Tim & Darren Eat A Month’s Worth of Rent In Wings ๐Ÿ— Basic to Bougie: Season 3 | MTV

Tim & Darren Eat A Month’s Worth of Rent In Wings ๐Ÿ— Basic to Bougie: Season 3 | MTV

– It’s a pancake. – We about to eat gold!
– Oh! – Boy!
That’s a FashoYourRightOn? (burps)
– I burped gold. – [Tim] That’s currency. – Basic to Bougie! – It’s a special episode
of Basic to Bougie. – Season finale? – Season finale.
(screams) Let’s get it! You know what it is man, Basic to Bougie, where we try three different
versions of two different foods and we try to determine that, you know, sometimes, the most
basic food can be bougie. – Or that the most bougie
food can be basic, Tim. – Let’s get it, (Hip Hop music) – It’s a new butler. – He’s buff, he got a
whole beard that connects. – He’s a good-looking white man. – What’s his name, what we gonna call him? – Oh, uh. – Rodney! – Rodney, okay. – Aye, look at the upgrade. – I know, sexy with it, right? – Okay, yeah, slow it down. (sexy music) (elastic snaps) – Are you here my boy? (screams) You see how he got it on point? Don’t tell Daquan, our fans like Daquan, I don’t want you to go
through that in the comments. – Right.
– All right. I hear it. – I think it’s honey-baked ham? – Ooh, ooh Tim! Tim, it’s a pancake. – Oh my god. How dare you slap me with your pancake. – Ooh, its a pancake! (urban electronic music) – Are pancakes basic? – I think so. – But how come we don’t
ever get nothing normal. Why is this pancake ashy? – Just cause it’s ashy doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. – Don’t see the breakdown, but I feel you. – You’ve never sucked an ashy toe? – I don’t suck toes. – Me neither, me neither, that was a joke. – Lying like (beep) This looks the bougiest. – But this got, like, dragon fruits on it, – Who put dragon fruit on pancakes? – I’m not gonna lie,
its probably my people. – Are your people known
for the dragon fruit? – We’re definitely known
for using this purple (beep) – What is the purple (beep)? – It’s probably a Ube– (violin music)
– What is it? – It’s probably a ube
pancake, or a taro pancake. – Okay. Lets do it, where you wanna go first? – Well, what do you think
is the most regular one? – This one, this one. – Okay, okay, let’s do this one. (Hip Hop music) – I’m pretty sure this
is some kind of wheat, vegan, healthy–
(sniffing) – It’s got a good smell? – It’s an interesting smell. – Is this jelly? This is definitely a white-people pancake cause its got jelly on it and the syrup. – And there’s a fig on it. – A fig? Do we bite this? Why do you just jump into stuff and you don’t even know. You didn’t even get cleared. – That’s how I live life, man. – Is it good? – Um, interesting. – Put it back. All right, lets do it. – This is regular jelly, it tastes like a regular pancake. – You know what that is? You know what that is? – That’s a FashoYourRightOn? – That is a FashoYourRightOn!
– No! – It’s a good pancake. – I mean it tastes like a pancake. – It leave a little jelly
in the back of your– Did you smell– – I’m trying to figure out what
kind of pancake this is man! – This is a normal pancake
with a lot of jelly. – Where we going? – Let’s go with the bougie one. No, let’s get this one out of the way, – The ube. (Trap music) (slapping pancake) – I will use my knife for this one. It’s kind of soft, get
in there, it’s soft, dog. (slapping pancake) Okay, aye! – Pancake got some dense to it. – I like that. – [Chia] It’s purple. – [Tim] Yeah, I know, get a bite. – [Chia] Same time. – Doesn’t really taste like anything, – Uh-uh uh-uh, that’s healthy-something. That is healthy-something. It’s healthy-something man, what the– Man, why?! – It definitely needs more, uh, something. Maybe get a little dragon fruit on there. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe it isn’t dragon fruit. You okay? – I just don’t understand. (laughs) – Where we at? – I’m excited about this one. (R&B music) – Here we go, oh that looks good, mmmm. – This one is dense. That’s a whole sponge. – This is soaked in butter. It just look good. – She thick, yeah– – This a thick ass, yeah. – But not in a good way. – They tried to add the
little berries on the side so you know it give a little (grunts) – Yeah, but didn’t. It’s just dry. Okay, I’m ready though. – What’s your vote? – I definitely feel like these are the– – Most expensive. – Yeah, I feel like it.
