HOW BOUT YOU TAKE MORE THAN 45% MORE OF OUR INCOME? [Ken]: Wait…… [Ken]: What? …..? [Felix]: Yeah yo- they take 45% *Processing information..* *relieze’s* [Ken]: 45 percent? [Felix]: 45 percent. (maybe 45% can be our always) *laughing* [Felix]: YOUTUBE GAMING? [Felix]: MORE LIKE YOUTUBE LAMING! [Ken]: OHOOHOHOH [Felix]: Up top [Ken]: HOHO *fail highfive* [Ken]: HOH *awkward silence* [Felix]: …You missed on purpose right? *laughing* [Felix]: YouTube Red *zooms in dramaticly on Pewds and Ken’s face* [Felix]: More like [Felix]: You- [Felix]: YouT- [Felix]: YouPorn! [Felix]: Uhm, RedTube OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [Felix]: Hey YouTube! [Felix]: Your search algorithm is so corrupt [Felix]: IT MAKES VLADIMIR PUTIN LOOK LIKE JEZUS! [Ken]: OOOOHHH JEZUS [Felix]: DO WE NEED ANOTHER LEAFY? [Ken]: WOOO! [Felix]: DO WE NEED ANOTHER CLICKBAIT PIECE OF SHIT?? *Pewds dancing while Ken squishs teh rubber duck on himself* *doorbell* [Felix]: Who the fuck is dat..? [Ken]: I think its me…. da fuck? [Felix]: I’ll check it out! *amazing sound* *dundundun*

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  1. Well I am going to have nightmares tonight hey that gives me an idea how about pew die pie DESTROIES YOUTUBE

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