100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Way To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey”

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  2. I made this for a kinda family reunion dish starting from yesterday and it was so quick and juicy that even my mother loved it. We don’t have garlic granulas as it was kinda hard for me to find quickly here in England but I used some other seasonings and doubled the recipe as I had a large bird and put the spares in the stock which made an amazing gravy with cornflower. I totally recommend this recipe as it makes your life so much easier and even if your unable to leave it in the fridge to rest for 24hours the flavours will still be prominent after about 12. Everything was ready and now is resting waiting to be eaten.

    This is one tasty recipe you should try 😁😁😁😁😁

  3. i just feel like not washing your poultry is equivalent to wiping your butt with tissue after you go. So no. I'll still use water and clean my poultry

  4. Isn't leaving it in the fridge uncovered a bit risky? Especially since you had to wipe down your counters excessively-

  5. I have been watching Tasty for some time and love what all you you put out. I dont know who this girl.is but I totally favor watching the fantastic meal she prepares, and I love her voice..lol Thanks for all the knowledge your the best!!!

  6. We don’t even celebrate thanksgiving in my country
    Heck we don’t even have turkey
    Then why am i still watching this video even if i’m not going to do it anyway, you ask


  7. Wait, people think that breast meat is the best cut of a chicken? I thought it was the thighs that people want.

  8. You say you are drawing moisture out of the meat…But then how will the meat be juicy.Please answer my doubt from a technical point of view.

  9. All these turkey recipes are amazing! Next year if you could add some tips about stuffing that’s my FAV thanksgiving food! Thanks for all the great recipes❤️❤️❤️

  10. tradition during my holiday has always been to break down the turkey and I'm like how? will def try this next Thanksgiving

  11. If possible, can you please make a tasty 101 for gravy? I really wanna know how to make gravy for my family. But, I'm only asking you to do this if possible.

  12. I was worried for a moment how she was gonna make a good gravy if she cut all the pieces up until I saw what she did with the rest of the pieces and the veg. Good job

  13. Really good recipe. Thumbs up!
    Except she forgot to mention one things when deglazing the roasting tray. You have to do it with a wooden spatula because if not, you'll also take the metal of the tray and you'll put those in your gravy. Which is clearly something you don't want. Rubber or wooden spatula.
    Still, very good recipe!


  15. I love the idea of this but im mourning for my stuffing. I usually cook it in the bird where it soaks up the turkey flavor.

  16. Is it just me or does she sound happier in this video as compared to the previous turkey video? Great recipe by the way!

  17. This is an amazing tutorial. Thank you so much! It'll be incredibly helpful when I'm learning to process birds I've raised myself, and then again when I'm preparing them.

  18. Cannot recommend this method enough! I send this video to anyone who loves to cook (it's fun for chicken too), or anyone hosting thanksgiving.

    Pro-tip, don't use table salt! Use sea salt or kosher salt. If you use table salt in the dry brine, make sure you use less or it, as the taste is more concentrated.

  19. I can attest to how much easier this made Thanksgiving and how much better the turkey came out. Growing up, I was used to jarred gravy, canned stock, and Butterball turkeys. I have since been entrusted with cooking for Thanksgiving. I absolutely loved making my own stock and gravy with this recipe last year. Being able to do that the night before made the day a breeze. The turkey took way less time to cook, but came out juicier, more flavorful, and easier to slice beautifully. I will seriously never cook the turkey another way again. One warning I have is that some of the grocery turkeys come pre-brined or injected with a saline solution. That along with the dry brine this recipe calls for would make the whole thing way too salty. If possible, try to get your family to chip in to buy a heritage bird. A good turkey really starts with the bird itself…where it was raised, how it was treated, what it ate. If that's not possible, home cooking is always home cooking and any food made with love tastes wonderful. A pro tip is that if you are making a large bird and have a large enough pot, make enough stock, so you can also use it for your stuffing.

  20. Looks great, I am looking forward to doing this for Thanksgiving this year. I will make the gravy a bit darker, I think darker looks more appitizing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Love this except for one thing: Please remove all of the pin feathers and such that are still on your turkey or chicken. If you leave them and just fry, bake, or whatever, you can taste them, you can feel them, it's gross. Just buy a large set of tweezers to keep in your knife drawer. It's not a hard thing to do and it makes a huge difference.

  22. i used this recipe to make turkey and gravy on my own for my family and family friends last year, and it was the best turkey i ever had. i was kind of stressed that it wouldn't taste good, or look good, but nobody commented on why i didn't bring an entire bird to the table to carve there, and everyone took leftover turkey home with them.

  23. Honestly it sounds like the narrator has really opened up by this point, a lot of her earlier videos she sounds really quiet and shy but you kind kinda see her personality shining through now 🙂
    Also, this looks sooo delicious 😍

  24. I've always spatchcocked my turkey, seems like it would produce approximately the exact same effect with a lot less work… thoughts?

  25. I love this video but it almost is a little hard to follow everything goes very quickly maybe for next year do a Master class type series wearing each episode you go through step by step everything you need to know

  26. I cant believe everyone doesn't cook their turkey this way, it's better in every single way. I even like to turn one of the breasts into breaded strips. SO GOOD.

  27. The one issue I see with doing the turkey this way is that it takes more space – not just counter space, but also cooking trays and racks. So folks like me who don't have those things might need to stick with the traditional method of prepping and cooking the bird. Otherwise this is a really cool alternative method!

  28. I followed this video and made our turkey like this last year, it cooked soooo quickly and it was super juicy and flavorful. I'll be doing this again this year

  29. My worry with this method is that the meat would get cold by the time it's served and plated. Anyone who tried this – was that an issue?

  30. If you cook the breasts and wings together, I can't believe the wings (and maybe legs) wouldn't be burned by the time the breast is done. Wouldn't it be best to put the breasts and thighs in first and the wings in later?

  31. How much stock does this make? I'm curious if I will need to buy more chicken stock just in case the turkey stock isn't enough for stuffing and soups and things….

  32. This looks great, I'm definitely going to try it, but one sour note in this video: do not use antibacterial spray to clean. It can create antibacterial resistant superbugs. Plain old household vinegar is sufficient.

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