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  1. the owner of that place is getting richer and richer everyday😂 I'm happy for him and the delicious food they serve

  2. plus you can get real sushi in mexico thiers alot of asians livibg in mexico thier restaurants are the most popular ones.

  3. i dont get how people get mad saying "this aint real sushi" but if we were calling this something else and claiming we came up with the idea and not give japan credit you guys would still be talking shit

  4. Stop 'crying', that this doesn't look like Sushi. There is NO RULES for Food. And you know why? Because Food is like Art. It's all about what People wanne create and what they enjoy. All this 'Japanese-Sushi-Defenders' here, doesn't have to like it or eat it. But we all should respect, what others like to do. I don't eat Sushi, just because I don't like raw Fish. But I am pretty fine with it, when they wanne try out something new, some Fusion or something interessting. Some will like it, some not. It's like looking at the 'Mona Lisa'. Some think this is a Masterpiece. For others it's just a Portrait of a Woman. In the End, we all decide, what we wanne eat and what makes us happy. So why can't you stop 'bitching around', because he combines Sushi with mexican Cuisine. Especially in the USA, a Country with such a huge Viarity of Cultures, this is just something, what brings some People together. This is called: Multicultural! People go to this Spot, because they wanne have a good Time. They enjoy the Dishes or maybe they just wanne try something completly new. Honestly, if I would love Sushi, this would be something, I wanne try out.

  5. i have been there i love the music and the environment. but the sushi is ok i like the traditional better but there there michladas are bomb

  6. This is actually really good. I tried them before in Arizona. Though it looks different here, its basically just japanese sushi but thoroughly cooked. .-.

  7. que mal saber que munchies le dedica el espacio a este tipo de servicios horrible,por que yo soy mexicano criado por japoneses y en mexico hay muchos que sabemos preparar sushi de mejor calidad por respeto a tradición y rollos de sushi al menos con su ensalada no servida como animales…que ala postura de mexicanos haciendo porquerías de sushi en otros países cuando .a mi no me gustaría como mexicano ir a otro país y ver que me dan un platillo mal servido, o un típico mole y ver que le agregan alguna mermelada por encima pero en fin ..que mal…

  8. Culichi town is the bomb don't put your two cents in if you have not tried it el best sushi que a probado🍤🍣🍥🍙🍱❤️👌🏼💯

  9. All you people whiny don't make sense. It's just fusion food, it's not a new concept, grow up and maybe try something new??? Food has no rules.

  10. This sushi is a big deal, lots of people saying bad things on here, but it's so dang good! Mad y Tierra see riffa bien machin! obviously if you want to eat some nasty fish then go for it, this is the way sushi should be! thanks for the video, me dio gusto recordar al accento d mis amigos culichis y mazatlecos! Fiero!

  11. I get it. I'll try it. I don't necessarily agree but hey, food is meant to break the mold. and it's not too far from LA so this is on my list

  12. That looks gorgeous! Shame that it's hard to eat arranged sushi here in Japan…I really want to try it out.

  13. wth lol what's up with all these people butthurt about if it's really sushi? Ya know, no Mexican is going on taco Bell videos and calling blasphemy. I keep reading comments from Americans that are offended for the Japanese. Of course this isn't authentic fucking shushi but it is sushi. What about Korean tacos ? No one made a bitch fit for those lol.

  14. ive been doing fusion sushi for 11 years and while theres nothing wrong with what their doing it is sloppy. thats just a fact, from someone who does fusion sushi, who used to be sloppy

  15. This is sushi minus the art, minus the quality, and minus the dignity. I mean it's just a street burrito with rice. I think this will be easier if it's just called rolls, not sushi. Mexican Sushi is an oxymoron.

  16. Stop complaining most of the sushi made in many sushi restaurants in America aren't authentic Japanese sushi and there's nothing wrong with that.

  17. Why are all the women fat? Seriously, I think I only saw one that wasn't overweight. They call America the fattest country? Don't get me wrong though, I bang plumpers but damn.

  18. I don't mind these guy making sushi at all, it their job and they did good but if i ever see avocado in my sushi rolls i'm gonna go mentally crazy over it

  19. It's funny how the only people offended by this is the Americans lol I have a Japanese friend and he loves this shit, yes shit, because I'm American and I say it's shit.

