The Truth About Wasabi – What is Real Wasabi

The Truth About Wasabi – What is Real Wasabi

The Truth About Wasabi — What is Real Wasabi
Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m here to tell you,
you’ve all been lied to. This stuff, the dry green powder which you add water to and it
becomes this blob of spicy stuff which you add to your sushi, or this tube of paste that
says Wasabi on it don’t actually contain Wasabi. Over 90% of all the stuff you buy in supermarkets
and grocery stores say Wasabi on it don’t actually contain Wasabi. And over 95% of sushi
restaurants which serve you Wasabi don’t actually serve you Wasabi.
Why have they deceived you? Well it’s very simple. It’s cheaper to mass produce this
stuff which is just horseradish, mustard seed, and a bunch of colorants or otherwise E-numbers
that make green than it is to actually make the real stuff which is this here, Wasabi
Root. It takes about two to three years to grow
these like this and it’s very-very acclimated to growing conditions, it needs to be in a
root bed casing and with a canopy of trees which you can make, but essentially it’s very
difficult and a long time period to grow, so it costs a lot of money, not many people
do it so it’s very rare to large quantities of stuff, and thus it’s expensive and this
is cheap. So, when you’re talking about profit margins,
they’ll give you the cheap stuff instead of giving you the expensive stuff.
Alright so what’s the difference between this the fake Wasabi and the real Wasabi? Well
the fake one I don’t need to tell you, when you take a bit too much suddenly you feel
like your nose is on fire and your mouth is burning up and you get cold sweats from the
heat. That’s normal to happen, real Wasabi is a much more delicate, it’s made to go with
fish, like it’s natural to pair the two together, and it’s got slight aromas, it’s un-describable,
or if the Wasabi — I can’t say exactly how it is, you’ve got to try it, but it’s great
and I highly recommend it. So how do you make Wasabi out of the root?
Well you use one of these wood sharkskin grater, now you can use ceramic graters or metal graters,
but you’re going out and getting this, you’re going through all the effort of finding this
and buying it and getting it shipped to you, you might as well also ship one of these and
then just do it the traditional way. Alright so this is how you grate a Wasabi.
First you want to just clean off the edges so there is no excess dirt on the sides, and
on this side. And then once you’ve done that you just simply take your paddleboard of sharkskin
and you just grind it softly in small circles. You want to take your time with this, you
want to create a very silky smooth paste, you don’t want to rush it, so just continue
to grind this. After a while you want to just scoop some of this up, just keep it all in
one place. Once you have grated it, you want to leave it for about four to six minutes
just to sort of mature. You want the aromas to volatile inside the Wasabi to break up
and just do their thing and don’t leave it too long because after 15/20 minutes Wasabi
starts to deteriorate and it’s no longer got that pungent aroma which you’re looking for.
Alright, so where to get the real Wasabi? Now this Wasabi specifically was given to
me by and they are also a supplier for great fish and Wasabi throughout the entire
year, they can send it anywhere in the world. Now if you are outside of Europe or you want
to know what the latest cheapest supplier is, go check out the link on the top left
hand corner of the screen and there you’ll be able to get the cheapest supplier for Wasabi
in Europe and in the U.S. and also where to get a sharkskin grater. Just check out the
link above. Now, how to store this stuff. Now you just
keep it inside a muslin cloth like this, which it comes with, and you wrap it around and
you keep it down inside a bowl of water in the fridge, and you keep it for about a month
and you have to clean out the water about every three to four days. Now if you come
towards the end of the month and you realize you haven’t eaten all the Wasabi, that’s fine,
don’t worry, just grate it all down, put it in little pouches and keep it in the freezer.
And then whenever you want any sushi and you have Wasabi then you just take out one pouch
and defrost that and you’re good to go. Now it’s not as good obviously as fresh, but
it’s better to store it than to just let go on because that would be a waste.
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Thanks for watching, until next week good-bye. END

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Wasabi – What is Real Wasabi”

  1. Everybody should just buy regular horse radish instead of fake wasabi. Fake wasabi is probably over prized and might have some unhealthy components.

  2. "I don't know how to describe it, I just recommend it"
    "Leave it to sort of mature"

    – Great quality video, and I hope to see more professional content as well. I am not going to eat sushi any time soon, definitely won't make it but I am here due to curiosity. I would appreciate facts and information.

    Hope you appreciate this feedback.

    Best and good luck!

  3. Well technically Horseradish and Wasabi are both in the same taxonomic Family: Brassicaceae lol no doubt they are different. But still related 😛

  4. It shouldn't be that expensive. Just looked up at Wiki, a picture with wasabi selled at 380 yen each in Japan, which is about 3 dollar. Goods in Japan is relatively expensive compare to the other part of the world, so I expect to get real wasabi at this price level.

