The Untold Truth Of Starbucks Cold Brew

The Untold Truth Of Starbucks Cold Brew

Is cold brew coffee just another way for Starbucks
to get you to part with your hard earned cash, or is there really something something special
about it? Here’s what makes this slow-brewed cold coffee
variety stand out from the rest of the Starbucks menu. If you’re already overwhelmed by all of the
options on the Starbucks menu, you may be wondering whether or not the world really
needs another coffee drink to choose from. You may also be wondering just what makes
cold brew different from any of the other cold coffee drinks already available. For starters, iced coffee and cold brew are
made with entirely different brewing processes. Iced coffee is essentially hot coffee brewed
at twice the strength and served over ice. In order to make a batch of cold brew, Starbucks
adds its blend of coffee grounds to cool, filtered water and steeps them for 20 hours. Starbucks describes the flavor of cold brew
as having, quote, “the right balance of sweetness with citrusy and chocolate notes.” In case you’re wondering, those iced espresso
beverages don’t use cold brew coffee, either. They’re made by pouring espresso shots over
cold milk or water and ice. Cold brew is something completely different,
and now you know! If you thought Starbucks’ 20-hour cold brew
steeping process was intense, Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew takes things to the next level. The drink puts a twist on the coffee chain’s
traditional cold brew coffee by infusing it with nitrogen bubbles. Nitro Cold Brew comes out cold, so you won’t
need ice. It also comes out with a foamy top — much
like beer — so you can forget the milk, sugar, and straw. The drink has built quite a following, with
the Nitro Brew with Cascara Cold Foam holding the top spot in a Thillist ranking of all
the drinks on the Starbucks menu. But if you’re the kind of person who needs
to have your coffee supersized, you’re in for a disappointment. Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew is served in tall
and grande sizes only. But there’s a good reason for that: the drink
is not available in venti because serving it in that size would cause the drink to lose
the frothiness and bubbles that make it special. From your first sip, you’ll notice that Starbucks
Cold Brew has a distinct flavor from the other cold coffee drinks on the menu. Everything from the beans to the special slow
brewing process gives Starbucks’ latest coffee creation a reason to stand out from the rest
of the pack. Starbucks cold brew starts with a unique blend
of coffee from Africa and Latin America that is specifically designed to be served cold. Because there is no heat involved in the brewing
process, there is less acidity than iced coffee, and as a result cold brew has a much smoother,
full-bodied flavor, according to Starbucks. The delicious smooth flavor of Starbucks cold
brew may make you want to gulp down your drink in record time, but try to resist. Take your time to enjoy the taste, because
the flavor will not change with the temperature. Unlike iced coffee, the cold brewing process
helps to keep the flavor consistent. You may depend on your daily dose of coffee
to give you the energy to get through your day, but you may not know that a lot of other
good things are happening in the process. Drinking a cold brew coffee provides many
of the same health benefits as hot coffee, according to Healthline. Caffeine consumption has been shown to help
boost your metabolism and enhance your mood, and drinking coffee can also help protect
you from serious illnesses. According to a study by Harvard Medical School,
drinking three to four cups of coffee each day has been linked with a reduced risk of
serious illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Is an advantage to choosing cold brew coffee? Cold brew is 67 percent less acidic than other
varieties, which means that it may be easier for people with sensitive stomachs to digest. And if you always add cream or milk to change
the sweetness or texture of your coffee, opt for nitro, skip the creamer, and save on some
fat and calories. Starbucks brought a little fall flavor to
its menu in summer 2019 when they introduced the Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew, the first new
pumpkin-flavored beverage on the menu in 16 years. In case you were wondering why Starbucks would
launch a new fall-inspired beverage in the summer, it probably has a lot to do with business. As Forbes reported, a Starbucks spokesperson
credits the Pumpkin Spice Latte as being the company’s best-selling seasonal beverage of
all time. The chain had sold over 350 million as of
2018. The popularity of cold coffee has risen dramatically
in the last few years, with cold drink sales at Starbucks increasing from 37 percent of
sales in 2013 to 50 percent in 2019, according to NBC News. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder they
invented a cold brew version of this seasonal favorite. Contrary to popular opinion, espresso and
and dark roast coffee don’t necessarily always have the highest levels of caffeine per serving,
and the amount of caffeine in your coffee depends on everything from how your coffee
is ground to the way it is brewed. If you want the biggest caffeine bang for
your buck at Starbucks, it may depend on your preference. When you’re in the mood for cold coffee, cold
brew is definitely the way to go, as it has more caffeine per serving than a traditional
iced coffee. According to the nutrition facts listed on
the Starbucks website, a grande cold brew contains 205 mg of caffeine, compared to 165
mg of caffeine in a grande iced coffee. But, you might also want to consider that
a grande Pike Place has 310 mg of caffeine, so it’s all down to one question: hot or cold? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Starbucks Cold Brew”

  1. "Is this just another way to get you to part with your money?"
    Uh, EVERYTHING on the menu is there to get you to part with your money….

