Tips to Barbecue Grilling Success – Best Results

Tips to Barbecue Grilling Success – Best Results

TIPS TO Barbecue GRILLING SUCCESS best results with barbecue grill 3 GRILLING MISTAKES TO AVOID HOW TO GET THE BEST RESULTS WITH YOUR BARBECUE hi it’s AlaskaGranny all year long is the right time to use your barbecue grill but there are three mistakes that people commonly make use the right tools if your grilling or barbecue tools are warped or rusted or decaying in any way get rid of them you don’t want something caked with debris now you want to choose sturdy well-made stainless steel and dishwasher-safe spatulas tongs and barbecueing and grilling tools things like that make sure that your grill brushes and cleaning items are in good condition so they’re actually cleaning your grill then you want to make sure that you do clean your grill before and after you use it give it a quick scrub with a high quality brush before you begin then when you completed your meal rev up your temperature on your barbecue then scrub it all down to remove any grease or debris that could contaminate your food the next time you use it be sure to pre-heat your grill people get in a hurry but you need to allow your grill to come up to temperature turn your grill on high let it get nice and hot then put on your food turn down the temperature on your barbecue do your cooking between 300 and 400 degrees low and slow grill low and slow makes the best quality food on a barbecue grill so remember choose good quality barbecue grilling tools clean your grill and preheat your barbecue grill it so that your foods will be the best they can be learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

3 thoughts on “Tips to Barbecue Grilling Success – Best Results”

  1. Looks like your home from the lower 48…when i visit my friend in Wasilla, you and your man would be great to talk to ~ AJ

  2. We take for granted the tools and appliances we have on hand. Thanks for the timely reminder to take care of the grill (and its accessories).

    An aside: how much propane do you normally keep on site? I find that 2-3 moderately sized tanks are preferable, especially when emergency preparedness is involved.

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