37 thoughts on “Tim Cook’s MIT Commencement Address 2017”

  1. I wish I stayed in school so I could be dissapointed every day meeting what was thought to be the palace of the mind then have to listen to people who are no where near the standard of the greats that came before.

  2. Tim Cook: "To serve humanity". Presumably Apple is serving humanity by hoarding about a quarter of what people pay them as profit when most large companies barely scrape together 5%, and many of their fellow tech companies would do good to be even a penny in the black.

  3. The big problems of Apple:
    How you make a shit load of money to take home by making shit quality products?

    Apple is a disgrace! These fuckers say they change the world when the world would truest be a better place without Apple! Apple has never done any charity work, no social contributions! These motherfuckers make small companies go bankrupt so they can make the most profit in the market!

  4. Way to crap upon the proudest moment in my niece's life you closed minded trolls. Leave your personal feelings abut Apple and/or Tim Cook at the door and listen to what he actually has to say. For example, "Don't listen to the trolls and for god sake don't become one." The world has turned all of you into cynical people and for that I feel very sorry for you.

  5. The only redeeming quality of this speech is that the first suggested video on Youtube was bound to be Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc

  6. Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook… they make fun of Microsoft whenever they get a chance! Bill Gates has always been respectful towards everyone including Apple foul mouths! That shows the man's character! Gates has talked less about doing things for humanity but has already contributed billions for humanity!

    Tim cannot forget Microsoft and Windows even in his noble commencement speech–full of "What you can do for humanity"! That shows his obsession with Microsoft. By the way, even today more than 90% of PC users not just "experiment with" but actually USE Windows PCs to do most of the productive work done on this planet on devices that cost only a fraction of what one has to pay for Apple's beauty queens! Windows work horses, like Microsoft itself, have been derided as "Cheap Plastic Machines" by the Snobs while these cheap machines have silently been running the world!

    Finally, it was really nice to know that Apple introduced their exorbitantly priced iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches with the sole purpose of serving humanity!!

  7. “When you work toward something greater than yourself, you find meaning, you find purpose. So the question I hope you will carry forward from here is, how will you serve humanity?”🤗

  8. Hypocrisy definition: https://youtu.be/ckjkz8zuMMs?t=12m11s "for God's sake don't become one [a troll]" but 8 minutes before he trolled windows…

  9. Bill gates single-handedly eradicated Polio from India while people from Apple won't shut up about making world a better place.

  10. Proving once again that Tim Cook is a class act. He's still honoring the memory & greatness of his dear friend & predecessor, Steve Jobs, while managing to impart his own philosophies. Never realized Tim Cook was such an incredible & inspiring speaker.
    Tim Cook is yet another example of Jobs' enduring impact & protection of Apple.

  11. I think jobs has already assigned a project while he was dying (preparation at commencement address),and he did it…
    It looks like more manufactured than more it it's eternity… holy shit .. advertising !

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