Tonight instead of eating cooked food just eat fruits and see ! – Sadhguru about Healthy Food

(Questioner): So my question is should we believe in that like the qualities of vegetarianism, non-alcoholism, celibacy, practice them so that we make our body fit. So that that kriya of eleven minutes will
be more effective? (Sadhguru): See, this is what I have been
saying right through why even eating is a moral value? Food is about the body. We must eat what is suitable for this body but right now you are talking about making
food into a habit. I want to tell you there is no such thing
as good habit or bad habit. Habit means you’re functioning unconsciously. If you are functioning unconsciously that’s the bad thing because the whole thing about being human
is we are capable of doing things consciously. That is the beauty of being human that we can do everything consciously. What an animal does unconsciously we can do the same thing consciously. We can eat unconsciously or we can eat consciously. We can breathe unconsciously or we can breathe
consciously. Everything that we can do, we can do it consciously. The moment we do something consciously suddenly that human being looks very refined
and wonderful. Just because somebody walks and speaks consciously, doesn’t he become a beautiful human being? Yes or no? Yes That’s all. So why is it that we are trying to develop
habits as if this is a good thing? Habit means fixed realities where you don’t
have to think. You get up in the morning and it’ll happen
to you. No, don’t try to automize your life. That is not efficiency. That is the efficiency of the machine. This one is supposed to function intelligently
and consciously. Nobody is expecting it to function like a
machine. So about food and stuff food must be suitable for the body that we
eat for it is for the body. This is the building material for this body the food that you’re eating. What is the appropriate food unfortunately is all messed up right now. Traditionally we ate very sensibly in this
country but these thousand years of invasions has
brought other kinds of food cultures and today the national diet is pizza or pasta. What is it …which is one, I don’t know, both are competing. So we are losing our sense about food. It’s definitely time to look at what is the most suitable thing. If I go into that food, it’s a very long process but you must experiment with food, not just by the tongue, but by the body. You eat something today and see just learn to observe how agile and how active
your body feels after eating this food. If it feels like it wants to go to the grave
that’s not good food. if it feels like it wants to be alive after
eating this except coffee because that’s a stimulant if you eat food and your body feels very agile
and alive that means it’s good food, body is liking it. If you eat something, it feels dull that means
it’s not liking it. It’s having difficulty with it that’s
why it feels dull. So just on this basis. There’s a much, I mean this is the very simplistic way of
putting it. When we say health, if someone says you have
no ailment, it does not mean you’re healthy. When you wake up in the morning, are you feeling
alive and bouncy or not? The word health comes from the word whole. You must have a certain sense of wholeness
of body, mind, energy and the fundamental nature of your existence. If all these things are in alignment, now
when you wake up in the morning, you feel like you’re just born. If this happens to you, then that means you’re
healthy. One simple thing all you girls can do is, just
bring forty to fifty percent of the food in its raw form. That is it’s alive, it must be a live cell. It can be a vegetable, it can be a fruit,
it can be a nut, it can be sprouted gram. At least forty to fifty percent, the food
that you eat must be alive. You eat dead food and you want to live – this
is a little difficult thing to do because you have to raise the dead now. When you cook the food… to digest the food – all the ingredients necessary
for digestion are not in the body alone, the food also brings these enzymes. When you cook the food, you are largely destroying
these enzymes. Minus the enzymes when you eat, now the body has to struggle to reconstruct
that part that’s been destroyed, and then only it can digest. Normally first one, one and a half hours after
eating, it tends to take the body down. After that slowly it recovers. Have you noticed this? So food is for energy, but we are making the
food in such a way that it takes away energy in the first one and
a half hours, only after
that, slowly it comes back. Anyway, however good your digestive process
is, still you can never reconstitute all the enzymes
that we have destroyed by cooking. Only partly we can do that. If your digestive process is very strong and
good, you reconstitute about forty to fifty percent
of what’s been destroyed. If it does a little timid kind of digestion,
it’s much less. So whichever way, if you are eating cooked
food, fifty to sixty percent of the food that you
are eating is generally going waste. But the body has to still process that. And the amount of energy that it spends and the amount of trauma that it goes through
is very big. Groundnuts Palm Jaggery Millets Food means many things to many people but
essentially, for the body, it’s the fuel If you put the right kind of fuel, this (Referring
to the body) will be on in a certain way. If you put the wrong kind of fuel, somehow
it will manage. I’m not telling you, eat this way, eat that
way. Just experiment and see, all right? Just experiment and see Tonight if you go, instead of eating whatever
cooked food, just eat fruits and see Tomorrow morning, you will not need an alarm
bell, you’ll wake up before the alarm bell. And you will see – all these eyes will not
be sticking like this (Gestures), like that (Gestures) – you wake up, instantly you’re bright and
alert. People do not know what it means to be at
absolute ease within their body. Ninety-five percent of the people do not know
this, unfortunately, because you put the wrong kind of fuel. You can keep this body like breeze. Simply it goes ahead of you, you don’t have
to drag it wherever you go, it must float ahead of you. You can do this, just putting the right kind
of fuel. World Health Day

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