Three Functions of Vocal Fry

Three Functions of Vocal Fry

hi I’m Chanelle Guyton with Singing Success
today I’m going to be talking about the vocal tip the three main functions of
vocal fry so the first being technical how can we
use vocal fry to inform our technique well if you are a singer that happens to
be really breathy vocal Fry is going to be your
best friend or if you can’t connect over your bridges it’s going to be what’s going to give
you that easy way of connecting your voice without adding too much strain or
too much pressure so let’s just start connecting it in
a head voice so using that vocal fry so for ladies we’ll be here on that (wee sounds) so I want you to think about that voice
when you first wake up in the morning that’s what vocal fry is when you first
wake up you come out of a complete lax state you like call your best friend
you’re like hey I just woke up it’s that well we can use it anywhere
throughout our entire range so we’re going to use that same voice to connect
us in our head voice up here so go wee for men here wee see how that easy gentle coordination I’m not forcing anything I’m not
straining and I’m not breaking off in a falsetto the alternative to using vocal
fry is breaking off in a falsetto so over that same note wee men wee if you’re feeling like you can’t get the
cords to come together or it’s too straining get a small bit of that vocal
fry go back to that morning voice go to the high voice males wee and that is how you’re going to
connect up in that head voice using vocal fry to connect throughout the
bridges we can use that same vocal fry to connect us so beginning
with the men we’re going to do whoa and trying to keep that crinkly quality throughout the entire scale listen whoa whoa join in whoa ladies whoa whoa not adding too much pressure whoa and if the voice happens to connect
great whoa whoa whoa great job the second use for vocal fry
is to inform our style so you may notice when you’re even
speaking sometimes not even just in the morning but sometimes when you’re
talking even if you’ve kind of just tired maybe you know been a long day or
what not sometimes your voice drops down into that crinkly quality we can use
that same crinkly quality to inform our style so if i’m going to let’s say sing
twinkle twinkle little star if I sing it really clean and really just precise and
perfect which used to be my biggest problem was just being too clean and two
pretty on everything it didn’t really have a lot of style or
rawness or emotion into it so first I’m going to sing it clean hear
that twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder
what you are boring right now i’m going to kind
of lose the quality of that pretty tone and i’m going to add some vocal fry in there so on the same pitches twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are ah did you hear that it’s very subtle the
subtlety is the key to mastery I want you to learn how to take this
vocal fry and to let it completely transform your style many pop singers of
our day and before have used vocal fry to bring out raw emotion I’ve actually
even worked with a singer who you know has a record contract and his label
called me and said I need him to learn how to do that a thing that raw emotion of the it
really just adds an element of that cry or vulnerability that you’re needing in
your voice practice that try it if you’re still
needing some help we’re always here and we’d love to help
you find that style tool the third use of vocal fry is for vocal
therapy or vocal rehab I’ve had several students that have come
into my studio and it’s been trying and frustrating for them because they
either had a physical ailment that’s keeping them from you know connecting and from having good
technique and singing to their potential or you know it’s just
been overworked or you know underdeveloped either one so for all of these issues we use
vocal therapy and one of the first things that we get someone to do is to
connect in that vocal fry because vocal fry is the slowest coming
together of the coordination of the vocal cords that’s why you know when you do first
wake up and you do have that sound it’s just because you’ve just come out of a
completely relaxed State so that’s exactly what we’re going to do
with someone that is needing those rehab exercises so first find the vocal fry as
if you just woke up completely relax osing the quality of your voice for a
moment and losing that clean connection and for vocal therapy it would literally
just be going about one mile an hour just ah ah ah and then after that learning to connect
it ah-ah ah ah even if it’s glitchy like mine don’t
worry about it you’re just getting the coordination
of everything which precedes everything else allow yourself to crawl before you walk
walk before you run that’s the biggest thing about vocal
therapy and starting with that the smallest easiest place to come from to
get back to good vocal health these have been our three tips about
vocal fry used for technique style and vocal therapy if you have any more questions please
call us at the Nashville studio and book a lesson

28 thoughts on “Three Functions of Vocal Fry”

  1. 4:53 Don't get me wrong, it sounds great. but it also sounded like a frog had manifested itself somewhere in the room 😮

  2. I've watched a few of your Singing Success videos now Chanelle Guyton and I really like your calming presentation nature and clarity when explaining! Thanks x

  3. Amazing video. Enjoyed watching. Very informative. I just have one question, I have come accross articles mentioning vocal fry as not good for the vocal chords as it may result in creation of cysts. How true is that?

  4. Why does vocal fry look super strained in laryngoscopy. I have never felt strained when doing fry, quite the opposite. But there are many ENTs say it will damage your voice over time.

  5. Regarding the exercise to connect the voice using vocal fry, is it something that only work as a warm up to be done everyday or does it improve your connection long term?

  6. I like the presentation. I just have one thing to add here about the vocal fry. This is just an initial stage of what you can do with vocal fry. The truth is that you can do even more things with it and you can even achieve the final step of what vocal fry can truly do. If you use your diafragm a little bit more you can transform the vocal fry to it's full potential, the fry scream, which metal bands use to do without damaging the vocal chords and you can switch easily from clean to vocal fry and even fry scream. 😀

  7. vocal fry makes it impossible for me to listen  to American women. I want to listen but I cant. clear natural voice  is nice, without all the crackle. instead of copying other girls voice fry, copy clear natural adult voices. much more  provisional.                                watch,  How to avoid vocal fry in public speaking

  8. Thanks for the exercise; I feel I can’t find my vocal fry easily especially when my voice become tried after whole day talking; any tips that I can connect in vocal easier way?

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