100 thoughts on “The Sushi Chef: Oona Tempest and Toshio Oguma”

  1. I dont eat fish(Im vegetarian) but i have so much respect for this Sensei and his apprentice,and all people who work hard to preserve traditional art and culture.There's so much wisdom in this short video.Wish it was a full length documentary!Kampai!

  2. Japanese perfection philosophy thing, it's scary and most importantly to make sure the process does not repeat

  3. Does anybody now which sushi book she is showing to the camera during the scenes in her appartement?

  4. As an apprentice chef myself It's interesting to see how she bounces back from mistakes. Instead of taking it personally she takes it as teaching.

  5. LoL! 12:12 translation: "my masters beat the shit out of me to make me learn better, but I can't do that here in America. So, I do the best I can with what I have." Maybe he really has mellowed, but I'm getting that impression a little here.

  6. Speaks highly of the Chef's character that he was conditioned to receive or resort to violence during his learning and yet despite being a little mad having that much control over himself. He is a good guy, just had harsh people around him growing up.

  7. At 14:50 When she says " I am sorry because I am going to be stubborn and stick with you for a while.."

    I feel like the master is laughing , but from the inside he is attached to her , he considers her as a family member , like his daughter and wants her to stick around them for a long long time…
    This makes me feel like crying…

    He scolds her , he makes her understand things in the best way possible ( as he was taught everything in a very strict manner from his masters ) , he is the perfect teacher who also learns by teaching…
    but he is a human being after all…

    I don't know , I might be thinking a lot , maybe everything is just normal…

    I have this crazy inner desire to feel that everyone loves everyone and everyone will be together and will be happy and peaceful forever and after 😊

  8. By far one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Loving this channel as much as @bostonvlogs YouTube channel. Subscribe to him as well. Beautiful Aussie art. Www.YouTube/c/bostonvlogs #electricskateboardgiveaway #electricskateboardcompetition #evolveskateboardgiveaway

  9. @10:28 to 10:33, how are those Chopsticks called she handles the ingredients with?
    I googled for days, weeks, months now. I can't find anything like this.

  10. Talented apprentice you got there. Through her i can see that sushi is not only delicious but it can be beautiful also. Every ingredients that she described even though i dont get it but it makes me drool. And what surprised me the most she is only an apprentice for about one year!!.. and already she can make that kind of sushi. I thought apprentices must stay behind in the kitchen for several years before they can even served customers.

  11. felt like the apprentice was one of those people who obsesses with asian culture a little to much and for no particular reason. Weeeiiiiird.

  12. Imagine how much of a high caliber sushi chef he could be if he returned to his master and finished his training.

  13. If someone made a full film out of this I would totally watch it. The master-student relationship + sushi chef philosophies + beautiful shots of the sushi being prepared and the drawings of fish

  14. Wow… i was in the food Industry for about 15 Years, now i´m a trained Blacksmith ^^
    May i just needed someone like Toshio Oguma 😉 Who knows, i like my Steel and Iron Stuff ;P

  15. 11:10 Student hipster with mountains of debt does something completely unrelated to what she wanted to do at University, gets owned.

  16. I see two things about cooking over and over again which are the absolute fundamentals of being successful at it.

    First you need to love it. As it is with most things, if you don't love what you do it shows, but I feel like it is twice that with cooking. If you lack the passion and love for food, you are going to start compromising…

    Which leads my to the second thing. You got to have standards and never compromise, otherwise you are setting yourself up for a quick and devastating fail…

    I watched Kitchen Nightmares religiously at one point. Then started looking at other chefs (meaning other than Gordon Ramsay) and I see these two principals, standing out from anything else like pillars on which a great chef stands on.

    I will never forget this as long as I'm among the living!

  17. I was thinking that Toshio reminded me of my dad the entire time… and then she just came out and hit me with it….

  18. She is a great pupil. Hard working, loyal, dedicated and passionate. They are going to be an amazing team in a few years, the restaurant will have its golden era and she's already wise enough to think about carrying the tradition.

  19. I'm not sure about the whole "the customer is only there 50% to eat, the other half of the experience is you (the chef)" thing… I guess she means customers want her to entertain them? For me, the ideal setting would be me alone in a room and have these dishes appear in front of me and enjoy them with no one watching, or at least not people that I hardly know, and definitely not someone dancing around behind the counter like a court jester telling me how long the fucking fish has been marinating in cherry-blossom leaf…….

  20. This is a story of how a sushi chef who didn't fit in, finally created his own world that he loves. It's also the story of a wandering woman who found a vocation and a new family.

  21. Japanese people are just ruthless at work. I work at a Japanese bank and it is no different. They HATE mistakes and they count every second you go to lunch or come in late. Everything needs to be percise just like the sushi. And when you're wrong it goes on your review for all enterity. I'm sure if it was legal, they would hit you when you make mistakes.

    If anyone ever works for a japanese producer, I hope you don't care about money. Basic Japanese culture is you work your ass off, get yelled at, spend no time with your family, make use of every minute for your employer – and for what? To gain their essential skills which doesn't really translate to a lot of money in the real world? This is just my opinion, but I don't care to work my ass off to aquire skills that won't make me any money…

  22. Toshio is by far my most favorite chef in the series! I love the eating the basic traditional high quality sushi, not the fresh, new, fusion kinds.

  23. American with the heart of the Japanese people. I felt really happy. I hope to see you someday. By the way, I have also created a fish Sabaki video on YouTube. Look if you pleased


  24. 彼女の握った寿司を神田神保町で育った神田つ子が食べて差し上げましょう。
    アメリカNY ?寿司目当てに渡米したい👌

  25. I first eat Sushi in Vancouver 1990. And coming from London was a real experience, nothing like this ever before. So watching this is wonderful. Seeing Oona put so much love and joy in something that’s gone in a second. ( now you see it now you don’t) of course is designed to be eaten like that, but still , I could really sense and feel The sensitive emotion she has. All I can honestly say is if i get to visit NY I must go and experience sushi at munchies. Here in London a lot of this kind of food is prepared already and called sushi that’s not sushi . The old sushi Masters have to except that women have all the heart and soul to prepare sushi. Oona Tempest is proof of that…

  26. I felt so good watching that video !!! I just wanna go to this sushi bar and taste those sushi !! Speak a bit with those people !! I had a sweet and calm and warm feeling moment watching and listening those people who deeply love what they do and love people they serve…. Thank you !!

  27. 日本では余りお見掛けしないオグマ トシオさんですが、和やかなビデオでついつい最後まで見てしまいました。仕事も丁寧でお弟子さんとの会話も和やかで良かったです。シャリもネタも美味しそうで食べてみたいですね。箸ではなく手で食べているお客様の姿はオグマ トシオの理念を感じ取れました。お弟子の若い女性は菜箸を左手で日本包丁は右手で・・・意気込みを感じました。末永く頑張って下さい。

  28. お、ミオラ缶みっけ。

  29. Who and why bad Rating . ( Onryō / 女龍 )

    Because there are People who have an IQ intelligence Quotient of Horse .

    I'm sorry Horse , you are evolutionarily a wiser, better Character than these stupid Humans

  30. ウーナさんだ!

  31. 日本で売るより利益がでたな「おぐま」

  32. 親方も良い弟子を持ったね、鍛え甲斐がある良い子だよ。

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