– Absolutely. – Cause dragon fruit aint cheap, You don’t get dragon fruit
at a convenient store. All right, lets do it. – [Tim] Wait, wait, how
you feeling about these? – Cheapest, middle-est. – You think so? I think I’m down with that. – Cheapest, they’re trying to deceive us with the extra stuff. – You know this the cheapest, this is out somebody’s kitchen. – Middle-est
– Middle-est, most expensive. What is this called again Tim? – Ube.
– Oh, okay. (both laughing) – Rodney! – My boy, you swagged out man. Are you related to Thor? Could be Thor cousin. – Yeah I feel you. – Hammer! You ready? Number one: fluffy,
Japanese-styled pancakes. – Damn. – Everybody don’t got the same pancakes? – Everybody’s different, man. – So, is there a black
pancakes, white pancakes, Japanese pancakes, European pancakes? – I guess we’ll never know. – (sighs) All right. Dirty–
– Chai. – Dirty Chia pancakes
with strawberry champagne. Compote and aged-bourbon syrup? We had liquor syrup? Where’s the liquor at? The ube, you was right! – [Tim] I told you! – [Chia] The ube pancake with– – Goat butter. (sighs)
– Are you kidding me? – Oh! – Baby goat is a is a kid. (sheep noises) – Let’s headbutt. – Ouch!
– Bougie round. (Classical music) – Sit up, pinkies up. – Bougie with it. (sighs) – Uh, Cornell? (sexy music) (elastic snapping) – Let’s get out there tonight. Let’s go find some things in the city. You down?
– Yeah. – My boy. What is it Tim? – It’s a chain. Oh my god, are we eating a pet? – Don’t say that Tim! – We’re eating someone’s
pet, it’s a leash. – No it’s not, why is it a chain guys? What are we eating, is this jewelry? – [Producer] What’s the chain made of? – Uh, shells? – [Producer] Gold! (gasp)
– We bout to eat gold! – Cool! I love gold. (Classical music) – All right. – Man.
– We got some– (sniffs)
some gold wings. – Gold wings. – [Tim] You ever had a spam musubi? – [Chia] Say it again. – [Tim] Spam musubi. – Break it down to me. – Spam musubis are popular in Hawaii. – Mmm! – It’s basically just sushi but with spam. But with some gold on it. I think, like, to eat gold, it has to be, like, 14 karat or some (beep) to pass through your system? So– I see you. What you gonna do first,
the spam or the wings? – Let’s just up with the wasabi thing. – Musubi. (Classical music) – Cheers. – Look, gold is shattering
everywhere. Look at that. – Mmm hmm. – Put some gold onto everything else. Is it good? – Mmm hmmm.
– Bussin? – It’s bussin. – Tastes expensive, it’s good though. I don’t really need the rice. – Yeah, it’s a lot of rice, yeah. – I’m good with the spam. – Mmm hmm, it’s a lot of rice. – Let me tell you something. A FashoYouRightOn. – Definitely a FashoYouRightOn. – Are you done with yours? – No, I was gonna save it!
(sighs) – You was? – Fine, take it, whatever. I was trying to save my appetite for the rest of the stuff. – You was gonna put it down. You just keep eating them. – I know, but I eat it when
I don’t know what it is. I know what this is. That’s the best part! (sighs) (chewing) – Some ASMR for you guys right now. – This (beep) good bro, – Let’s go with the grilled cheese. (string music) – Can I have one more spam thing? (laughs) – Now, when we use the restroom– – But, no it doesn’t come out gold poo! I thought I would too. – It don’t come out gold?