  5. Spicely Organic Seasoning Wasabi Powder $20

  6. Nice one, I have watched your early youtube attempts and have grown a long way. Way to go and keep it up !

  7. Real Wasabi is much more mild. It's aromatic, bright, slightly sweet and you'll know the instant it hits your tongue that's is the real deal. You can eat it by itself and you'll find yourself wanting to do so. That being said, if you're in a quality sushi house, the chef will either put Wasabi on what he serves you or will provide a small amount on the side if he wants you to eat it.

  8. I live in Canada. I saw wasabi root in the gardening part of a hardware store. It didn't look that expensive for the plant. I love gardening, but don't know how it would survive in the mixed climate in Alberta. British Columbia, on the West Coast gets a fair bit of rain. It would be nice to have for Japanese cooking. I was fully aware of the pseudo wasabi. Green food colouring and horseradish powder. Not the real thing.

  9. I'd heard before that the green stuff you get isn't real wasabi — but as someone who grows horseradish in my garden, I wonder how they get it that hot… I wonder if they grind up a few hot pepper seeds with it? Not sure about its flavour or heat in the UK, but in Canada it is INSANELY HOT! Whereas when I grate fresh horseradish it has some heat to it, but you can still taste the roast beef through it.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed this, thanks for making it!

  10. Finally, someone who's done their homework!
    God, you'd be amazed how many Japanese people think they're getting the real stuff when most of what we get here is 90 – 95% US horse radish too. Real wasabi is so under produced here in Japan, we have to import most of it from Vietnam Taiwan and China, and it's still not enough to go around.
    Also, it really urks me to watch a bunch of westerners do "Wasabi challenges" and give people false impressions. For every wasabi challenge, there should be a note that reads *Does not contain actual wasabi.

  11. I honestly enjoy getting my sinus roasted from the fake stuff. Like, I really like it. In fact I am now convinced I will no longer pursue growing the real thing, gimme the shit that burns.

  12. For you sushi lovers that want a quick fix. On occasion I do make my own sushi rolls but when I am too lazy I find a fake wasabi I like, mix it with some soy sauce to my liking and dip cucumber and imitation crab stick in it. I get nearly every bit the satisfaction from that as I do going the whole 9 yards. For me it's all about the nose burn and the cucumber. Shazzam!

  13. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Chef Davy! I am not Japanese. I am Australian and wanted to make own Wasabi because I realised Wasabi is not Wasabi but full of junk. When I wanted to find a recipe to make Wasabi without junk, all I have found powdered wasabi recipes with of course full of junk in wasabi powder before I have come across to your Wasabi video. If I am going to have junk, all the unhealthy additives with it, what is the use of making my own. I can go and buy from shop. Thank you again for posting video to show how to make Wasabi. Not the imitation Wasabi. All the best.

  14. I once shopped for real wasabi. It is available in Los Angeles fish markets for a mere $90 per pound. It is tasty but if you want the real stuff at your local sushi spot, prepare to pay up, or bring your own.

  15. so your telling me… I went through all that gagging… AND THAT WASNT EVEN THE REAL FUCKIN WASSABI… I'm done with life and for every youtuber that went through the same challenge YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKIN LIED TO!!!


  17. I like the burning of the horseradish. But then, my Russian grandparents grew horseradish on their farm. When they ground it up, we had to open up all the windows 🙂

  18. FYI; Wasabi root can be easily found in 'Little Tokyo,' Downtown, Los Angeles. All the latest and greatest sushi supplies and fresh seafood products.
    Disabled Vet

  19. Thank you Davy for this educational video. It is not surprising that so much deception takes place in this world. Nothing is hidden from GOD's eyes.
    Thank you once again. Have a Blessed day!!

  20. This is just like how Ginger Ale doesn't have ginger in it LOL 😂. I'll still drink it but ginger beer contains actual ginger in it.

  21. My man and I went to a super fancy sushi restaurant where everything was VERY authentic. There were no rolls, just nigiri and traditional sides. The wasabi was made in front of us along with the sushi. It was so much better than any other "sushi" and "wasabi" I've ever tasted.

  22. I feel ripped off eating sushi in america after eating it in japan. go away perfect rose bud shape green playdoh in my foam sushi take out tray.

  23. I've known for a long time that most wasabi is fake just because I read ingredients on everything. But I had no idea that real wasabi tastes so different

  24. Thank you for the information. I just discussed about sashimi and sushi and from what wasabi comes from with my Japanese students, then we ended up in your video. thank you so much.

  25. I had Sushi bought from store today. I dipped the sushi with wasabi (fake one). Gosh!!!!! All a sudden I had brain freeze!!!!!! You are right!!! Went straight to my nose, to my brain. I thought I was about to pass out! My family saw my face turned red. I spitted it out. Never ever eat Wasabi anymore. My husband said it's not like hot sauce. I can handle the hottest chili in the world, but this thing, nastiest!!!!

  26. Why didn't you place the grated Wasabi on Cling Film instead of resting it on your wooden counter top ?
    MUCH more hygenic and retains the freshness of the Wasabi Paste better.


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