100 thoughts on “Trouble Brewing In The Bromance Between Trump And His Attorney General? | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. Trump talks fake news…but is always trying to manipulate news coverage by asking people to go "public" with unproven information. Just check out Devin Nunes, Ukraine Pres, Bill Barr. 2 out of 3 actually went public in the past for Trump and was giving fake news.

  2. Oh dear, the plot thickens. What invective will the president now hurl at his AG? I know, he's a Never-Trumper. Doesn't Trump remind you of that blustering bully that nobody could stand back in your school days?

  3. Barr is crooked and corrupt infected infidel. He is a Serial lair pathetic. He needs to be disbarred. Bill Barr is a liar he knows and he knew.

  4. I just hope MT Head vents all his anger and frustration, at losing the election, here and not at a Trump rally or Girl Scout bake sale!! Read about whackadoodles like him/her all the time!! MAGA 2020!!

  5. These dudes might be corrupt but they're not stupid (aside from Trump), they're not about to join Manafort & Cohen in prison to save the orange god that they made.

  6. Maybe, Barr running around trying to investigate the investigation, found EVEN MORE corruption and he finally! has realized that other countries will not defend, participate, eradicate or investigate trumps actions. Every country knows how Corrupt Trump is.
    Maybe Barrs duty to the constitution and the American people and his job are more important than Trump?
    ** Or he knows he is so deep in *it too, fueling anything Trump says, from this point on, will inevitably take them both down.
    How is it possible that Republicans believe they are right? And the loyalists? I know I shouldn't watch the ridiculous Fox or comment on people that say how much they love the RED and the "facts" are clear.

  7. The Bar Association is recommending that Barr recuse himself or resign re Ukraine . Now his attempts to discredit the Mueller report is surfacing . British who informed the US about the scandal was shocked that Barr asked for his own agency to discredit Mueller’s finding . Is this on behalf of Trump or Trump and Russia !!

  8. Read more about the $2 million charity lawsuit settlement. It was a petty technicality and all the judge did was dry up $100s millions of donations to worthy charities with almost zero administrative costs. Much of it was from Trump's own pocket.

  9. Which one of these 2 criminals would be called "PINKY" and which one would be called "BRAIN"??….because one would be a geinous the other is insane!!😝

  10. I can't help but to think that Trump threw associates under the bus when it comes to working with China to have that drug bust. I think it was to throw suspicions away from himself and distance himself from the mob/epstein and/or church of scientology in some way shape or form that he can come up with.
    I am using my free speech..
    Also, with the court proceedings and talk of civil war on the internet, I am very concerned about Trump and Germany !

  11. "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW"!!!!!!! What Trump did allegedly was against the law it's in OUR CONSTITUTION that's why Barr wouldn't go before the nation to say Trump did
    nothing wrong!

  12. I wish SNL would do a skit on the pillow fights between Trump and Bar during their sleepovers. No you go first you first you first no no you first. If you catch my drift

  13. If it did not happen why does it matter. You convict him of things that he might have thought or ask but did not happened. Is that supposed to be relevant?

  14. democraps don't allow Trump the presumption of innocence. Keep saying he has to prove he did nothing!.. This alone should tell them they're afflicted with TDS!!…. lol

  15. This all is to divert peoples attention from Epstein issue.
    As a head an neck traumatologist I commented from the beginning that Epstein case was definitely a homicide ( if it was really his own body).
    Recently a leading pathologist in fox news declared the same thing.
    Now why main media are silent about this?!
    This must be like a atomic bob news in every channel that US gov killed epstein and manufactured false suicide documents by some dirty doctors!!!
    If the gov can do this kind of evil so evidently then we are all complicit on that by our silence and being sheeple.
    Just imagine , they brought trump impeachment issues up so to divert peoples attention of epstein matter.
    Not even one co conspirator was arrested!

    As far as i am concerned USA is a criminal mafia state and fartcracy. 911 was the biggest of the coverups.

  16. What a complete and total moron. Barr wouldn't do this so Trump figures if he leaks that Barr 'should have' it will be the same thing as if he had. Self- exoneration. Barr played Chief Wiggam and said 'Nothing to see here folks' well guess what, there was a shitload to see … and EVERYBODY could see it.