  20. There's nothing wrong with fusion cuisine when it's done well. The issue here is that this doesn't seem to be done well. The rice looks like it is overcooked mush and there's far too much of it. EVERY single item has fucking cream cheese. And if you were using quality ingredients you wouldn't need to drown your rolls in random salsas and sauces. Several of the rolls on the menu are listed as the exact same things on the inside, with the only difference being what sauces it says they are "bathed" in. Gross.

  21. To everyone in the comments going on about "real" sushi, when I was in japan sushi was also made with egg, nattou, canned tuna and corn. What it really is is do you wanna pay a shit ton of money to see a sushi master prepare it or do you wanna enjoy some good, cheap food. Hell even sushi masters serve tamago sushi.

  22. everybody quit bouncin on your boys Japanese dick and let these mexicans do what ever the fuck they want nobody cares what you think sushi is.

  23. We forget that what is sushi in America, isn’t in Japan. So unless you’re going all Massa, anything goes. If it tastes good, right?

  24. Everyone’s mad this isn’t “ sushi “ but no one talks shit when you see sushi “ burritos “ lmaooo

  25. Lmao why are people mad? I go to Mexico ALL the time and this is exactly how the sushi is, especially in Culiacán. This man probably just wanted to introduce the very drastic and unique style to the US

  26. being traditional is not the problem here.
    The problem is how they made, healthy delicious food into a caloric bomb far from being healthy.
    Sushi is about the respecting the flavor of the fish, after all of this deep frying, blocks of cream cheese, 4 different sauces and tons of spicy peppers, the fish is there just for texture.

  27. Hey, you hve dumplings in china, in russia, in poland, in many many other countries too. You dont make them the same way, but you still call it a "dumpling" in each of it. Nothing stays still, things are being developed and adapted the whole time.

  28. not hating but a lot of the claims they made of them being the founders of this fusion is plain dumb my father worked at a sushi place for 15 years and did alot rolls infused with mexican flavors like the mexican roll here in the bay area since the 90's lol just saying don't take credit for something that isn't actually yours and they use imitation crab deff a downer for me lol just tell any real sushi chef to add jalepeno to any rolland call it that

  29. Went to a culichi town in Colton CA not that great music was louder than a concert i left with my ears ringing. totally ruined my experience food was okay nothing amazing though.

  30. That place is disgusting . It's a Mexican joint ghetto ass fuck and they serve nothing but sushi and other wierd shit. Nasty ass fuck

  31. Haters, stuff it and get lost. Mexican sushi (specifically Sinaloan sushi) is one of the best damned food inventions in the last twenty years. It is very uniquely Sinaloan and it's taking Japan by storm and soon here in America. If I had money, I would invest in this next big food wave. Sinaloan chefs have been toying with this for a few decades due to their superior food and quality of food. I think it started with a couple of Sinaloan chefs who went to sushi school in Japan, came home, and viola!!!!

  32. As a Japanese person I have no problems with this 'Mexican Sushi'. Its wacky and different to our traditional sushi but thats fine by me because no one in Japan or anywhere else in the world is going to mistake this for a 'traditional Japanese sushi' (or I genuinely hope thats the case…).

    Personally it triggers me when a chef that isn't properly trained as a sushi chef produces a substandard, low quality, awfully disgusting sushi and calls it a 'traditional sushi' or when the chefs lacking in real skill and try to do something fancy and eye-catching and call it their 'original sushi' in a traditional sushi establishment. Why do I get triggered? Because people who haven't tried real sushi would think that the substandard sushi they are eating are the norm. Whether they like it or not is beside the point, its just the matter of Japanese pride and love towards our food and culture. There are too many establishment run by operators trying to make a quick buck jumping on the Japanese food bandwagon these days or so it seems.

  33. Just to let every one know ..Rolls are not sushi!!!!…sushi is fish over rice 🍣 I'm another mexican sushi chef from San Diego CA …. I was train by Japanese

  34. And the music their is annoying as hell! I dont wanna here that shit while im eating hell I dont wanna hear it at all!!!

  35. Que soberbioooooooooooo, ¨sabemos que hay otros sushis que nos quieren imitar¨ en vez de decir, nos sentimos ¨ORGULLOSOS¨ de que nuestros platillos sean tan gustados, que ya los venden en otras partes

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