Trump Chief Melts Down Under BRUTAL Fox Grilling

Trump Chief Melts Down Under BRUTAL Fox Grilling

okay, so I mentioned this before the break.
Let’s get now to the full embarrassment. That was Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff,
Mick Mulvaney on Fox news Sunday with Chris Wallace yesterday. This will be something
different. We’re going to look in detail at an interview and there is so much to learn
from this interview that Chris Wallace did with Trump’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney. I already played for you. The short clip in
another story of Mick Mulvaney claiming that even though Donald Trump is the president
of the United States, that that’s just one of his gigs effectively, that Trump still
considers himself to be in the hospitality industry. So we won’t go back over that. That’s
ridiculous enough. What was actually far more embarrassing was the way in which Mick Mulvaney
came completely unglued, trying to deny directly to Chris Wallace, his face, having said things
that are on video, which Chris Wallace was prepared for and threw right back at me in
Mick Mulvaney, his face with clips. And it is glorious now. You don’t often see this
in media, in the United States in general, and when you do, it’s not usually on Fox news,
but I am, uh, I believe that we are in such a desperate circumstance when it comes to
proper preparation by an interviewer for interviewing someone that you believe is likely to be deceptive
and to be ready not only with video clips, but with facts and quotes and the demeanor
to actually question it. That this is what we have. And I want to go
through it with you. We’re going to look at a bunch of this in pieces because not only
is the subject matter important, but it’s good to be able to parse it. It’s good to
be able to understand how Chris Wallace structured it and there’s a lot to be learned from this
and the other thing to keep in mind is this is much more common in British news media.
This is much more common in [inaudible]. I watch a lot of Argentinian news. This is much
more common in Argentinian media where in the U S very often with people in positions
of power, once they give you the same non-answer or lie two or three times, you just move on
and it’s a combination of not wanting to push the interview in a way where you are at risk
of maybe losing access to the person or an administration combined with the time constraints
of corporate media. Chris Wallace does not let it go and you actually expose Mick Mulvaney
as the absolutely immoral Trump Brown knows or that he is willing to tell lie after lie
after lie. Let’s look at the first clip. All right, let’s have the conversation. Yeah.
Y here’s my first question. Why did you say in that briefing, the president Trump had
ordered a quid pro quo quid pro quo that investigating the Democrats, that the aid to Ukraine depended
on investigating the Democrats. Why’d you say that? Getting aside what I said, that’s
what people said that I said, here’s what I said. I’ll say it again and hopefully people
will listen this time. There were two reasons, sins that we held up the aid. Um, we’ve talked
about this at some length. The first one was the, uh, the rampant corruption in Ukraine.
Ukraine. By the way, Chris was so bad in Ukraine that in 2014, Congress passed a law, uh, making
it a way of making us, uh, requiring us to make sure that corruption was moving in the
right direction. So corruption is a big deal. Everybody knows it. The president was also
concerned about whether or not other nations, specifically European nations were helping
with foreign aid to the Ukraine as well. We’ve talked about that, uh, for, for quite a while
now. I did then mention that in the past, the president had mentioned for me to time
to time about the DNC server. He had mentioned the DNC server to other people publicly. He
even mentioned it to president Zelinsky in the phone call, but it wasn’t connected to
the aid and that’s where I think people got sidetracked this weekend at that press conference.
Two reasons for holding back the aid. Uh, let me, let me pursue that though because
I believe that anyone listening to what you said in that raping could come to only one
conclusion. Let’s play what you said sir. Did. He also mentioned to me in the past that
the corruption related to the DNC server. Absolutely. No question about that. Um, but
that’s it. That’s why we held them. The money you just described is a quid pro
quo. It is. Funding will not flow unless the investigation into the, into the democratic
server, uh, happened as well. We do, we do that all the time with foreign policy. He mentioned the corruption and that’s why
we held up the money and we do it all the time with foreign policy all the time. We
withhold aid for things like this is what Mick Mulvaney is saying. So Chris Wallace
comes back after Mulvaney tries to filibuster for a little while and says, yeah, but hold
on mic. What about the video where you set it and Moe veiny immediately starts to come
apart. You were asked specifically by Jonathan, Carl
was investigating Democrats, one of the conditions for holding up the aid. Was that part of the
quid pro quo and you said it happens all the time and go back and watch what I said before
that I don’t know if you guys can cue it up or not. There was a long answer about corruption
and along totally sundown like I told you then and then I said the exact same thing
I just said now. So he starts to just do doublespeak and a
minute later after again filibustering Chris Wallace Wallace goes back at him with more
clips, which he has prepared another moment where Mick Mulvaney said exactly the thing
Chris Wallace is accusing him of. Having said, despite Mulvaney attempting to deny to Chris
Wallace his face, and you know I, I hate to go through this,
but, but you said what you said and the fact is after that exchange with Jonathan Carl,
you were asked another time why the aid was held up. What was the condition for the aid
and you didn’t mention two conditions. You mentioned three conditions and I want to,
and let’s listen to all three of them because this, you stated it very clearly. Let’s listen.
Three issues for that. The corruption in the country, whether or not other countries were
participating in the support of the Ukraine and whether or not they were cooperating in
an ongoing investigation with our department of justice. That’s completely legitimate.
Not only did you say that investigating the Democrats was one of the three conditions
not to that you had just said that you would talked about investigating the Democrats was
part of the quid pro quo. You also said if I may, it was part of the justice department
investigation into the origins of the Russia pro, but so Wallace keeps going and to his credit these
