Trump Demanded Seth Meyers Apologize For Roasting Him In 2011

Trump Demanded Seth Meyers Apologize For Roasting Him In 2011

During a recent interview with Politico Magazine,
Seth Meyers, late night talk show host and comedian, said that Donald Trump demanded
an apology from him if he wanted him to go on his late night talk show program. Now, here’s what happened. Back in 2011, Seth Meyers was the host of
the White House Correspondents Dinner, and he took a few jabs at Donald Trump during
his monologue, as most hosts do. Stephen Colbert, years before that, absolutely
roasted George W. Bush, who sat there and laughed at it because he actually had a bit
of a sense of humor when he wasn’t starting unwinnable wars. Nonetheless, Trump was super pissed about
this 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. Four years later in 2015, when Seth Meyers
was trying to get then candidate Trump to come on his program, Trump’s people told Meyers
that he’ll come on, absolutely, with the condition that you issue a formal apology for what you
said about him four years ago. Now, we know that Donald Trump holds grudges. He just loves to hate. That’s what’s going on here; or at least that’s
part of it. The other part is that Donald Trump has such
a fragile little male ego that he can’t let anything go. If you insulted him four years ago, or eight
years ago, or 20 years ago, you either one, got sued for it, as we’ve seen too many times
in the past. Or, two, he’s going to remember it until the
day he dies. Even if you apologize, he’s never really going
to forgive you; because it hurt his little feelings. He is the typical bully in the United States. You stand up to him, you give them a piece
of their own medicine, they back down like a coward because that’s what they truly are
deep inside. That’s what Donald Trump is. Seth Meyers shouldn’t have to apologize for
anyone for a humorous rant at something that was meant to be humorous. Did Donald Trump demand apologies from everybody
who joined in to his Comedy Central roast? To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn
that. That’s not how the world works, Donald. If you want somebody to apologize for roasting
you at something that was supposed to kind of be a roast, then you need to get on Twitter
immediately and start apologizing to the hundreds of people over the last 18 months that you
have taken to Twitter to personally insult for their appearance, their speaking patterns,
their mannerisms, and their looks. You want to make changes in this country,
then you be the one to start it; but don’t demand apologies from late night hosts doing
comedy routines that your little snowflake self was too fragile to handle.

100 thoughts on “Trump Demanded Seth Meyers Apologize For Roasting Him In 2011”

  1. He never apologizes. So there you go. Don't do it, it was what it was supposed to be. Thin skinned Trump is like a limpet, hanging on to stuff. Let him boil.

  2. no-one should apologize to #45! he's false sense of reality is scary!!HE NEEDS TO ASK FOR FORGIVENESS FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!! HE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP IN A STRAIGHT JACKET OR PRISON. ILL ACCEPT EITHER ONE! And like he insulsted Rosie, "Tell him to his fat ugly face, your fired"!!

  3. "When he wasn't starting unwinnable wars." Weird, I always thought that WAS Dubya's style of humor.

  4. "A fragile little male ego." Yes, Trump has a fragile little ego. He's awful, and I agree with you on the substance of this video.

    However, you using "male" as you do here and elsewhere makes me wonder why you hate other men so much in general, Farron. I don't get it.

  5. Don’t you just wish he would go away. Like a bad headache or a sore back. Take a Tylenol and he would be gone .

  6. Why does Trump hate anybody that says how stupid he is.. Trump rreedom of speech ..Your not taking that away from us..oh by the way that goes for the media also. Fake news my ass..why because no one kisses your ass..get real and get lost Fool

  7. Lmao, just today, Trump threw at Kim over Nuclear. Love how pathetic trumpster applused him for saved 3 Americans (he didnt, he was spent his time taunting Kim in entire time. It was South Korea president who came up with idea of giving NK a summit).

  8. "Sorry you're such an inferior little bitch with no originality or imagination on how to impress people with genuine wit."

  9. If Trump had to apologize everyone he offended it would take up the remainder of his presidency. Maybe President Obama should ask Dumb Donald for an apology?

  10. who gives a shit about donald j. trump? that ship has sailed, impeach the lying corrupt bastard and make him apologize.

  11. Trumps a spoiled brat child who will sulk piss an moan till his final hours of life… Which I hope come very god damn soon!!!! The world will be better off!!!!!!

  12. He wants him to apologize for the 2011 comments, what about all the ones he's made in his monologue every night. Seth should issue the formal apology but only after Trump apologizes to Ivana, his first wife, Tiffany for forgetting she exists, Eric for not pulling out and Melania for cheating on her constantly

  13. This from the man whose main reply to past immoral/criminal activity is "That was so long ago. Are you really this petty? Let's move on."

  14. Aaaaaaah, poor baby! Well Trump supporters, had enough? TS: "Duhhhhh, Oh it's fake news, We love being insulted and lied to."

  15. Trump's roast of Hillary at the catholic convention was really good…

    dont think Trump is being fragile thunk he knows that he has upper hand now and just playing cards…. his appearance on Myers show would give Myers ratings…

  16. Seth that was one of your funniest performances in a career full of funny performances. Fuck that idiot, Donald Trump.

  17. What a baby! Grow up already! He insults so many people that he forgets two minutes later! But insult him and it’s the end of the world. And for Christmas sake, it was comedy! Remember that thing you laugh at!Oh wait, you don’t know!!

  18. I've been subscribed to this channel on all YouTube accounts I've created. Including this one for the last four years. How the FUCK did I get unsubscribed…..

