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  1. This fooooood though! It all looks so amazing & I can’t wait to visit Toronto one day just to try all of it 😂 I noticed you didn’t say anything about the fried avocado.. was it good? Bad? I’m so interested to know cuz it seemed to me like it would be a weird thing to fry… but that it would taste good? Also! Regarding the vegan Mac & cheese, it seems like you have to have something to break up the texture, otherwise it won’t taste good. Check out this video where we made vegan Mac & cheese bowls with chick’n patties. https://youtu.be/QrrYfSks0do It makes a world of difference, Trust. 😍 Thanks for showing us these incredible options! 😜😜

  2. VEGAN MOTIVATION: Went vegan at 13, not rich, non vegan family, and still vegan 3 years later. If I can do it, so can you!

    Vegan Youtuber btw

  3. If you can't make an "It's too big for my mouth" joke, is the burger even worth having?! But real talk, what is your favourite fast food item you wish could go vegan (Maybe I can make it happen…*insert eye emoji*)

  4. Hi Candice! I am currently in Toronto for the weekend and i was wondering if there is any other vegan places you would recommend?!

  5. If you ever take a trip to Michigan, it'd be awesome if you checked out some restaurants in Detroit! We have some wayyyyy under appreciated ones that I've never seen any you tubers check out!

  6. This was fun and the food looked great, but I must say . . . that umbrella is perfect for you, like, it was such a punchy backdrop for your look in that part of the video. I know that's a weird thing to notice, but I am seeing some subtle blocking and editing changes you and your team are trying, and I appreciate it : )

  7. Excellent review of Doomies’ menu. I would love to hear you review La Limonada (vegan Caribbean roti, doubles and more deliciousness, across the street from YamChops on College, in the basement of the church). The owner is very sweet and the food is fast and homey.

  8. I think it is interesting the dynamic you have, of, being fallible, as a platform to show some of the roadbumps between omnivorous and vegan life-styles.

    As a presenter, the areas which I would like to see more of, I think taht our host can afford to spend some time away from feeling as though she must desperately present her-self without rehearsal and spend some time off camera pursuing some time in theatre, or as a presenter in public, to sort of, iron out some of the… I am not always filled with confidence by our host's presentation. It feels like she is rushing some of her presentation, monologuing to the camera, and, this could be repaired with… well. I like characters such as Alton Brown, Anthony Bourdain, and Andrew Zimmern as models of presentation for food education television programs, and, these three men fill in their monologues with a great deal of information and presentation, enlightening their audience with cultural, and scientific background. This Edgy Veg channel is different from those three guys. The Edgy Veg channel, is Vegan.

    If I were running my own Vegan lifetsyle Youtube Channel, I would try to introduce recipes as though this were a new page in teh Universal Vegan Cookbook, trying not to rely on teh finicky waves of fashionable food. "This season, everything is fried, and we eat *this*type*of*nut*,"-sort-of-thing. When introducing new recipes, it's ALMOST a competition between yourself and other Vegan-lifestyle Youtube Channels, the same way the Hindu Temples in India all compete to be famous for some-thing. (Western Spiritual practices do this all the time, it's called a haunting, and we want you to creep teh eff off our lawn!!) As a presenter, it feels like there is information which our Edgy Veg presenter may be under-informed of that is not inspiring the confidence, which I feel others may learn from shifting from onnivorous diets to vegan diets.

    There are two areas which I think, if cultivated, would be greatly rewarding for our host, and her audience.
    1.) It would be enlightening to LEARN ABOUT the full background of these, "Field Trips," which you and your friends are taking around your hyper-local world of Tornoto, Canada.
    2.) like I was saying before, about the Hindu Friendly Competition, the recipes which you introduce, I find it builds confidence to see our host fail with a new recipe. What I think the Edgy Veg host would benefit from, I think she would benefit from… (this is gonna sound effed up) a personal light deep inside her.
    2.) A.) I see our Edgy Veg host thinking about her companions, or her camera presentation vis-a-vis the audience, more than I see her lifestyle reflective of a great INNER-PASSION to learn any and everything there is to know about Vegan food, and it's preparation. I think that seeing our host more interested in her technique, her great passion for… great passion for making food to please others, instead of herself, would greatly benefit her.

    I've commented before about what I think would be a healthy lifestyle choice for a cool Vegan woman from Canada– y'all should move into a log cabin in the middle of the forest and get a burly crew of lumberjack vegan men who all help take care of each other, and their families. It's sounds nice. All that dumb commercial crap at Whole Foods, all this pre-packaged lollygagging shenanigans, no way! I want to eat vegan right off the Canadian soil!