officials count on that. If you tell the same lie over and over again to corporate media,
eventually the interviewer is going to move on either because they don’t want to get in
trouble with the administration or they want to save face or they’re pressed for time or
whatever the case may be. But Chris Wallace is not moving on each time. Mick Mulvaney
looks like more of a liar, which he is. Look to the facts on the ground. Things that
you can actually sort of certify and the what. What should put this issue to bed is that
the money flowed without any connection whatsoever to the DNA in your first day, which I gave
you. So that’s why we held up the money first. You just said here that it was for two reasons.
Now you’re acknowledging it was for three reasons. If you held up the money for three
reasons, that was, that’s a quid pro, fine. You’ve got to satisfy on us on those. Now
maybe the president backed off that, but that was the proposition here. I’m not acknowledging
this three reasons. Again, let’s go back. That’s very reasonable. Back to the I, I recognize
that. Go back to what actually happened in the real world. I love that you really have to be careful
with these guys because they have media training. Mick Mulvaney knows at least in terms of demeanor
and verbosity how to talk to corporate media and to come away sounding like he makes sense
even though he’s saying a and then the opposite of a Mulvaney says, I never said that. There
were three reasons and Wallace says, well you did. I played it for you and Mulvaney
says, I acknowledge that if you’re a casual viewer, you’re hearing Mick Mulvaney in a
62nd clip. Deny that. He said there were three reasons for the aid being withheld and also
say, I acknowledge that. Is he saying that he acknowledges having said it, but he misspoke
is he’s saying he acknowledges that actually there were three reasons even though he’s
out of the other side of his mouth telling that there were not actually three reasons.
What does it mean it’s confusing. What it means is that he’s a liar. Of course. Then
Mulvaney gets to the disastrous phone call transcript, which of course was not a transcript.
It was a few plucked paragraphs from the transcript which was released. Trump released it, thought
it made him look great. It actually was an incriminating transcript in reality, just
a truncated summation of the call, excerpts of the call, and now it really starts to go
bad for Mick Mulvaney because Chris Wallace was prepared for the phone call discussion. In the briefing, you flatly denied any connection
between holding up the aide and investigating Joe Biden and his son, right? Correct. Okay.
In his phone call with president Zelenskyi, however, president Trump’s specifically men
[inaudible] do me a favor. Trump lawyer, Rudy Giuliani pushed all summer for Ukraine to
announce it was investigating Barisma the company that paid Hunter Biden and a former
NSC official testified this week before Congress, John Bolton was so disturbed by the way, you
are directing people to work with Rudy Giuliani. He said, quote, I am not part of whatever
drug deal he was speaking metaphorically of whatever drug fields sandal under us. Diplomat
and Mulvaney are cooking up. No question. You were following the president’s orders,
but your fingerprints are all over linking aid to Ukraine with investigating the Biden’s.
Right. Okay. No that’s not true. Let’s go. I’ll take one of those at a time, which is
the Bolton thing because I read that and I was surprised cause John Bolton never complained
to me about it. No one at NSF SI ever complained to me about
anything that was going on. I didn’t see [inaudible] testimony this week cause none of us have
seen SoundLens testimony, which is another story entirely. I did get a chance to read
his opening statement when he said that Bolton never complained to him feeling a, he’ll never
got a chance to complain to him. Think you need to put sort of what a minute. Fiona Hill
is the one who testified, that’s the quote came from, never complained to Sohn about
what was happening when it was happening. She complained to her boss, John Bolton, who
did what, who we said, who told her to go immediately to a lawyer right at the NSC and
to complain about us for John Bolton. John Bolton didn’t go say anything to anybody.
Doesn’t that raise a red flag with it? But let’s go back to the first one you talked
about, which is the president’s phone call because at the end of the day, that’s what
this is really about, right? That’s why we are here. Well, this I don’t know about that. I don’t
agree on this was mixed MySQL mischaracterized. This is another technique. Okay. Understand
that this is a technique that officials under pressure will often use. It’s a sort of Gish
Gallop where instead of answering the crux of the question, instead of getting to the
heart of the matter, they give four different pseudo rebuttals to minor points that don’t
actually refute the substance of what it is that’s being discussed, but it appears to
the untrained. By that I mean not in a pejorative way to just casual news, yours who have lives
and go to work and take care of their kids. It appears as though make Mulvaney has refuted
the narrative that Chris Wallace has presented when in reality he has it. The big picture
is Mulvaney as an obvious liar. He’s trying to suck up to Trump until Trump turns on him
because Mulvaney will be ridiculed in the same way that Giuliani for awhile was pulled
off the air because it became too embarrassing. Mulvaney now has been very publicly doing
lots of interviews. In the wake of the Ukraine fiasco, he may end up getting pulled. Chris
Wallace was well prepared here. Chris Wallace was prepared with clips and with knowledge
and with quotes, and he does something that I try to do when I interview public officials.
When I interview a scientist, I go in with my questions prepared to learn. I want to
learn from the scientist. When I interview an elected official, I want to go in anticipating
what their answers are going to be to my questions and how they may attempt to either distort
or not answer. And that’s exactly what Chris Wallace did here. And as prepared as Chris
Wallace is still, when someone like Mulvaney comes in prepared to fill a Buster ready to
question minor points in a Gish Gallop format, even unexperienced interviewer like Chris
Wallace can get thrown off track in the moment. And that’s something that unless you’re doing
interviews like this can be difficult to understand how it happens, but overall, very solid Mulvaney
looking like the dishonest Trump Brown noser that he is. Uh, and we’ll be posting clips
from this interview on our Instagram page as well. I hope you’ll follow us there at
David Packlane on Instagram while you’re in your Instagram app, give me a follow as [email protected]

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