100 thoughts on “This ONE Ingredient Will Change VEGAN Cooking Forever”

  1. I thought u have to beat it each time for baking, I don't have a stand mixer so I could never make it into meringue so mind blown.

  2. doesn't the taste of the chicpea water come thru salty and savoury n chickpea eee ?

    like for a cake its be too salty or meringue

  3. I think it's important to note that with a lot of these non-savory recipes you going to want to use aquafaba from chickpeas that are labeled "no salt added"

  4. I have seen these methods using aquafaba in many indian cooking videos a long time ago. However i dont get to know how it will change the taste of the end product.

  5. I love the last tip. I will be freezing the extra's from now on. I can't believe you only have 360K. Seems you should have waaaay more.

  6. but what is it in the end? is it just water in which the chickpeas were sitting in? because i dont eat chickpeas as much as i wanna eat cake 😬😛

  7. Well said Candice awesome content 🤗Thank you so much👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I will definitely start putting my aquafaba in the freezer in my ice trays from now on!!! 😊👋🏽🤗

  8. You are about to change my life! I just wasn't crazy about using flaxseed or chia seed for my egg replacer. Things just didn't turn out the greatest. I'm assuming you must use canned chickpeas as the liquid is thicker than that of dried chickpeas. Correct??

  9. Should be said that you can make your own AF by soaking dried beans etc in the usual way. Some folks are weird about tinned stuff! And doesn't have to be chickpeas, can be borlotti or kidney or any other bean you have 🙂

  10. Using aqua faba to make vegan butter and mayo is going to change my life! I am allergic to nuts so I can never find a vegan sub without them!

  11. do you often whip the aquafaba before adding it to baked goods, or just the liquid straight up? this has always confused me 🤦‍♀️

  12. Its definetely possible to use a hand mixer to whip up aquafaba it only takes a little bit longer but nowhere near 30 minutes. Please if you see this include it in your blog post maybe so people who dont own a stand mixer will not think they cant use aquafaba or need to buy a stand mixer to use it. Also reducing the aquafaba is something that most professionals bakers suggest to do even if its from a can and definetely if your making it yourself. Plus i would say for the canned stuff to try to find brands that only list chickpeas and water as ingrédients so it doesnt add salt and the preservatives that most brands puts in their cans in your recipe

  13. giiirrrlll please!!! it has already change vegan cooking for a while now!! nothing really new or revolutionary. i know it since 4 years now…

  14. I wish I knew you could freeze it forever ago lol
    I've ve wasted so much leaving in the fridge too long !
    Thanks for the video

  15. I loved this video! Well, your videos are kick-ass in general but I am SO HAPPY you did one on aquafaba. If only I had known I could’ve frozen it before I forgot about it in my fridge… 😐 All I knew you could do with it before this video was substitute meringue.
    I still don’t have a mixer… I can’t wait to get one! Thank you for making a video on this amazing ingredient!
    I hope you and your family are well -please give your furbabies love for me!! 🥰

  16. I tried this cooking chickpeas from scratch and using the water left over from cooking, it didn’t work. So I guess you have to use the canned chickpeas!

  17. Be careful, with most Whiskey in America…it is GMO Whiskey, altho some brands are not + they will tell you about the list in the Liquor store.

  18. Great video, loads of ideas. I'd done some of these but hearing all these uses in one place is really useful. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks for this, I'll definitely try aquafaba in a couple of recipes since the first time I tried it – although the texture was good, the chickpea flavor overpowered the dish which if I remember correctly, was a dessert.

  20. Wait… is she telling me that you can now make all the old baking recipes from your grandma by simply replacing the eggs with chickpea water?? 🤩
    I love her!!! You find me in the kitchen. See ya!

  21. I used it as a merigue or cream or something on my sweet potatoes casserole for thanksgiving last year. My dad even torched it.

  22. Ok now I think I could successfully make vegan fried green tomatoes. Maybe it will help gf and vegan baked goods less dense.

  23. Any way we can get a recreation of the broccoli from Planta Queen. The world needs to taste it! (Air fryer version would be the best). Love your videos 🙂

  24. Kudos to the fella who discovered this amazing liquid. It totally is a game changer. Thank you for going through all the ways this can be used.

  25. Pavlarva???? sorry….did you actually mean Pavlova? The Aussie dessert? If so, that's the weirdest pronunciation that I've ever heard.

  26. I have made aquafaba merangues 4 times. I have had to throw them out every time because they just taste awful and beany (but the texture is spot on). I've followed recipes that have good reviews. Anybody else have this problem?

  27. Thanks for the link to skillshare! Trying it out with my 'aspiring photographer' son to see if he likes it. I shall return with his feedback. 😁👍

  28. Can you do a video on vegan angel food cake? I can’t find a good recipe, I tried making it for my moms birthday once and it really didn’t come out good!

  29. I loved this video! Now you’ve got me hyped about trying to bake with it again!! My kids are allergic to eggs, milk, and flax, and some other foods too! I’ve been nervous to bake with aquafaba but will try it now! Thx! Will keep you posted on how it turns out!🤗

  30. Thank you so much! I've been looking for a way to make vegan merengue pie for my vegan friends, as its kinda my signature dessert, so this made me so happy, thanks a million!

  31. Awesome–this really changes everything.. I'll be using this instead (for the most part) for dishes that call for eggs. Cant wait to see how much more delicious they come out!

  32. Sorry to be the party pooper here, but do we not have to soak beans especially for the purpose of removing saponins from the beans? And this is exactly what is in the aquafaba!
    Why would now consuming this making it better than an egg white?

    I love to eat raw vegan as much as possible, but I think consuming aquafaba is a bit going overboard. I think I will stick to an occasional egg white to this.

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