  17. Just goes to show you Trump is holding something over their head just as he did with the president of Ukraine.But with Barr knows Trumps ability to trrow everyone under the bus and do not care as long as he don't get hurt. The typical conservative ( throw rocks and hide your hands.) Bill Barr is about to get out before it gets impossible to get out . Run Forrest Run………..

  18. Trump and his supporters are screwed. Trying to use all defenses possible at once😂😂
    1. No there was no quid pro quo,
    2. Yes there was Quid pro quo, but not an illegal one,
    3. President and their team is too incohorent (stupid) to do a quid pro quo – Lindsey Graham
    4 we want to know what's going on and what witnesses are saying
    5. (Now transcripts of testimonies are being published) I'm not going to read it. Process is tainted
    6. Whistleblower has secondhand info. Not reliable.
    7. We want whistleblower to testify
    8. But, but, but…. Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama……😂😅
    9. And many more to fit in 1 comment
    Time to impeach Trump.
    Impeach! Remove!! Indict!!!

  19. You should own those tweets. Shows once again that your doing your job. This thing's constant crying about "fake news " then using the media only when it benefits him? Ironic. Barr is just cya, he knows, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, all in prison. Now Giuliani? Seriously, when you accept a political position in this administration, from him? Your fodder when things don't work out in his favor. Barr backed away because he knows, hopefully we will eventually discover most of the corruption and why he has backed this thing up, starting with the skew on what the Mueller report actually ended up really stating? Makes you wonder how deep are their pockets in what they know about Russia? Are they blackmailing each other? Why are all these Republicans still standing beside him when all the testimony is on record?

  20. People r so stupid clearly trump is guilty of corruption the truth is on paper why is he getting Barr to say he's not guilty ???

  21. Barr needs to go!!!!!!I hope he can face his children an grandchildren, also GOODLUCK Getting a job, oooh hay U can work on Chumps campaign, get paid $200,000 a year for not doing anything. Join the rest of the people Chump silenced!There you go!!!!!

  22. I mean how dumb can you be, Barr deserve what he is getting. I mean come on Mr.Trump would be the last person I would want to be on a sinking ship with. He throws everyone under the bus to save himself, they say women and children first I could see him dressing up as a girl child and walking on his knees to get on the life boat. All these backers are going down just as hard as Mr. Trump will. They should have been walked out on the first cluster Buck when Barr didn't go after him with the muller report.

  23. To follow Trump means PRISON TIME, who in their right mind would risk their freedom for this insane in the membrane?! Crazy, notice I wrote right mind.

  24. Barr claimed MUELLER’S report is his baby 🤣 hey Barr about Ukraine ( pro quo as trump said ) is that your grand baby ? Come on let us know your trump’s defender, protector i mean trump’s attorney, you’re a 🐍 just like him .

  25. The Democrats, and their friends in the media have to smear, and break Barr or they are all going to jail. They will smear Barr, but they will not break him. They are going to jail.

  26. The man in the WH is putting our country in serious jeopardy. The only loyalty he has to, is lining his pockets and he will do whatever it takes!

  27. Barr was mentioned in the SAME capacity as Rudy on that call….

    Say what you will, Barr….someone (RUDY) will disclose your involvement!

    Don’t forget to stay educated and vote, people!

  28. As the federal prosecutor gets closer to exposing Hillary Clinton for all of her crimes, the outcry will become a cacophony, and the fierceness of the attacks on the Attorney General will become almost unbearable. Just remember this one thing though. Anyone who interferes with the Attorney General or his investgation is going to jail.

  29. Barr begins to realize his stupid behavior to protect Trump will be revealed. He knows his reputation will be damaged.


  31. I can understand why Barr now tries to distance himself.
    But if he's trying to prove he isn't in Trump's pocket – bought and paid for – he's left it a little late in the game.

  32. This whole impeachment is really a big Christmas fundraiser. For all the judges and lawyers involved💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲🤑🤑🤑💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲

  33. Trump is proving why we need two presidents (not one) and why they should be a man and a woman, along with only one vice president (that can be chosen by the two presidents, between the two top voted governors at the time within the nation– of whom would want to be) and for that vice president to have more of an aggressive role on all three's accountability– where as stats would prove all three's worth.

