The Story of CHEF.ONE

The Story of CHEF.ONE

I’m going to tell you a story of how a fully tattooed guy almost killed me in my kitchen. Everything started in 2013 when I moved to Hamburg having the following issue: I was new in the city and didn’t know anyone there. I was doing long hours in the office. I couldn’t cook and I was never even enthusiastic about learning it. My options were to order take-away, or to go to a restaurant. But in both cases I was alone. And that is when an idea came to mind. What if I could join my neighbour at his dining table? let him or her cook for me, while I’m meeting new people. So, I started to ask in Facebook groups: Hey guys, dinner at my place next week. Who’s in? But I still had that one problem: Who’s gonna cook? A couple of days later, Marc was standing in my kitchen and I was like… ****! What if he’s crazy? What if he can’t cook? It turned out that Marc is a fantastic chef. He prepared a very cool three course meal for us. When people came together that evening, it felt like having friends at home, and I was fascinated by that. Marc came to me and said: Eddi, you just opened a pop-up restaurant in your kitchen. And I just replied: You know, it’s more than that. This is social dining! And that’s how I got the idea to develop a platform. One year later… Cooking is my life. Often, it is the simple cuisine people are surprised of. My name is Michael and I’m from Hamburg. Recently, I discovered CHEF.ONE. I really enjoy cooking for strangers while spending an evening with them in a cosy environment. CHEF.ONE enables you to meet and share your dining experience with other people. People find it difficult to leave the dinner table because they are having such a great experience. My vision of CHEF.ONE has become reality. I connect new and interesting people in a homely atmosphere for an unforgettable experience. How does it work? Very simple: You book a dinner at one of the hosts in your city, take a seat and enjoy the experience.

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  1. Tolle Idee, aber leider erschreckend das keiner mitmacht in Berlin.. also die Reichweite in so einer großen Stadt ist leider noch zu gering! Ich werde es vielleicht demnächst mal selber anbieten zu kochen aber bin mal gespannt ob kurzfristig die Leute auch dazu Lust haben.

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