    So… I think this is a cool channel… I think the Edgy Veg needs to work on her presentation to her subscribers, if she wants to, long-term, not tomorrow, I mean, ten years, continue to convince people to make the switch to a Vegan life-style.

    so it goes.

  9. Omg that crispy chick’n burger looks soooooo good omg !!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤 can you make a recipe for something like that !!?

  10. My mom and I went to Vegandale Brewery and both got a Big Mac not realizing how huge they were.. we totally should have shared one! You should review Apiecalypse Now

  11. I live in Florida and we don’t have any Vegan Restaurants nearby and certainly do not have options like they do at that restaurant! Thanks for the review, everything looked super good!! The biggest thing I’ve been craving since going vegan is a cheese stuffed burger 😭🤤🤤

  12. Plant Power Fast Food in San Diego, CA has vegan versions of all fast food items like Animal style fries and burger, Big Macs, and Filet O Fish. IT IS AMAZING AND TRULY TASTES ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME 💜💜💜

  13. I love this series! Just a suggestion, is there a particular reason why prices aren’t disclosed in the video? If it is, I understand but if it isn’t, I as a viewer would love to know!

    Also I too am from Toronto, my favourite vegetarian/vegan place here is graceful vegetarian at splendid china mall, their lunch menu is ridiculously good, especially their turnip in XO sauce! I would love to see your thoughts on them!

  14. My partner and I just recently visited Toronto for the Thom Yorke concert and got to check out some great vegan food. We ate at Planta Burger, Hello 123, and Fresh on Front. All of them were pretty good – particularly Fresh on Front.

  15. try Buddha's Vegan on Dundas! Or Cafe 668! And Globally Local! And maybe some Thai or Indian vegan options! We are so lucky here in Toronto to have all this deliciousness 🙂

  16. 🤣 “….I’m not gonna be a graceful lady while eating fast food.”
    Love the scarf.
    I miss gyros with nice thick, rich, creamy tzatziki.

  17. Went to Vegandale my first night during my visit in Toronto and it was by far my favorite meal. Wish I had a bottomless stomach so I could just eat and eat and eat all that vegan goodness 🤤

  18. Guys I follow Candice on Instagram she's having a meet up at Eaton Centre. DO NOT GO TO IT! Trust me her Stinky Vagina will have you gasping for Air, I came 20 feet of her, during Vegfest over the summer, and I couldn't breathe!

  19. The burgers looked really good but pretty dull and shineless. They needed to make them look a little more oily I say. Maybe that's just because I was binge watching food stylist videos before your video lmao. I want to eat them right now and I'm not even vegan. And i live in washington state USA not Toronto Canada 😭

  20. Thank you for sharing this yummy video! Loved the big mouth joke. Would love more videos like this as I find them inspiring both in what being vegan can be and in new yummy ways to make delicious vegan foods <3 <3 <3

  21. EVERYBODY!!! I made a great recipe for an all organic, gluten free, non-GMO, non-vegan steak:

    1. Cow
    -cook cow over fire to desired doneness.

  22. I LOVE THE VEGAN BIG MAC FROM DOOMIES😭😭😭 glad to know they the brewery has it on the secret menu

  23. Omg I am OBSESSED with Doomies I didn't know they joined with another restaurant!! I have to go back to Toronto and try this!!!

  24. I love how you are drinking a beer and your ginger buddy with the tattoos is having a cocktail. He looks familiar; is he in a band? Just curious. hugz

  25. Two years ago, as I travelled all the way through Canada I went to Doomies for their vegan Big Mac and I never found anything like it again. All the dishes look so delicious, I wish I could just go again!! Thanks for sharing this Candice and much love from Germany 🙂

  26. Hi I'm Akash from India…..do u know about the Jain community in India that consumes no dairy ,no meat , no onion or garlic…..can u please showcase jainIndian vegan food in your channel….by the way love your content…lots of hugs from India

  27. Maybe visit a restaurant that isn't traditionally vegan friendly and create/order something off menu or show us what options we have at the type of restaurants we may see more often? It would be a cool challenge to eat something delicious and vegan at a non-vegan restaurant.

  28. Do you think you could do a video on how to make, Fried avocado like how you had there? Please vote this comment up so that we can get a how do recipe on it! 🙂

  29. Check out LOV at King and Portland. Their Cesar salad is to die for, and the lasagna was one of the best lasagnas (vegan or not) that I’ve ever had.

  30. This is my favourite vegan junk food spot! I love the Waffle Que, I want one right nowwww!
    Also, yes the Big Mac is HUGE! If you go back, ask for the classic burger dressed as a Big Mac, (it doesn't increase the price).

  31. The owners of this place treat their employees really, really badly and have caused a lot of issues in the neighborhood, especially by making racist statments and being pretty rude to poor people in the area

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