– No. – When I eat my chicken wings, I was looking for it, like, my next two times in the bathroom, I was like, there’s no gold doo-doo. – You had gold wings before?
– Yeah. – Ohhh, Can I get a piece of spam for
my grilled cheese actually? That’s gonna be so great. Oh my god. – You are thinking this season. – I’m telling you. – You are thinking. Yeah, we can still judge it though. – Oh, thank you sir, oh yes. Thank you, the presentation
was amazing, thank you. – So the little asian boy
get his on the platter and mine comes over hand-to-hand? – Mmm hmm. (smacks hand) – Hey! Don’t make me drop my spam. (string music) – Boy!
– This is crazy. – This is crazy! – This is amazing. – Am I tripping? – No, you are not. – I’m happy.
– This is great. I’m gonna put this over here, because I still want to eat it. – Okay. – I’m just saving my appetite. – I got you. Gold wings. (Classical music) – Now are you, a drums or flat? – I’m a drumette kind of guy. – Really, I like both. (burp)
– Oh my god, oh. – I burped gold! – That’s an expensive burp, oh my god, you’re welcome everybody. – You see that? – Gold dust. (burp)
– Oh my god, thank you. Wow, it’s currency. (both laughs) – Lets do it man. How you doing, you doing the whole thing in your mouth and then pull out the bones? You’re a grown man, yeah. Ah, ah, ah, clean it, get back. Keep going, that was horrible. – It was horrible. – Here we go. (mumbles) Something aint right Tim. – What you mean? I don’t think you like the sauce – What’s the flavor? – I can’t– Some type of barbecue, sweet, tangy– – Look at all that gold dust. – Mmm hmm. – I guess we gotta figure it out. – Lets do it. (Orchestral music) – The wings is the most expensive. – You think so? – Because it’s a lot?
– Yeah. – Then it just comes down
to what’s more expensive, the grilled cheese or the spam. I say spam, more expensive. – Yeah, cheapest, middle, most expensive. Boom, boom, season finale hoe. – Yes sir. – Lets do it, lets end on a good note. (exhales) – Pray to the gold gods. – Lets do it, big boy! My boy. Goddamn! – Really? – We’re not ending on a bang bro, 150. 24 karat spam musabi. – Musubi, yeah. First of all, its 24 karat 24 karat, you remember you
said you had to have 14? – Yeah.
– We’re 10 over. – Damn.
(beep) – Yeah, I guess so. (Burps)
– Oh, yeah, me too. (burps)
I got some for y’all too. – Number two.
– $220 – 24 karat grilled cheese. With, what’s that? (sounds out word) – Oh, the cheese itself was bougie. – And champagne truffle bread. – That’s crazy. – Do we have anymore grilled cheese? I just wanna take some
home now, at this point. Just frame it, it be like, yeah, you know your boy
out here living life. $200 grilled cheese. And third, 24 karat gold wings cost $1,000 – Wow. You know what we learned? – What did we learn? – We’re bougie and we’re basic. Aint that crazy? – What makes us bougie and basic? – We took the spam- – Which is basic item. – Which is very basic. – And turned it bougie. – Next level. – Let me add some gold to your outfit. – Hey, hey this is out big– Don’t do it! This is our big season finale. Thank you guys for watching. We’ll see you next season
of basic to bougie. It’s gonna get basicer and bougier. And Darren gonna be brandier. More FashoYouRightOn’s. More garments, more violins. All that (beep)! Basic to bougie bitch! – Finger-licking good. Finger-finger-licking good. – [Chia] Cut! (audience clapping) – Is there more spam though? Yeah, let me get a spam on this part.

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