[Trailer] Cooking keto with Kristie, season 1

[Trailer] Cooking keto with Kristie, season 1

We’re going to make Gumbalaya. Lemon cheese cake fluff. Chicken pot pie. Pizza for breakfast. Summer tomato pie. Yum! Should I knead it like bread? Don’t need to be kneaded. This is like the best breakfast ever. I’m getting hungry.
How long is this going to take again? That is faster than delivery
around my house. This is a nice Saturday thing
to do with the kids. Oh, I’ve been smelling it all morning.
It’s delicious, it smells delicious. They won’t believe
this is part of your diet food. I’m so tempted, I just want
to take a bite of this right now. Did you all make some pizza for me? Wow! Look at that! So there’s no excuses
not to make something like this. And start with butter,
because butter always makes it better. That’s it!
Those are all of the ingredients. Let’s get started
and I can tell you all about it as we go.

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  1. I really appreciate what Kristie has done for all of us ketoers. I just hope that her affialiation with Diet Doctor does not mean that we will have to pay to join in order to watch her videos. I have purchased her cookbooks and would like to see her cook recipes. Her YouTube videos have been a life saver, so I really hope she will continue to post videos to YouTube.

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