  19. Since Trump refuses to give apologies for all the crap he pulls, then no one owes Trump an apology for anything.

  20. there are two ways to have the tallest building in town, build it yourself, or tear everyone else's down, Trump can't build shit and he's been a wrecking ball from day #1. Underestimating him is going to be the downfall of the US. He's not playing for some of the marbles, he wants everything for himself all the time. The sucking void of his soul can and will consume everything around him. Every second he remains in power threatens the planet.

  21. An orange clown who insullts everyone and demands an apology when they hurt his childish ass feelings. Trump are you going to act naughty if he doesn't apologize to you?

  22. Classic narcissistic move: narcissistic rage. Narcissists can laugh and dish bully behavior out happily. But if you say the EXACT same to them, they get FURIOUS and throw a major meltdown that you have to apologize for. God, save us from these DNA monsters.

  23. wow, if Trump is keeping a list of everybody who said "bad" things about him…oh, boy, this guy is bussy…

  24. It's ass holes like Seth Meyers , Kimmel , Fallon , Farron Cousins what helped convince people to vote for Trump. And to vote for him again in 2020 ! Thanks Guys !

  25. Trump has a lot of nerve demanding an apology for a joke! The irony! He would not issue an apology for his staff’s joke about and POW and US senator.

  26. Hey Trump, people will apologize to you when you apologize to us and the world for being born. Your illegal immigrant mother shouldve swallowed when it came to you!!!

  27. Seth needs to tell Chump to go fuck himself. For a grown-ass man, he sure is a thin-skinned pussy. How can anyone respect him?

  28. Clickbate again with you???
    You are a scumbag, fucking piece of shit. Most people don't even watch your stuff grow some balls.

  29. Trump has no right to demand an apology. trump is such an embarrassment to this country with his lying, deception, Porno stars , affairs , rape allegations, and bully ways. Time we booted that criminal out of office

  30. Seth already apologized didn't he? It was only to make him stop running for president but it still counts. L0l

  31. I hope Seth didnt apologize. 45 NEVER apologizes for ANYTHING he says. Or does. Or tweets. Did 45 apologize to Prez Obama for lyingly saying he wasn't born here?

  32. Whoa he did? Trump is more consistent than I thought. The orange comedian kinda does owe him that.

  33. Holding a grude …he insulted all mexicans ..including american one ..only because hes wifes maybe look to much at a hot latino …hes a punk..coward …NOT MY PRESIDENT ..LOCK HIM UP …HES MORE CROKED THAN ANY MEXICAN COP LOL

  34. As we say in Denmark: Standards are good. Double standards are double as good (or something like that. It is difficult to translate directly).

  35. Pussy ass orange fuck. Now that he's president he should apologize for all the dumb shit he has said about people. Dumb ass dude.

  36. I wonder what Seth Meyers had said about Trump but whatever he said,Seth Meyers don't have to owe Trump an apology.

  37. Should Trump be kept in solitary confinement for his own protection, or in general population with his supporters?

  38. Seth Meyers, no need to apologies to Trump, I'll do it for you ok , and I'll be nice I promise,

    Ok here is my apologies to Trump:
    Mr Trump , I want to start by saying 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕and I'm sorry I didn't say it enough , and im going to spell it for you, fuckkkk youuuuu so called president, you are the dumbest person in earth, a criminal, a sexual predator, a racist, a white supremacist, a nazy , a looser a very
    Weak man, ugly hair , and face little balls and little dick, ( they said) intimidated by women like all men in shit hole white house, sr is so much more I want to say , but unlike you I have to go to work ,
    So I hope you accept my apologies, sincerely peace asshole.

  39. Bullies can dish it out but can't take it. Trump is a "role model" for all bullies and those who hate facts and learning about the world. And based upon his corpulent body fueled by Big Macs, he's also a "roll model."

  40. Trump the 5 time draft dodger cry baby!! He is so narcissistic, bigoted, cheating, racist, lying, above the he thinks looser!! He'll never apologize.
    Mr. Mueller please hurry take this traitor out of the WH!!

  41. Like a boss!
    Thank you President Donald Trump for putting Americans First!
    I like the comments 🤣🤣🤣
    Haters keep hatin'.

  42. Hahaha what a little bitch. Id love to get in a room with trump and call him on his lies everytime his mouth opens. Itd be great to see him squirm with REAL questions.

  43. I remember seen an interview with Seth, he said he was not sorry and that trump deserved it. I wonder what Mexico has done to him personally to feel so much disdain against Mexicans.

  44. Good luck getting one you pumpkin bitch!  If Trump thinks Seth owes him one… President Obama should get a dinner served to him by Trump wearing a French maid outfit.

  45. Fragile male ego? (1:20) I don't see that. It's just a fragile ego, period! Please don't associate me or any other man with the lying, hypocritical, ego-maniacal piece of shit in the White House.

  46. what was it that trump supporter saw in him that would make anyone want to vote for such a piece of shit!.

  47. For 5 years Donald Trump claimed that President Obama was not legitimate and wasn't born in this country (ignoring that his birth was announced in a Hawaiian newspaper where the information was provided to the newspaper at the time by the hospital where the birth took place). Trump never apologized for this and even claimed that his investigators in Hawaii were discovering "amazing things." Now Trump refuses to discuss it although one of Trump's drones claimed in 2016 that after his inauguration that Trump would drop an information bomb about all this. But in spite of the way Trump treated Obama, he couldn't tolerate that Obama made fun of Trump for a few minutes one night. Trump hates it what anyone mocks him without his permission. Trump humiliated himself the first time SNL had Alec Baldwin play Trump and Trump's attacks on SNL (the first time a President attacked SNL in its 40 year plus history) told us a lot more about Trump than Trump wanted anyone to know about him.

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