This 9 Year Old Kid Roasts Me

what’s going on guys you’re watching Reaction Time yo guys, it’s like 102 degrees outside I don’t know what’s wrong with mother nature. She needs to get her shit straight. But anyway, guys today we have a special video One of you guys tweeted this at me, It’s called, “I hate Reaction Time” so this kid hates me for i don’t know what reasons, we’ll find out. So yeah we’re going to get right into it. Let go! (kid) I hate you reaction time. my fucking– this kid is literally nine years old guys I have nine year old kids that hate me now. Like shouldn’t this kid be playing with his Teletubbies or something? I don’t- I don’t understand. Why do you have to hate me? Alright let’s find out. (kid) Go get a life Reaction Time. (kid) Yes, Reaction Time you look gay. Why? Why is- Why is it everytime someone tries to roast me they say I look gay? (kid) dumb. Because you’re blond. (kid) Your channel is– (Tal) Whoa. What the f–? This all makes sense now. I hate you reaction time. You’re gay buddy. You’re gay. You’re gay. (laughs) this kid is the son of flat earth girl. This all makes sense now whoa (kid) Your channel is stupid. Because it’s just reaction time. Nothing to it basically. Just reacting. You’re so dumb. I ain’t even subscribed to you. NO! (kid) these people who are subscribed to you are- (tal) no! You have to subscribe. Please! Please subscribe to my channel. NO. alright guys, he got my breaking point. There’s nothing to it. You’re just reacting. really stupid. I’m sorry for calling you all these names but aww I- I mean at least he apologized at the end He was like “i’m sorry for calling you all these stupid names, but I hate you Reaction Time” So guys basically this is what my life has come to nine year old kids that roast me. Because I’m just Reaction Time. To be frankly honest with you I don’t think he meant to call me names. He didn’t mean to call me bad names. He’s not a meanie. He’s a nice guy. He doesn’t have to apologize. cause it’s his opinion you know? He was doing his thing. But I just really want this guy to subscribe to me. Okay. He was not subscribed to me. It really hurt. and… and i know.. that I can get emotional sometimes. oh my god this is so embarrasing. Please subscribe. Just… Please subscribe… If you guys want to roast me then tweet at me, links down below to my twitter. and i’ll react to it. Let’s see if you guys can roast me. And just to remember subscribe. Because I really want you to subscribe. Don’t be like this guy, because this guy made me feel sad. Alright, so just never forget to subscribe to me. Or i’m going to get really mad.

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