The Ultimate No-Bake Hot Chocolate Pies

Hi Bold Bakers, we are in the throws of baking
season, my favorite time of the year and I’m constantly trying to come up with easy, entertaining
recipes that you can enjoy now, but also all year round. Because chocolate is always in season, I’m
happy to partner with Ghirardelli to bring you show stopping, no-bake, hot chocolate
pies. They have a cookie crust, a rich chocolate
truffle filling and whipped, marshmallow merengue on top. I’m proud to partner with Ghirardelli chocolate,
not just because of its taste and quality, but also because it’s sustainably sourced
from bean to chip. And, it just makes life a bite better. As always the recipe for this pie can be found
on So let’s talk cookies, I’m using graham
crackers here but you can use any kind of plain, vanilla cookie that you like. Also what would work really well in this recipe
is ginger nut because ginger and chocolate go really well together. So just add those into your bowl. Next we’re gonna follow that with a little
bit of melted butter, and just give it a mix together until it kinda resembles wet sand. You wanna make sure all the cookies are coated
in butter so we have a nice firm crust. So that’s our cookie crust, like I said
this is a no-bake pie so we’re gonna breeze right through this. The next step is we’re gonna fill up our
little pie pans. So these are my little pie pans, they’re
4.5. inches wide you can also make one big pie
in a 9” tin and that will work really well too. So all I’m gonna do now is divide my cookie
crust up into four pans. So now with a clean pair of hands I’m gonna
go in with my fingertips because it’s just easier, and shape the cookie crust into the
pan. While you’re doing this just make sure it’s
nice and compact because you want to make sure that your cookie crust holds up well. And just be sure to bring it up the sides
so you get the whole tin and this will just make for beautiful presentation. These are looking great, I’m gonna pop them
into the fridge so they can firm up and set, while we make my favorite part, the chocolate
truffle filling. So the star of the show here is chocolate. So here I have some Ghirardelli 60% cacao
bittersweet chocolate chips. I love these guys because it’s the right
amount of bitter and sweetness. I’m just gonna go ahead and add those to
my bowl. Now what we want to do is melt this chocolate
very gently, you want to do this over a Bain Marie or pop it into the microwave. Just keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t
get too hot. So I melted our chocolate very gently, it
didn’t take long at all. So what I’m going to do is set this over
to the side and we’re going to whip up our cream. So into my bowl I’m going to add in some
heavy whipping cream. You want to make sure this cream whips up
well, so something around 35% fat content. So now for this cream, you want to whip it
until it’s soft peaks, you don’t want to go too far. So this will only take around 2 minutes or
so. You want it kind of billowy. So there’s our cream, this is the perfect
consistency, I’m going to bring back in our chocolate. Now into this I’m going to add a little
bit of vanilla extract, and a little bit of salt. I love to add both of these ingredients because
they really enhance the flavor of the chocolate. Just give them a little stir in, and then
we’re going to bring in our whipped cream and put all of that in there. And then with a spatula, just swiftly fold
this together. Just fold it until the chocolate has fully
combined with the cream. Now the reason you don’t want to whip the
cream too much when we started is because we’re folding it with chocolate and the
chocolate will actually set it firmer so you wan’t everything to be nice and soft. Just to add in our filling I’m going to
add in an extra hit of chocolate. I have some Ghirardelli semi-sweet premium
baking chips and I’m going to add a few of those into my filling. This will just add extra flavor and also a
nice texture. You can pick up Ghirardelli chocolate in all
good grocery stores across the US. Ok so that’s our filling, really easy to
make. I’m gonna set this to the side and we’re
going to bring in our pie pans. Our cookie crust has set so just divide your
filling between the four pie pans. And like I said, this will also make one big
9” pie. And then just with a little spoon, you don’t
have to be really particular about this because you want it to have a little bit of texture,
just smooth out the filling all the way to the edge of the pie crust. Really easy technique, no fuss at all. These little pies will take no time at all
to set so we’re going to pop them back into the fridge while we make our marshmallowy
merengue topping. I love this marshmallowy topping because it’s
really easy to make. Here I have a nice large glass bowl and not
it I’m gonna add in some egg whites, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of cream of
tartar now if you don’t have cream of tartar yes you can still make this merengue however
it does just stabilize the eggs and make them a bit firmer so if you have it, use it. Now what we’re gonna do is take this bowl,
put it over a pot of simmering water, and we’re just going to heat treat our eggs,
and what we’re going to do here is just let the heat get through our egg whites, let
them get nice and warm. Because we’re not technically cooking this
in an oven, this will cook your egg whites and make them safe to eat. So you’re going to want to do this for around
2 minutes or so, so when you put your finger in the middle and the egg whites are warm,
then that’s perfect you can take it off the heat. Now all we have to do is just get a hand mixer,
or you can do it over a stand mixer, we’re gonna whip this up until it get’s really
lovely and shiny. So I’ve been whipping this on high speed
for around 5 minutes and it’s really lovely and thick, so we’re gonna stop now and bring
our pies and assemble our dessert. So our pies are set and I very carefully took
them out of the tins. Here I have my merengue in a piping bag, however,
you don’t need to put yours in a piping bag you can just dollop it on it’ll look
really good. I just want to give mine a certain shape. And then what you want to do is just generously
pipe on your merengue onto each pie. I do it a little bit in the middle so you
can still see the crust, the filling and then the merengue separately. Gorgeous. Don’t be shy with the merengue now, nobody’s
going to be mad at you for putting on too much merengue. As you can see, I like to pile mine on really
high. So now you can eat these as is but I have
this handy little blow torch, it’s really handy for chefs to have in their kitchen I
use it every so often and it’s really useful. All you want to do is just very lightly, toast
the merengue. You can also do this step under the grill
just keep your eye on it. So you can see why I call this a hot chocolate
pie, decadent chocolate with a marshmallowy top and then the bonus of the cookie. Now the best thing about these guys is that
they’re ready to eat straight away. Oh my gosh. Oh, my gosh. It’s so decadent, it’s kind of a sophisticated
dessert, it’s classy, the bittersweet chocolate makes it really rich it just has that perfect
balance between sweetness, then the marshmallow on top. Oh my gosh, and then who doesn’t love a
cookie crust. This is without a doubt going to be a big
hit at my family table. A huge thanks to Ghirardelli for sponsoring
this video, it definitely makes life a bite better. I’ll see you back here really soon for more
Bigger Bolder Baking.

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