The Smurfs 2 (2013) – Brewing the Formula Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

The Smurfs 2 (2013) – Brewing the Formula Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

Give them what you have! Take some from me, take some! Please! Well, what’s the point? You won’t give me the formula. So, well, I might as well just let them go. Vexy? You mean…you’d let them die? I can always make others. Besides, I am not the one letting them die. You are. Okay, okay. I’ll give it to you. Just feed them! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! The formula, first. Feed them! [panicked] Feed them! Quickly, we have to get into- Uh! Dead end! Ah! It’s locked! The formu-la la lala la laaaaa. One hopeful thought… A dab of Royal Jelly… Mimosa Pope… Smurfette!
Smurfette! I can hear him, but I can’t see him! Wait! I know! Papa! Look! OS: Knew it!
Is she…giving him the the formula?
Oh, no…help me get this open. And you must say one…loving truth… [Disgusted] Of course…
There, that’s the formula Papa used. Now feed them! Please…
Guess we’ll see if this works. Hurry! Here we are!
…is out! Pull, Patrick, put your back into it.
Hey! There’s an opening down here. Come on, Positive!
Yeah, let’s shut ‘im down! One loving truth… I hope this works… Smurfette… Thank you!
Vexy! Oh…my…Smurf it worked! Hackus!
Hackus blue! HACKUS IS BLUE! We’re blue! We’re Smurfs! It worked all the world is mine. Oh, I can make my own…! [Laughter] [Laughter]
No! [Laughter]
Oh… We’ve been…betrayed… Oh, finally, finally! You’re a real bor-

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  1. 0:55
    Weapons grade plutonium… (What?)
    A unicorn's urine… (Oh, come on!)
    A Smurfs movie with glowing reviews…(Okay, now you're playing with me!)

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  11. smurfette betrayde the smurfs but papa smurf i know she didn't want to betrayde them so papasmurf forgive her

  12. Gargamel: Oh, finally, finnaly! You're a real boy!

    And that's exactly why you DON'T watch Pinocchio before making a couple million dollar movie in the box office. :>

  13. I know that gargamal made smurfette and everything but there’s a few problems with this scene then the episode meet smurfette that he made her blue on that episode then why are they gray and how did he get hackus get to be a boy unlike vexy, smurfette, and sassette (which she was made by the smurfing) but that what I wonder

  14. I wish they made a smurf three after this. Not that I didn't like the animated movie but I missed this series.

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