The Roasting of Aaron Levine

The Roasting of Aaron Levine

behold the voice of God everybody Zack
Snyder what are you doing give me that phone
great news Zack Snyder’s next movie will be The Fountainhead who’s the emcees I have an Adam Levine
roasts video at the works this guy Adam Levine like he’s not even like what does
he do like I went to his channel and he’s just
kind of doing he’s like the you call that it’s that
guy DC body our future Express yeah Andres Adina we like that buy you
something that didn’t click on Add Ins video is just like theirs we need we
need stupid titles and crappy thumbnails and just garbage like that a whole of
the future basically with the war zones that are or zones or
comment sections where they come from hey we already we actually have I’m
looking at the if you actually go to the really I can’t even see ya go to the if
you actually go to the video are they on there yeah you can see top chat there’s
something there’s somebody in there DC U is for stupid kids this one guys in
there butthurt Snyder turns yeah or worse you know and stuff like that yeah
they come out you know it’s fine and you know like that like I tell everybody hey
they’re the one giving us views that’s fine if they want i’m jose am at giant
Jenga nuts your comments section is typically a war zone there is a certain
person with a surname the vine that floods your comment section was senator
hate but hurt interred comments can you bless us with a second rant on that a
whole well I mean can you imagine when he looks like in real life I want to see the face of the faggot I
want to see the face of the faggot and I’ve seen the guy and usually he’ll
probably comment within four minutes of me dropping a video which just shows you
this man or this whoever the fuck he is this amoeba of a human being has no
goddamn life you must be a lonely pathetic person unfortunately but the fact of the matter is with all
the hate that he gives and all the comments that he’s given me under my
videos he also gives me a view thanks for generating some revenue there buddy fuck you you’re a piece of shit Aaron
and I’ve already deleted you but you’re back you saying I’m a liar and a
hypocrite how so Aaron how so I’ll tell you what I
honestly think now is that being a liar or a hypocrite because I bagged Marvel
in the past is that it is that all you got a bag Marvel when they put out his
shit film what our bag DC they put out a shit field you just like a you fascinated with
Schneider you talk about Schneider all the time why hey everyone I’m Zack Snyder and I live
rent-free in Aaron’s head 24/7 do you have like romantic feelings towards the
guy do you have like romantic feelings towards the guy yeah I mean if you’ve been in the
comments on people’s videos like mine or film junkie or Chris one Swensen or film
gob you know who that guy is how arid is really right Johnson Aaron
you’re back what are you up to I see one on like film junkies channel in the
comments people of people have started preemptively hating before you even
comment which is good just Arab just come on just get lost
yeah what’s how you doing egghead so but it had to block me yeah and I’ll keep
blocking you because you’re a buttered bitch that’s why see you later
fuck you I’ll keep blocking it do you want to keep coming I’ll keep blocking
it you don’t scare me brah in nothing not hurt I’ve heard but fuck yourself and not to let negativity get to you so
oh I see some of my fellow awesome fans like Aaron Levine who says negative
things about me but thanks for watching my videos and clicking because even
though it’s a dislike or a comment that’s engagement to YouTube it’s now
worth it sweetie not hat schneider turd butthat schneider turd that’s right tonight’s a troll died on YouTube

12 thoughts on “The Roasting of Aaron Levine”

  1. Good damn it! I have seen this loser moaning and barking day after day like a little poodle! I bet he have a baby dick and he was sexualy abused by his uncle named: Zackharian Snyderstine! FilmGob is a genius! 😏🀘🀘

  2. Snyder sucks deep to the very core your video is pointless and doesn't phase us the Snyder haters will dominate you guys all hail our leader the biggest Snyder hater of them all AARON LEVINE

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