Yo, what is up guys? Back for another video, I’m posting everyday People think YouTube is all fun and games, unicorns and rainbows Everything is fun and dandy, No! it’s tough in these streets, for no reason I’m always getting roasted, I’m the one getting roasted. It’s hard to pick up the camera everyday, when people are always taking you down There’s this girl named Vicky, and im not really sure what she does. But apparently I used one of her clips in my video There’s something wrong with this girl Yes, my birthday is March 7th but… July 19th was the day I found out I was black Oh, I just thought it was crazy the way she was acting. I’ve just never seen this before. She is so unique, and I think she took it the wrong way because she made a full video just roasting me. And I haven’t seen it before. I don’t even wanna see it but, I feel like we should watch it together This is to this little n**** little Asian n**** RiceGum whoever the fuck he is. Like n**** you com- Wait, Wait. We already started, she’s already throwing around the n word She’s white, you can’t say that word. And she’s calling me little I’m 6’2. That’s NOT little that’s tall RiceGum Who- Whoever the fuck he is, like n**** you coming for me? But you can’t even say n**** like me cause you ain’t black N**** Okay, What? That’s not even fair. I understand that I cant say the n word because I’m not black But like, she can’t say it either. You’re not black get that through your head, like she has a mental illness or something Like, You’re not- stop saying the n word Like you need to get my name out yo mothafucking mouth, like n**** you talking about you from the hood This and that, N**** if I eve- If you- WHAT? When have I said I was from the hood? guys, I have never said I was from the hood Guys I have never said I was from the hood in my life. I grew up in a nice neighborhood, a gated community. I had some good parents, went to a private school nah I’m just kidding about the private school part. But like, I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s the one claiming she’s from the hood and black. There’s something wrong with this girl This and that. n**** if I eve- If you was ever to come to my hood n****. You wouldn’t a last a day or-, you wouldn’t even last a minute n****. Like you talking shit about me, but you wanna be my race. You wanna be black, N**** I wish you would say that shit to my face. I’ll beat yo ass n***, and I’m a girl She just said say it to my face and ill beat your ass. SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS Vicky I’ll come over there and say it to your face. I’ll be like you’re not black, that grill is disgusting it probably smells like shit ( insert Tessa Brooks) and you wont do shit. I actually found a video of her training and I feel like, If we ever cross paths one day and we’re talking to each other and things go down. I should know what the competition is working with, I should know how her formation is. Ready so lets take a look at this. This how imma do Danielle, -punches stupidly- Get that hoe. FUCK THAT BITCH. What are you doing?, Off the bat I’m already seeing some rookie mistakes she hit it with the two fist combo You realize you gotta defend yourself at all times so when you’re going in your face, your face is fully exposed so Im going for it right underneath and I’m just- This is a message to all my n**** that still in Zone 6, Imma get ya’ll outta there n**** and I’m talking soon n**** Okay, for all my young viewers out there that probably don’t know what she’s talking about. She slurs her words , she had this crazy accent she’s wearing a grill that makes it even harder to understand her. She’s saying “I ain’t forget” she’s basically saying her homies are in jail and prison and she didn’t forget. She’s gonna get them outta jail. Somehow I don’t know how she’s gonna do it, maybe they killed someone maybe they did this. But somehow she’s gonna get them out. Day-Day, Ray-Ray, Nut. Imma get all ya’ll n**** out, tru- Okay, she just shouted out three of her homies Day-Day, Ray-Ray, an Nut.. YOU have a friend named Nut, Okay what did these three dudes do? What if they’re in jail for killing somebody? Do they deserve to be free? I’m scared. Don’t free them to this world. I mean they’re gonna come and get me because I’m talking shit about you. Mom, come pick me up. Get you a black girl who can sign like me, Sign? You’re not even bla- anyways -inaudible bad singing- WHAT IS THIS ? -more bad singing- Okay. Enough is enough. First, she thinks she’s black now she thinks she can sing she can’t do either but I don’t even wanna talk about that. let’s talk about this outfit, I see it on her instagram, I see it in all her videos. Always, wearing the same outfit why dos it look so familiar Because I have the same outfit! I rock it way better than you Vicky, so take that shit off. Alright, leave it to the big boys cause you can’t rock it it as good as me. Go buy something new, stop wearing the same shit everyday. Alright, lets keep it going. -Reads in dumbass- Alright, the last video you posted I don’t think there was any love, What love are you seeing ? Anyway. Really like the way I sung in my last video some of ya’ll said I sound like Beyoncé -SNATCHED- She just said people said she sound like Beyoncé Who- Something’s wrong with this girl. Bro, I swea- -Inaudible dumbass and more bad singing- I don’t know why this girl is trying to teach people how to sing when she literally has no musical talent at all. If this girl were to go on America’s Got Talent or American Idol, this is what would happen -bad singing again- -Buzzers- -reads in dumbass- -more claiming she is black- Oh my god.. Her grandfather is black so apparently she’s black she said something about Ancestors.Com, I don’t even know what that is Hold on I’m about to peep it, An-Cestor. Ancestry.Com. So apparently there’s this website Ancestry.Com, you go on there and you find out things you don’t even know about yourself You find your past, you find your grandpas and grandmas. I don’t even know, I kinda wanna check it out know. I believe it’s calculating right now I don’t even know how it knows all this information when I don’t even think I know or even my mom knows. Oh my go-, Oh my god Guys. Oh my god, I’m 1% black IM 1% BLACK. Look at that I don’t even know how accurate this website is but I’ m 1% black. I CAN SAY THE N WORD NOW. -inaudible dumbass- Who is giving this girl a career? She’s over here saying she made it, she’s popping bottles , living lavishly, and I feel like I’m responsible. I need to stop giving these girls attention only way we stop this wannabe black girl or whatever she is I don’t even know what she is, is to stop giving her attention stop taking about her. That’s all she wants, so I’m done talking about her But I remember at the start of the video she was roasting me, taking shots at me and I don’t like that I don’ like that at all , AND NOW IM MAD! LET’S GOOOO Look at this dude!! Wait till you see the- -Laughs- No, No, No – Wheezing and laughing- Oh my goodness -Wheezing and laughing- That’s gonna wrap it up for now, It’s everyday so I’ll literally see you tomorrow. I love you guys, and one last thing free my homie Nut. -One night instrumental plays-

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  1. Bruh this girl wants so much attention by saying she’s black and saying the end word like just stop,by the way I appreciate this video because I see there more people who think the same thing

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