Things Southerners Say During Bad Weather

Things Southerners Say During Bad Weather

Was that thunder?? It’s thundering, everybody! Everybody calm down, it’s only thunder! This weatherman… How much you think he gets paid?? I wish I got paid for only being right half the time. This storm ain’t nothin’ compared to Andrew… …or Opal, Camille, Fredrick, Ivan… Hey come look at this cloud. Does it…it looks conical to me! …Snowmageddon…Snowpocalypse… …Snow Death… That one wasn’t actually that bad. Just a scary name. Look! It’s raining! I’m a weatherman! It’s lower than the rest! That one! That one over there! It definitely has the… That was a storm. (thunder) This ain’t nuthin’. It sounds like a freight train… (train horn) Oh. Oh, it is a freight train. Put “Dancing with the Stars” back on! I’m missing the group dance. Hey, I googled “wall cloud” and this… …definitely looks like it could be one! We didn’t do tornado warnings back in the day. We didn’t have alerts to our phone. They didn’t tell us when they were coming to town. Y’all expect these things to RSVP like it’s a dang wedding reception. Are we even in this watch? Hey what’s our county look like?? Get out of the shower, turn off all of the lights, unplug all of the devices, and get down here! I’ll tell you what, too, we didn’t have no polygons either. We had circles. And if you’re in the circle, you’re dead. We’re in the yellow. That’s…that’s ok, right? And we could find ourselves on a map, too! We didn’t have to ask ol’ mister meteorologist, “hey is it gonna get me?” We knew cause we could read a dadgum map! Where are the D batteries?? Do we have extra D batteries up there?! Do they still make D batteries?? Is a watch or a warning worse? Lost power in the blizzard of ’93… …and we didn’t get it back ’til the summer of ’95. Alright, grab toilet paper, and milk, and all of the water that they have and if it looks like bread, just…just grab it! No I won’t come back inside, I gotta see this thing for myself. I ain’t gettin’ in no storm shelter. If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go. Honey the cows are lying down! You know what that means. Yeah they’re probably tired, but, it means a storm’s coming. What do you mean they’re out of everything?! Where are you?? Well go to the other Dollar General! No the other one. You know your Uncle Jim was struck by lightning. Cured his arthritis. Three-Mississippi…four-Mississippi…
(thunder) Ok, it’s four miles away. I still have time to cut the grass. No the one between that one and the other one. No, come to the one by the house. No, the other one! Boy, I love the smell of rain. Well, it’s rainin’ sideways now! Everybody put on your bicycle helmets! And your shoes! And grab the bottled water! And stay low to the ground! Oh, J.D. bring my Cheez-Its! One-Mississ–
(thunder) Ok, it’s here! It’s here everybody! I’ll start worrying when they turn them sirens on. (sirens)
Is that the sirens? Nah, they’re probably just testin’ ’em. What day of the month is it? That’s just a test. Renasant Bank. The best bank in the South. Visit to learn more. If you like this video, you can watch more over here! Or, or click here to subscribe! And…and stay away from windows! Oh no…

100 thoughts on “Things Southerners Say During Bad Weather”

  1. The paranoid person seems like someone who’s never lived here before. The guy in the rocking chair seems more accurate. Just my opinion

  2. I used to go outside for the storms but I'm almost 30 now and the oldest in my family that hasn't been hit by lightning yet. I know my turn is next, so I won't even wash dishes if there's lightning lmao

  3. The easiest job in the world is being a weather man in San Diego. Just say, "sunny tomorrow" and you're right 99% of the time.

  4. back then, we didn’t have no polygons. we had circles. and if you were in the circle, you were dead. and we could read maps, too! we didn’t have to ask ol’ mr. meteorologist ‘is it gonna get me?’ we knew cause we could read the datgomm map.

  5. Love this! Definitely one to watch more than once. A couple you missed though…people standing outside taking pictures and videos. In Texas, my ex went outside while the sirens were going off to take pictures. I told him not to come into the walkin closet downstairs when the tornado comes and let it suck me out. I guess I thought the builder must have used tornado strength hinges on that door. 😂🤣

    Also, when I first moved to Atlanta I used to make fun of the thunderstorm warnings until during a snow storm 9 pine trees were knocked down in my backyard. Now, I worry about one falling on the house every time a bad storm comes

  6. LOL on point! Now I'm with the hurricanes they give a little warning. Born and raised near Birmingham AL. Love your channel but this was awesome!

