Things To Do In London | Sushi Making Class 🍣

Things To Do In London | Sushi Making Class 🍣

Hi I’m Joel and I’m Lia and today we are at Sozai Cooking School to learn how to make our own sushi! and we’re really excited so lets get going! So hello hello Izy you so much for having us. Thank you. Absolute pleasure to have you I thought you said I love you then and I thought I love you too! So temari sushi.
I put fish and the wasabi and rice if you touch it with dry hands it’s going to be really sticky so you wet your hands okay and have rice You must know how to make it don’t you? do you just scrunch it up? that’s right yeah like that and just twist it Lets do it Joel! So you do this one Lia’s really good at cooking. Am I? I think she is. She’s better than I am. You make a temari sushi Give it a squeeze. Just a twist,
gently twist. try not to squash it Lia “try not to squash it Lia!” That looks amazing! lets choose my garnish (Sarcastic) really amazing presentation thank you Have you seen this before? No This is tofu It is is deep fried and
marinated So this is perfect people like me who don’t eat fish Yeah! Sushi doesn’t mean raw fish so I do make a vegan sushi. Okay. With so many people
in London now being vegan or vegetarian not just London, kind of everywhere
everybody’s becoming a little bit more aware of how much meat and fish they’re
consuming just for the planet’s sake so absolutely. So sushi, you’ve stuffed it with sticky rice You can put lots, especially to the corners as well this is a parcel. It’s like a pouch. It’s like a little Christmas present. and thats it oh I can do that lets give it a go right, oh it is sticky isn’t it Nice. It’s really really nice very good yeah well done! So we are going to do hosomaki which is slim roll one filling, using cucumber maybe the fish version is tuna. Okey dokey then it’s ever so easy simple look but actually quite tricky okay
so shiny side down a hand full of rice about 80 grams, thats about 79 spreading the rice except one finger width of a rice free zone on the top okay this is so fun quite therapeutic isn’t it? it reminds me of being a child when you do stuff with your hands all the time and make mud pies! not anymore? umm occasionally! I think your one is really good Joel. I think mine’s a little bit too skinny okay stop showing off guys so you can scoop from underneath and it will travel really well I’ll do a tiny bit of wasabi yeah can I
just say that is gonna blow your mind No its not! It is. I don’t think it is Ok. What do you mean? Look how much (wasabi) he’s put Just clearing up his sinus Lovely. So let’s roll. use your thumb up
under the bamboo mat all of the fingers on the fish or cucumber. you lift your bamboo mat up and now bamboo mat is meeting the end
of rice and landing on nori and with excess rice what we do is we cheat it I just eat it you need to lift the bamboo mat up one hand and with the other hand roll it over Oh i’m very good at this! Shutup Joel nice feeling isnt it? Oh no You made it quite, you’ve got a lot of power see, Lia, yeah she’s very heavy handed! no I’m not you knew that would annoy me! so is mine square or round? Lia shape. Lia shape! So this is my sushi i’m a vegetarian so I went for the vegetarian options which is avocado
and peppers in the California roll lovely colors yeah and then this is my
futomaki with egg roll in there and peppers and now I’ve got tofu
stuffed with sticky rice as well as this which is cucumber maki and my inspiration was Izy well done! beautiful so colourful I’ve made some salmon hosomaki some
salmon and vegetable futomaki and avocado salmon inside out roll which is called uramaki I cannot wait to eat this I’m a
huge I’m a salmon lover and you’ll and you’ll notice you’ll that whilst mine and Izy’s are perfectly round Lia’s gone for the Lia shape sushi yes so you can do round square or Lia
shape so just bear that in mind How did you do this triangle?
Well Izi it’s taken ten years Well thanks so much for joining us today don’t forget guys if you want to book
yourself a cooking class you can check out the link in our description be sure
to check out our Instagram and Twitter page we’ve posted some lovely pictures
of our sushi and of our amazing chef Izy yeah thank you very much
we’re gonna eat this now!

25 thoughts on “Things To Do In London | Sushi Making Class 🍣”

  1. This is so cool! You won't believe this, but I'm munching on a California Roll (substituted silken tofu for the cream cheese) and seaweed salad as the video posted. Let's be honest, isn't life a good excuse to eat wasabi?😈 You guys are so awesome! Making suchi is fun and really healthy. Thanks for such a lovely video! Cheers! 👍💗😘🇬🇧

  2. You did a great job! I didn't even know the proper way to make a temaki sushi #shame. I always put some rice on a piece of seaweed and hope for the best lol
    And you guys saying Japanese words are adorable 🙂

  3. Lovely to learn. One thing the hair should be tied up and not touch by the hand you are using to prepare the sushi

  4. Ready to go out and buy a bamboo mat. What is this subliminal influence?? And poor Lia. I'd most likely do the same thing while rolling.😂

  5. 1st off,  sooo fun! You both are so entertaining.  2nd, On an upcoming trip to the UK  I will have about 5-6 hrs to spend in London before I need to catch a train at London Euston. Anything interesting to do in that area (even if it involves just drinking in a pub 🙂 ?  I've been to London once before so I have seen some of the bigger attractions….  Thanks for your videos!  (I say "pardon  me"  all the time but now know to avoid that over there!!! Embarrassment avoided … Phew)

  6. Hello Joel and Lia, very nice, made me hungry for some sushi. I have a Japanese brother-in-law who makes many of the same dishes, and has shown me how to also. It's been a while since I made anything, but perhaps this weekend I'll make something.

  7. Awww eventually the video has been released!! I'm so ecstatic! Literally looking at the sushi I'm starving, cant wait to pop into a sushi restaurant and buy a pack back to my home and eat them. Cucumber sushi is one of my faves but Flower of Love Sushi is another one im not sure if you guys notice it but it's basically rice wrapped with two thick salmon in a roll and it's so super delicious. But apart from salmon I don't really eat other types of fish lol……

  8. I really enjoyed this video. This is the first time seeing sushi being made. I was always curious! Thanks

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