Torisuki (Chicken Sukiyaki Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Torisuki (Chicken Sukiyaki Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

This is the last video shot when Francis was alive. Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Today, we are making Sukiyaki with chicken. Beef is usually used in sukiyaki but chicken is also delicious. Francis, let’s get started. First, let’s parboil the chicken. Slice the chicken thighs into bite-size pieces cutting at an angle. Make sure that each piece has about the same thickness. Place the chicken into a pot of boiling water. Lightly cook the chicken until the surface turns white. Remove and place it onto a tray. This will help to remove any unwanted taste and smell, making the chicken more delicious. Now, let’s make the sukiyaki sauce also known as warishita. Combine the soy sauce, sugar, sake and water. Add the dashi kombu seaweed. If the kombu is not available, simply leave it out. Turn on the burner. Stir to mix. When the sugar dissolves, remove the pot. Let it sit to cool and then remove the kombu seaweed. Next, let’s prepare the ingredients. Slice the long green onion using diagonal cuts. As for the shungiku, use the soft upper half of the stalk and the bottom part of the leaves. Here are the rest of the ingredients, enoki and shimeji mushrooms, grilled firm tofu and lightly parboiled shirataki noodles cut into shorter lengths. And now, let’s make the Torisuki. Pour the sukiyaki sauce into a shallow pot. Turn on the burner and bring it to a boil. Add the shirataki noodles, grilled firm tofu cut into 1.5cm (0.6″) slices and long green onion. Add the enoki mushrooms and shimeji mushrooms. Place the chicken into the pot. Flip the ingredients over and allow them to absorb the broth. The chicken easily becomes tough so avoid overcooking it. When the chicken is cooked, add the shungiku leaves. Lightly cook the shungiku in the broth and now the Torisuki is ready. Using a raw egg is an essential part of enjoying sukiyaki here in Japan. When you are not sure if your raw eggs can be eaten raw, consider using pasteurized eggs. Dip the ingredients into the egg and enjoy the delectable Torisuki. Delicious! You may also add udon noodles to the remaining broth and enjoy the last drop of delicious sauce. Good luck in the kitchen. We’ve received so many warm messages after Francis passed away and would like to thank all the viewers once again. Francis was an invaluable figure and we just don’t feel right to continue the show by replacing him with another dog. We will not be able to make new videos as before but hope we can still introduce occasional recipes. Thank you so much for your support.

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  1. お気の毒に、Chef-さん!



  2. I deeply miss the real Francis, but plush Francis isn't that bad in the sense of the cooking shows. I really enjoy them so please don't cancel them!

  3. Francis RIP so sorry…
    I'm so sorry Followed from the first.
    Thank you for making a small smile.
    It is encouraging to you.
    Keep healthy fightingggg

  4. So sorry for francis❤❤ we'll miss him. Pls keep making yt videos with the plushie🙏🏼🙏🏼 i love the way this is shown and narrated

  5. it breaks my heart… thank you for all the wonderful recipes and entertaiment all these years , Francis and Chef

  6. This so sad 🙁
    But Francis had a happy life and he died for old age,i hope Cheff is better and make more videos in the future with another dog or Francis plush.

  7. Thank you for all the great videos over the years. I will miss Francis and I will miss Chef and the narrator alot. Bless you both always!! Chef…I will miss your beautiful smile and laugh….Please don't stop making video's…you have taught me so much …been a fan from day one!!!! Sending you much love <3<3 <3

  8. oh my goodness.. I am so sorry for your loss. Francis was an amazing dog, and although he is gone he will always live in our hearts.

  9. Wow, so sorry to hear bout Francis the dog passing. Cooking with a dog needs a mascot and hope you consider Francis !!. Your video series are very important to 1.3 cooks worldwide. Keep up the good work.

  10. Dear chef! Today morning i saw your video and i was very sad becouse Francis passed away 🙁
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences!
    All the best from a big Fan from AUSTRIA!!

  11. Since Francis died the channel is still called Cooking with Dog. Suspicious to say the least… What is that meat we just saw?