  7. "If it's my time to go, it's my time to go." What I say during every storm standing in my yard with my camera trying to get that perfect pic of lightning.

  8. My whole family was/is absolutely terrified of storms, me I'm usually standing out in the yard watching it.. I love storms… My kids have gotten to the point of calling me and telling me to get outta the yard watching and get in the house… 😂

  9. So far, this one is my favorite! We know some people like these and my husband and I are like a few of these quotes! You think you're the only one who thinks or says these things, but you listen to these and realize if you think & say them, other people do too!!! I love this!

  10. I am an old time insurance adjuster. I have had the claim. Do not get in the tub during a lightning event. This is not an old wives tale. If the lightning hits your house and connects with the plumbing … just don’t do it.

  11. "In my day, we didn't have polygons, we had circles. If you were in the circle, you're DEAD."
    "You know, your Uncle Jim got struck by lightning, cured his arthritis!"
    Y'ALL I'M DEAD!😂😂😂

  12. "Whats our County Look like" has me dead that would be me if my county wasn't right next to the capital and the watch and warning is me every time

  13. 2017: Ain’t nothing compared to Ike…Oh Harvey? Nevermind

    2019: Ain’t nothing compared to Harvey…Oh you’re name’s Imelda? Nevermind

  14. My great great grandpa said during a tornado while the rest of the family was calling he said if its my time to go its my time to go 1:50

  15. You know you’re from Georgia if you’re standing out on the front porch during a storm to see what it looks like and which way it’s going lol!

  16. I think they are all funny. Loved "JD bring my cheese-its" , " ok it's four miles away I still have time to cut the grass", "if you're in the circle, your dead"

  17. Ha, I'm the one asking if that cloud looks like a funnel, and whether that sounds like a freight train. I'm also the one counting. 😂 As a side note, I remember thunderstorms being a regular thing in the summer, and now it's rare for us to even get rain past about late June/early July. Climate change at its finest.

  18. Him listing all of the ridiculous names for the storms was so relatable. My town got struck by a really bad flash flood a year and a half ago, and we all took to calling it The Great Flood of 2k18. My favorite part was when I was driving home from school with my friend and we saw a flatscreen tv float across the road in front of us, followed by a tire. The thing was, it was dry as a bone in the next town over, two miles away.

  19. 2:11 is not right. Even if it is something that is said it isn't right. I have known this since i was just a little kid. "After you see a flash of lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear the thunder. (Use the stop watch or count "One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi, Three-Mississippi," etc.) For every 5 seconds the storm is one mile away. Divide the number of seconds you count by 5 to get the number of miles."

  20. GRANDMA – "Get up baby and get dressed. A tornado has touched down somewhere. If we get killed, don't want them to find us dead in a field wearin' nothin' but our underclothes"!

  21. Spot on! I had an uncle who would sit in his car till the lightning passed! And I knew some folks who would take off their shoes and sit on the couch with their feet off the ground till the storm was over. And talking on the phone during the storm? Oh, no you didn't!!!!

  22. A tornado warning used to mean "Take shelter!" Now it means "Grab your phone and run outside so you can get good video!"

  23. Had good laugh, thanks.😎 I recall my grandmother acting like our favorite southern bell here…minus the high pitched tone. We under her instruction went thru house turning everything off, then sit in living room on far wall from windows. That was in Michigan, she was from Iowa.
    Moved to Fl and during a hurricane, we drove to waterfront & returned without incident.
    Moved to central FL and a parent of two of my daycare children was hit by lightning 2Xs about 3 yrs apart in 2 different houses. Some things people get too worked up over.

  24. Y'all, if the paranoid mom's aren't my mom, I don't know who it would be. My dad is more like the guy stittin' on the rocking chair on the porch.

  25. I'm not even southerner I'm a Midwesterner my family is from the south. but to new Englanders it's the same thing.

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