Tokyo Sushi Academy (東京すしアカデミー) – Presented by Go! Go! Nihon

Tokyo Sushi Academy (東京すしアカデミー) – Presented by Go! Go! Nihon

Sushi is such a traditional part of Japanese culture that I wanted to come here to learn the authentic art of sushi. I think it’s really fun to be around people
who are different than myself, and to learn about their culture and try to teach
them a little bit of mine in the process. Japan is where sushi was born So it would be the best place to go
to in order to learn from the source. I have learned how to make sushi before, but I wanted to learn the authentic way of doing so. More than 90% of the foreign students
who come to Tokyo Sushi Academy have experience working in restaurants or are owners of their own restaurants. At our school, we have class from Monday through Friday where students learn how to make sushi and on Sundays we also have classes to teach students how to make other Japanese cuisine. Because of this curriculum, students are able to have a well rounded experience that can prepare them for when they want to open their own sushi restaurants. In general, during our two month course students are able to learn how to properly make
sushi rice, how to cut the fish, how to make the sushi, as well as how to place the plates in a general sushi restaurant. Within the two months after coming here students are able to master the
art to some extent. Also, there are many foreigners
in all of our classes as well. A few years ago I got really excited with the whole concept of sushi and the flavor profile, and how it was so simple but it seemed so elegant to me and it was very fancy and so, I just go
super curious about it and one day decided that I had enough
of not knowing, and I had to come here, the original place, to
learn how it was done. The courses are in Japanese, but they have a translator to translate everything into English. It’s also very interesting that there are many students from all different countries around the world here. The teachers are really nice, open, and they are professionals previous to becoming teachers here. So they have a lot of experience that they share with us. That’s very very good. I like mostly how there’s enough teachers where everyone can really feel like we’re getting a hands-on experience, so we get to have all of the students who we can bond with and it also feels like the teachers also give us 1 on 1 attention, which I find very beneficial to the learning process. The exams are hard, but it’s good
because it’ll help you improve quicker. It’s also good because it helps you prepare for when you actually work outside of class, such as working in a real sushi restaurant. Tokyo Sushi Academy can
prepare me for the future. After I finish my courses here, I would like to start up a Japanese restaurant in my country or maybe in London
or other Western Countries as well. The classes here are very open and have a good atmosphere. Also, because the classes are also
in English, it’s very easy to learn here! I’m really happy that I decided to come here. It’s an investment that you have to make. But if you’re really interested in making sushi, this is the best way to learn the art. If you’re worried about making the commitment and coming out here because I know that it can be nerve-wracking to move so far and do something crazy like that, Just do it. It’ll be the best thing you’ve done so far in life and you won’t regret it at all. We hope to help students who want
to learn how to master the art of sushi. Also, we believe that after your studies here with us, you will be able to go back to your own country and be able to perfectly emulate all that you have learned here in Japan with us. Tokyo Sushi Academy Live and Study in Japan To get more info and apply, visit

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