  2. In Europe, eg Germany and Austria, there's not only coldbrew but also plain water added (50%). Therefore when ordering, I'd ask for plain cold brew without ice or water either and myself bring a water bottle for dilution. lel

  3. If coffee is made right you don't need to add anything and if it was made poorly nothing will help it. Make my coffee Dark and Black and Hot. Thank You

  4. In my opinion, Starbucks make crap coffee. Over roasted, over sugared, over flavored and time between the roasting and the serving is too long.

    And, yes, I have been roasting my own coffee since 2002, and I roast them in small batches (enough for one day). I prefer a light roast, for my self. In Starbucks defense, 95+% of coffee in the United States is crap coffee.

  5. The thing about Starbucks is that they have you to believe that they are the standard for coffee, which is why too many people depend on them to get their coffee facts, when in reality, they are far from it. Any barista (not Starbucks barista) will tell you that from the three, cold brew has more caffeine than iced coffee and lattes, and as for the beans that Starbucks uses for their coffee, it’s literally the exact same thing that McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts use for their coffee, even if they buy it from Guatemala and Kenya, because they outsource it from those countries when it is at its cheapest price, and when the prices go up, they opt for another country. This is why you are actually getting a real bang for your bucks if you just simply get your coffee at McDonald’s over Starbucks, but hey, some people will never understand I guess

  6. You want to know the truth about Starbucks????

  7. Tbh I think Starbucks cold brew is not that good of my taste buds and in my opinion my homemade diluted decaf cold brew coffee is the best.

  8. I work at Starbucks and get free drinks all the time and if I want an iced coffee, I get cold brew because it tastes better

  9. Cold brew was a let down for me. May as well serve it hot. It was warm. Not cold, not hot. Like left out coffee on a counter. Took a sip and was just like what happened.

  10. Rancid scorched coffee brewed cold? No thank you! Vote with your feet and support a local speciality coffee shop if you have money to burn and the inclination for a tasty coffee treat.

  11. I recently started making my own iced coffee and both my wife and I love it. Going to try making my own cold brew next.

  12. Ya I work at Starbucks and the reason for not being able to get a Venti Nitro is because it is served without ice and that full amount of cold brew is to much caffeine for the average person. A regular venti cold brew would be servered with ice and would be far less if it had no ice like it’s counterpart.

  13. and I made my own cold brew at home which was way dangerous because I actually stayed awake more than cold brew. I'm not sure if I'll make one again. I'm scared lol

  14. Making cold brew out of Starbucks beans is not a good idea. They taste burnt, unless it's the blonde roast beans, which are pretty good.

  15. The info you mentioned about studies showing decrease in CVD with individuals is only true with 4-5 cups of coffee and only with those who have the gene called CYP1A2 ! Where individuals without this gene or a lower gene expression when coffee was introduced increase chances of all cause mortality and CVD when it came to 4-5 cups!

    Your info was great just don’t forget to add the exact information before you start telling everyone to go for it and consume roughly 400-500mg a day of caffeine!

  16. I worked there for four a d half years, it would be good to note that most hot coffees (aside from Starbucks) don't have nearly as much caffeine content than pike regardless of type of bean or roast profile.

  17. Starbucks makes millions while taking advantage of poor farmers, while also pandering to the hippie liberals claiming to be green. It is the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen.

  18. Starbucks cold brew is shit, its better than their iced americano, but that's not really a high bar. Just go to any artisan cafe and get one of their cold brews and you can taste the difference immediately. Or buy some beans/grinds and do it yourself, its easy and tastes so much better and costs so much less.

  19. I was told from a burista that’s the cold brew and the nitro cold brew come from the same tap. Not sure how true that is because they have to add the nitrogen at some point before the pour

  20. PSA coming from a SB partner, a venti nitro cold brew will not lose most of it’s initial froth- it’s so heavily caffeinated that it tops the daily recommended caffeine intake. If you care that much just buy two.

  21. Or idk go to a local coffee shop and enjoy coffee that isn’t roasted to charcoal and ruining the lives of the farmers :/

  22. Here in Australia in summer, a common coffee is an iced latte. Simply a double espresso, ice cubes and cold milk poured over. It was very common in Taiwan when I was there too, but sold in a Starbucks style plastic cup and straw.

  23. As a specialty coffee barista with a specialty coffee association degree level 3, I can tell you that nitro coffee doesn't require at all a big glass to form a nice creamy foam and some active, balanced bobbles.
    Cream always depends on the amount vegetal oil naturally present in the coffee. In case of nitro coffee, it's the actual pressure/nitrogen gas ratio that is the most important. The gas is the biggest cost that you have to take into account while making it, per pour. So the bigger the glass, the bigger the profit. No technical BS.

  24. At starbucks, our morning blend was so high in caffiene, we discouraged people from ordering a venti because people often don’t know just how much caffiene they’re ordering, and with over 400mg of caffiene, its the #1 drink on the entire starbucks menu with the most caffiene.

  25. I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee and have been trying to find the best cold brew and have yet to find one that tops Starbucks’ cold brew. There’s a reason they’re so popular people!

  26. Starbucks did not invent cold brew or nitro. Just putting it out there.

    Would still buy from them though, for convenience.

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