The Roastmaster General Gets Roasted (feat. Jeff Ross) – Lights Out with David Spade

The Roastmaster General Gets Roasted (feat. Jeff Ross) – Lights Out with David Spade

Kanye West is appearing at
Joel Osteen’s megachurch service this Sunday,
and the tickets are free. But it’s 1,000 bucks
to leave early. That’s where they get you. Brad, you do that at your… -Uh… -Just like one
of Jeff Ross’ shows. Aw! (laughter) (cheering) Tom and Jerry. Oh, my God! All right. Give this guy a reality show.
Jesus. (laughs) Maybe I shouldn’t do
the next one. Uh… Today is World Diabetes Day, and Jeff Ross came here anyway. What is this? (cheering) I like it. Okay. Can we take a break?
I’m out of breath. -I know.
-Jeff’s having a heart attack. -EMT.
-Kevin Hart– We’re gonna just cruise along. This one’s not with you guys.
You can rest. Kevin Hart said
that he needed help, uh, using the toilet
after his accident and it was
a very humbling experience. The guy wiping Kevin’s ass
wasn’t nuts about it either. -Two fe… -Don’t make fun
of a fellow dwarf! Two female
Survivor contestants admit they exaggerated, uh, claims
of inappropriate touching in an effort to win the game. The man who was falsely accused
is starting the Me Sue movement. And I think he should. Uh, the TSA expects
a record-breaking 27 million passengers to fly
over the Thanksgiving holiday. Uh, this means that TSA workers
will end up touching more giblets at work
than at home. -Hey!
-(applause) Annie, you like giblets. What are giblets, balls? Nobody likes b– No one’s like,
“Hold that dick back. Let me get at those balls.” (laughing) The balls,
you just have to deal with it, ’cause they come with the… Uh, I-I’m gonna–
It’s gonna get so busy at the major airports TSA said–
and can you believe this– they’re considering opening
more than one line. Hope it doesn’t get that bad. Um, a man was arrested
at the Houston Airport for attempting to smuggle
35 pounds of liquid cocaine in shampoo bottles. Security and me were both like, “Wait, there’s liquid cocaine? And you can buy it?” Great news. A Florida man told police
he was driving 90 miles an hour because he was rushing home
after cheating on his wife. The polif– police gave him
an escort home, which was his second escort
of the night. -Oh! Hey, I love it.
-Hey! Hey-o! A South African man went viral when he proposed
to his girlfriend at KFC. I guess he liked it so much,
he had to put a wing on it. -♪ If you like… ♪
-Oh! (humming) (cheering and applause)

100 thoughts on “The Roastmaster General Gets Roasted (feat. Jeff Ross) – Lights Out with David Spade”

  1. 2:43 Wondering if Spade's younger fans know who he is impersonating here …. I mean no disrespect – just was interested about the possible generation gap ….

  2. David spade that’s funny coming out of you. I always thought you look like a pedophile, you just have the perfect luck, creepy and sleazy

  3. I can’t wait for the day when Kanye is dragged out of some weird place that he is been seeking asylum in because he has ostracized himself from the rest of this fucking country I want to see him drag out like Julian Assange all fucked up and disheveled I really want to see that and I hope it’s soon

  4. Look at the two negative assholes below trying to talk shit about Spade. Bet they are some jealous no talent hacks who failed out of show business. Help crush them with the meanest responses you can give.

  5. Can we all talk about how Kanye is starting a cult? Even the pastor that was working with him has turned against Kanye stating basically that Kanye is using that platform to advance the Trump for Blacks agenda while also pushing his own possible 2024 presidential run. It's fucking insane! I knew from the very beginning that sociopath was up to something when he started his little church. Sucking so many in and now he has shown his true colors. Quit giving this PSYCHOPATH platform's and your money!

  6. Spade, fire your audio guy responsible for putting these on YouTube. Main video's quiet as fuck, then the outro blasts the audience's eardrums out.

  7. The final Beyonce joke and dance was funny lol.

    And is it just me or is Annie one of the sexiest and funniest women alive. I mean she looks great and that outfit was awesome on her. How does she not swim in dudes all day long? Lol

  8. The girl in blue is Annie Lederman. Not only is she super pretty and funny, but she knows how to party –

  9. love this show, but only watch clips on YouTube…guess I can DVR it, so I can not watch it on TV…very funny show tho.

  10. Nothing's better than a fatman chaceing a little man thank you Jeff your the Juggernaut of comedians the other comics don't tell you how much they fear and respect you but mostly fear your a bad bad man .raw

  11. Ross is just an unfunny hack….. he's inserted himself into all things ROAST and frankly its irritating have to see this guy pop up all the time … to even think this turd would be associated with anything as iconic as the old Dean Martian Roasts is insulting to deans memory

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