Traditional Japanese Town! (Sake Brewery Tour part 2)

Traditional Japanese Town! (Sake Brewery Tour part 2)

Hey everyone! This video is part 2 of my Sake brewery tour So if you haven’t seen part 1 be sure to check it out now Okay let’s goooOoOOoo After visiting the first sake brewery we headed for lunch at the beautiful town of Sawara Located just 30 minutes by train from Narita Airport and an hour and 50 minutes from Tokyo Sawara is a must-see for its
preserved atmosphere from Edo Era and to this day you can still find warehouses and shops that are as they were 200 years ago We headed up to a restaurant called Mougins which is French and serves French cuisine and had a delicious lunch next to Miss Sake Chiba 2016 What?! There’s a Miss Sake?? Yep! You didn’t know?
Soon there’s also gonna be a Miss 2Min Japan election The vegetables were local vegetables which were FUCKING AMAZING!!! And the meat was also local beef and that tasted deliciouuuuusssss If you have to compare it to Kobe beef it’s not as heavy because it’s less fatty After that we walked around the town and had a nice relaxing boat ride The town also displayed Hina dolls
for the Hina matsuri (or Girl’s Day) Some of them were beautiful, full of details Some were life-size and creepy We also got to try soy sauce flavored Ice-cream Interesting, it tastes a little bit like Caramel We then hopped back on the bus and we headed to the town of Shisui-Machi which technically means: the town of the sake well There’s a whole legend about it There’s a man who found a well,
and the water he brought from it turned into sake We went to the second
and last brewery for the day: Iinuma Honke a 300 year-old brewery But exactly: How do you make Sakeee? Just watch the previous video Let’s drink!!! Chiba prefecture doesn’t only have Disneyland it also has a lot of amazing touristic spots that are really worth going to I recommend them 100%! BOOM! 2Min Japan seal of approval But tell me have you ever been to these places? Drop me a comment below! Big kisses, see you soon!!

20 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese Town! (Sake Brewery Tour part 2)”

  1. Quite interessting ! I wonder if, in order of becoming a miss sake, you need to try if you can handle it…by getting really drunk…hum

  2. I think your hairdresser is not quite sufficient if you aim to be Miss 2minjapan 2016 – you need that silky smooth long(!) hair!

  3. Can there be a third part to the same, where you have your previous haircut back?
    I will just consider this part 2 as a fictional piece.

  4. Oh les poupée elle mon fait trop flipper 😨 Pas trop saoul après tout ce saké ? 😂Très bonne vidéo continue comme ça !

  5. Super vidéo, comme d'hab' ! Dis j'avais une question : j'aimerai me rapprocher au régime alimentaire japonais pour cuisiner, on connait beaucoup de plats connus (sushis, okonomiyaki, dango, dafuku, aiguille grillée, bol de riz, nouilles sautées, instantannées, wok, salade de chou, soupe miso, gyosas etc etc…) Mais j'avais souvent lu que c'était plus des mets qu'on déguste à l'occasion au japon (comme les sushis qui sont chers). Du coup, qu'est-ce que toi, vivant au Japon, tu manges au quotidien en cuisinant ? Légumes vapeur ? Riz nature ? Nouilles ? Omelette ? Qu'est-ce que tu cuisines au quotidien qui ne te demande pas trop de temps ?
    Merci d'avance de ta réponse ! (Et si tu me dis que tu cuisines pas parce que les japonais préfèrent manger dehors, je te pousse du mont fuji xD)

  6. Amazing haircut, amazing miss sake, amezing sound effects…. amazing video as usual.
    Stand up for sake brewery but remember, drink with moderation even though you're in age
    Anyway, video approved by me 😉

  7. So…I only saw your trailer and I had to subscribe like…immediately! Haha ^_^ Okay. Gotta browse more videos now.

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