  34. Also…please stop calling him 'President' Trump has never earnt such a title, never behaved a such a great leader…just call him Donald Trump or the 'current resident of the White House' Trump is a NOTHING…a sad blip on the AMERICAN History channel…do NOT give this grub any respect.

  35. …Barr must be viewed as complicit with Trump in his associations. Or, this country is a playground for wealthy ignorant white people from Nordic countries assembled in the United States to redirect U.S. Dollars to commerce investors abroad, and white people sit in plain view of, such as they did during Slavery and watched the murder and mutilation of humans beings, regardless of their ethnicity. People's lives and human rights are not the property of avaricious-freeloading-lazy-persons',…is Reality.

  36. Where is Eliot Ness when you need him? From day one this has been nothing but a criminal organization. The man is not the president he is the Don. Forget High crimes and misdemeanors can't we just get him on the RICO Act?

  37. FredFlintstone and Mr. Slate. How anyone can Stomach working for this level of Ineptitude, Corruption, a Literal Pit of Vipers, is beyond me. KNOWING that they are DESTROYING THE COUNTRY.

  38. Why are we STILL calling the so labeled MEMO a transcript and 5 different things? Now if they stuck with one word that would be one thing, but they are clearly struggling to make it sound less formal (like a MEMO) with modifiers like

    JUST SAY WHAT IT SAYS RIGHT IN TOP….MEMO!! Memo is the casual informal word you seek and it SAYS IT RIGHT ON THE MEMO!

    #Incompetance #Parrots

  39. Trump is like a spoiled child, his behavior is ridiculous. Since his inauguration, he's shown little intelligence and acts like a kindergarten child who needs to be baby sat all the time. It's very dangerous to have someone like this run the country!! He's a gamer, a high risk gamer at that!! I hope they all go down together and pay enormously for all of the corruption!!

  40. Barr is a slippery weasel. He knows he has to avoid directly tying himself to Ukraine or be forced to recuse himself. I am certain they will find enough links to show he is also neck deep in this.

  41. The reason why AG Barr is not helping Donald Trump is he knows that the investigation that he is having people are just closing the door in his face. His globetrotting trying to protect Donald Trump's name in the Russian investigation is hit a brick wall. You have countries that he's going to and the prime ministers of those countries telling him that they're only accepting the investigation of Molitor and they're not going to commit any more time spent on it. What the American people need to understand though is that the investigation was okayed by federal judges. This is where the Republicans don't have a leg to stand on the investigation into Donald Trump was okay by federal judges. And what AG Barr is doing is complete lunacy for the baby in the White House.

  42. Jesus Wake the Fake News I plead the blood of Jesus against lies and deception .Open people's ears open their blind eyes to see real truth in news.Don't let people be led astray by these people who are bent on destroying the nation.Call people out Lord for a higher purpose than bowing at the feet of The Globalist One World Government they are trying to usher in and with it will cause people to loose there eternal soul!! Wake Up. People they care nothing for you.Jesus cares for you He died on a cross for your soul to be saved in eternity with Him forever!GIVE PEOPLE COURAGE JESUS!!! In Jesus Name Amen

  43. Trump will not remove Barr from office because of this, but it makes some headlines. It will be followed by some great denials from both sides. Everyone is distancing from Rudy, until Rudy's evidence is revealed.

  44. The problem that AG Barr has is that he's running and two obstacles with his own people. barr is probably going to retire after this is all done that's if he doesn't end up in jail. But there are many young lawyers and the doj that want to make this their career and they know that if they follow AG Barr their careers are pretty much done. Cuz they know the law because if they do any wrongdoing while trying to protect Donald Trump no one will touch them with a ten-foot pole once they leave the AG's office. No firm would accept them I don't know much about being a lawyer but I do know that it's very expensive the pay the debt that comes with becoming a lawyer.

  45. Dump is a POS. He is using his office to tell lies about Joe Biden to his moronic base. He cuts his opponents to the quick..lying and degrading anyone that he perceives a rival….but he can't handle the teeniest bit of criticism of himself.He blindly lashes out: willing to destroy anyone that doesn't kiss his crooked @$$! Wow. How did the United States of America get here?

  46. No association with Trump can withstand the monster's impulsive, self-centered, self-destructive madness.. Not Barr, not Giuliani, not Pompeo. Everybody thinks they're smart enough to tame the beast and survive, but they're always wrong.

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