  12. The cutest thing is …she has all these cute momentos of Francis that keeps her smiling while cooking 🙂 Keep it up, we love you and we loved Francis very much <3

  13. I have tried chef's recipes in the past and now everytime i cook chef's recipes i'll miss francis. Stay strong chef, you have our support.

  14. When you've had enough time to mourn and you are ready, Im sure even the viewers would accept a new dog as part of this channel. With or without a dog, we still enjoy the channel.

  15. I like your videos very much, but I found the opening to be almost comically blunt.

    Music plays "Daaaadadadadadada theeee doooog is dead"

  16. Francis was such a wonderful dog and will always wills be. Francis shall always be in our hearts. Rest In Peace Francis.

  17. I am so sorry to find out about Francis passing away. Your videos are absolutely wonderful. Please continue with them if you can.

    R.I.P. Francis.

    Arigatou gozaimasu.

    Jason and Kanako in London, UK.

  18. i really like your channel, i'm so sad for francis 😭
    Can you give me an advice, is there any seasoning to replace sake? i wanna practice your recipes, but I can't use sake, thanks for helping

  19. I was hit with so many emotions in just a cooking video! There's really something special about these videos and the chef makes everything seem so nice and fun, as well as the narrator. Very nice working crew. I wish you luck in the future! Love the videos. –

  20. I'm so sad to hear if Francis's passing. I love your videos and he was always so sweet. please keep making more videos!

  21. we love you so much! thank you for continuing to make these videos. i've been watching since 2007!

  22. I only started watching your channel today. This is probably the 5th video I've seen and I felt so sad that Francis was no longer there. Please continue to make great videos!

  23. Losing our fur babies is so hard!! Love you, Francis!! I lost my Sheltie, "Kyla" in December and I miss her so much!! Francis will always be in our hearts!! xoxo

  24. I was about to relax and tried to watch this cooking show as always, but it made me so sad! we love you Francis 💕 still the best dog cook!! 💕💗💝

  25. Dear Francis, I just heard of your leaving. But no matter where you were going, you are always the star in the show, you are always there that I can feel! Love you so very much!

  26. Oh my god I just felt like I got hit by a bus…I've been a follower since like 100,000 followers…I feel so bad..I lost my two dogs this year as well…please keep making videos in honor of Francis..but I'm so sorry for your lost…😢😢💔

  27. so sad 😢. Francis is irreplaceable but I would love for this channel to continue. Please keep posting videos. Thank you.

  28. I miss Francis in your videos. I've been watching this Chanel since around 2011 and have seen Francis grow up and get new hairstyles. It's not the same without them

  29. I will remember you Francis and stay strong for the chef. I'm a forever fan of your Japanese cooking show. Faito dayou

  30. I'm so sorry to hear about Francis passing away. I know you all loved him very much, he was such a cute sweet little dog 🙁 I hope you all keep making videos. I know how hard it is to lose a pet you love 🙁

  31. I love your videos. For some reasons I stopped watching the show some time… now I am finding out that Francis passed away… how sad. He was a nice and well behaved dog and I think we all are gonna miss him. Goodbye Francis!

  32. oh no! that's an era coming to end 🙁 good luck in the kitchen still for you and all the best wishes! thank you for your kind videos, they were most welcome in my sad dorm room times! hugs and kisses!

  33. I feel like I just want to chant your names to root for you guys, like a cheerleader, but like through the screen. Go Chef! Go Francis! *sobs

  34. Hi Chef, I'd like to know if you already have any Teishoku recipe vid? If not I'd like to request that you consider making one for Teishoku pleeeease…I'm a long time subscriber of your channel. Many thanks! 🙂 ✌🍲

  35. Francis is here in our hearts, the show, and when our pups or kitties come into the kitchen while we are cooking he is there too. Just cause his body is gone dosnt mean his spirit is. Chef he loves you and narrator he loves you as well.

  36. omg when chef said "Francis, let's get started" and looked around her it was so sweet. Francis is in doggy heaven still watching chef make her yummy recipe videos <3

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