Top 5 Breweries In Colorado Springs

Top 5 Breweries In Colorado Springs

– Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Mark Hubert with
My Front Range Living. And today, we are checking into some of my favorite breweries
in Colorado Springs. Easily one of my favorite
parts about Colorado Springs is how many craft breweries there are. And I’m really, really fortunate to know some of the folks in that community. I would say, number
five, Iron Bird Brewing. It’s downtown. It’s a nice little corner location, right next to Loyal Coffee. The reason I like it,
is super great location. Convenient in downtown. It’s got great pizza, if you get a chance. And then, the selection
on tap for their brews is absolutely great. So, you can always get something there. There’s something for everything, whether you want a Kolsch, or a Pilsner, or you like a hoppier
IPA, stuff like that. They have it on tap there at Iron Bird. Number four I would say Peaks N Pines, out on the east side of town. Why do I like them? Because, while they
don’t have food in house, they are located right by Schnitzel Fritz and Blackjack Pizza. You can order from the brewery, and they will bring it in to you. So they still have food options available, as well as, still again, a
great selection of craft beer. Mike and his team over
there, really good stuff. They know what they’re
doing over at Peaks N Pines on the east side. Number three, Cogstone Brewing. Mark and his gang over
there, right off of Academy, between North and South Carefree. I love their beer selection. They do a firkin every Thursday, and so it’s a lot of fun. They have a lot of different
things going on too. Geeks Who Drink. They do trivia, stuff like that. They have live music. And, they also have wood-fired pizza, and it’s really, really good. If you get a chance, get in there. Load fries, a little tip from me. What number am I on? Gosh, I only like, like seventy breweries. I think I’m on number two! So let’s do number two. Goat Patch Brewing. The best part about Goat Patch Brewing is the fact that they
used Lincoln Elementary. It’s an old school building, and they turned part of it into a brewery. It’s a great place. And that is also conveniently located just north of downtown,
off of 25 and Fillmore. They have one of the
most interesting options for brews out there. They always have a rotating brew going on, and it’s great stuff over there. They always have a wonderful selection. It’s a nice quiet atmosphere. They can open the doors
when the weather’s nice. And it’s really, really nice. They always have a food truck. Good stuff. Tito’s Burritos as a matter of fact, regular visitor over
at Goat Patch Brewing. So, make sure you check that out. The number one, super partial
to Travis and Niki Fields at FH Beerworks. Wonderful news for those of
you who love the FH team. Obviously, they have
their downtown location, and that’s great. They always have a food truck available so you can get some yummy, tasty food, while enjoying their Sticky Paws. This year, as the weather starts to break, they have an east side location. It is just off of Powers and Constitution, and they have an amazing
outdoor patio area. So, you gotta get out there. It’s got a beautiful view of Pikes Peak. And you can enjoy the
super awesome Sticky Paws, or if you’re me, Don’t
Drink the Juice IPA, not to be missed. And Garrett and his team brew
some amazing stuff out there for Travis and Niki. And I absolutely love FH
Beerworks, both east and downtown. So, if you get a chance, get out and enjoy some great, local craft beer. I am Mark Hubert with
My Front Range Living. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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  1. That's pretty cool you can order in food and have it brought to the brewery! Looks like some great choices for some BEER!!!!! 😉

  2. I'm not really a drinker, but I still find this interesting. Can you really taste the difference between all these different brews?

  3. Never realized there were so many breweries in Colorado Springs. The wood fired pizza sounds good.

  4. Love craft breweries, and the current revolution in this Industry! These look like fantastic options.

  5. Cheers from Las Vegas! I believe craft breweries are so important to local communities. What better way to meet locals, socialize, taste local beer and food?!

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