Trying 11 Funny School Pranks! Prank Wars by Crafty Panda

Trying 11 Funny School Pranks! Prank Wars by Crafty Panda

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and today, we’re going to be doing 11
funny pranks by Crafty Panda. Okay, so first we gonna need
a tissue or toilet paper. Perfect. Then we gonna need some flour. Yeah that’ll do. So we just take some of this out. And we just kind of sprinkle
some flour all over it. Kind of fold it up. And it’s perfect, I don’t think Tori will
ever suspect a thing. Let’s go test it out on Tori. Oh Tori de Branski. – I don’t want… I see it’s falling everywhere Robby. – [Robby] Tori you have
something in your nose. – Yeah I do? – [Robby] Yeah, you
have to blow your nose. – Yeah. – [Robby] There’s definitely
nothing suspicious… Tori de Branski, you have
something in your nose. – Yeah. – [Robby] Here you go. – I don’t think there’s
anything left in it. Thank you. – [Robby] You got it all over your shirt. – Oh no. You’ve been pranked. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one worked. – Does it though? Does it really? – [Robby] I’d say it does, I pranked you. You’ve been pranked. Tori de Branski, this is a grade A prank. You understand? – Yeah, it’s a grade A, 10 out of 10. Best, best prank ever. – [Robby] Okay well, I’ll see you later. – Goodbye. – [Robby] Okay guys, so here’s our Oreo’s. Let’s do three of them. Don’t need these anymore. Next you just gotta take out the filling, kind of scrape that off. Filling’s my favorite. Okay, that’s one. Here’s two. Here’s three. That’s some good filling. I’m really glad that I went with the double stuf on this one. Okay, now we break out our mayo, gosh I hate mayo with a passion. Like, this is so gross. I’m probably gonna puke doing this. Here we go. Okay so we just go in and
we squeeze a little bit of mayonnaise on each one of these. Oh, that’s disgusting. Oh, I messed up on this one. Oh that’s so gross. Ew I got it on my hand. Oh God. I can just smell it, and it smells. This is so gross. Okay, close enough. Gosh, that’s so gross. Okay, a little bit
better with that one man, and there we go. Man this is like nightmare fuel for me. I hate mayonnaise so much. Like it is so gross. Well guys, I guess it’s time
to see if it works on Tori. Oh Tori de Branski. I have a really delicious treat for you. Do you want an Oreo? – I really don’t. – [Robby] You don’t
want an Oreo right now? – I really… – [Robby] But Tori, it’s so delicious. – I don’t want to eat it. Like I know what this one is. So I don’t want it. – Okay, I pranked myself. I can’t even watch her eat it, this is disgusting. How was it? Was it any good? – It was disgusting. – [Robby] I got you. Did I get you? – I mean, I already knew what it was. But it didn’t make it any better. – [Robby] Well guys, I guess we can say that this one works You’ve been so pranked. Was it a good prank? – A great prank. – [Robby] We done it. – Can you throw these ones away though. – [Robby] Nope. Well I’ll see you later. Okay guys, so the first thing we gotta do is look for a good picture of a policeman. There’s just so many
options to chose from. Oh my Gosh. I think I found the perfect one. And print. Oh my gosh, who wants
to print the whole page? This is such a pain. Perfect. Now I gotta cut this bad boy out. Gonna take my exacto knife. Cut this guy out. Boom. Okay, now time to take this
bad boy to the peep hole. Okay, now we just put this on here, just like that. Maybe that would work. Let’s see how it looks. Oh man, you can’t even see it. I wander what’s up with that? Maybe. I wander why this isn’t working. That’s so weird, I guess I have a peep hole
that doesn’t work right. This is so hard to do. Maybe if I get me selfie camera and then I just kinda… Okay, so after further examination, I think that this one is not gonna work because I just don’t have
the right kind of peep hole. If I had a traditional one, I think it might have worked, but I guess we gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. Dang, that kinda sucks ’cause I was excited for this one too. Okay guys, so here’s our string. Here’s our needle. Now all I gotta do, is put this string through this needle. Here we go. And easy peasy, lemon squeezy. All done. Now I just gotta go into my shirt and then pull that out. And I got a little string
sticking out of my shirt. Perfect. Now time to test this out on Tori. Tori de Branski, I have a string on my shirt, and I know how you like to pick those off. And it keeps going. Tori, what’s happening right now? I don’t even understand. – Hold on zee. – You gonna destroy my
shirt Tori de Branski. – It’s not even the right color. – How are you doing that? This is a crazy magic shirt Tori. – Oh I love this. – What are you doing? – Oh, I got it. – You got it. You’re a magical girl. – Here’s your green and purple string from your gray and yellow shirt. – [Robby] I got you, you’ve been pranked. – What? – [Robby] I set up my
shirt with that string. – What do you mean? – [Robby] You and the Benj
would have never known. – I would have never have guessed. Benj have you been bamboozled? – [Robby] I think Benji is
just so confused right now. – He’s been so bamboozled. – [Robby] Well guys, I guess we can say that this prank works. – [Robby] No, no, no, no, maybe? No, perfect. Here we go. Wait I forgot the milk. No, we’re outta milk. Wait, here it is. Pour our cereal. Put the spoon in. Pour our milk. Perfect. Now let’s put this in the freezer. There we go. Okay, I’ll see you when you’re all frozen. But what do I do in the meantime? I know how I can make this better. Okay. Here we go. Oh my gosh. Here we go. I’m doing it. I’m doing it. Riding a one-wheel while
doing juggling sticks. Kids don’t try this at home, it’s very dangerous. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I think it might be ready. Let’s go get it. Okay. Are we frozen? Oh, that is definitely frozen. Let’s go test this out on Tori. Oh Tori de Branski. – Yes. – [Robby] I made you some cereal because I’m the best boyfriend ever. – Oh thank you. – [Robby] No Benj, that’s not for you. It’s a nice cold bowl of cereal, just for you Tori de Branski. Why you gonna get it everywhere. How are you? What! What’s going on with your cereal Tori? Whoa, you’re not even eating that right. – Look at it. Oh that was a great cereal Robby. Thank you. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. I froze it. – What, no way. I would never have been able to guess. – Okay guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. Okay guys. So here’s our water bottle. Here’s our scissors. And here’s our lighter. So the first thing I gotta
do is heat up our scissor. Just like that. Yeah that should be hot enough. And we just gonna go in, and poke a little hole. I did it, okay. Perfect. Now time to test this out on Tori. Tori de Branski, I’m really sorry that I’ve been doing all these mean pranks on you whole day. – It’s okay. – [Robby] So I got you some water to wash down all the mean
prank stuff that I did, and all the weird stuff you had to eat. I didn’t stab it. It’s just water, it’s condensation. It’s really cold. – Benji do you trust this? – [Robby] Benji doesn’t
see anything suspicious about this water right now. It’s good? – It’s great. I’m confused. – [Robby] You saw through
my prank didn’t you? You saw through it! What! I can’t believe it! This prank doesn’t work. No, Tori de Branski. What are you doing? I’m the one who’s supposed
to be pranking you. Well guys, I guess we gonna have to say, this prank doesn’t work. This prank doesn’t work. I gotta go. I gotta go, I love you. Oh man, I barely got outta there alive. I’m all wet now. Thanks a lot Tori de Branski. Okay guys, so first things first. We got our Coke bottle. I actually don’t have a
plastic coke bottle on me, I drank all of them. My bad, so I actually have
to drink all this first. But before we do that, we
have to get this bad boy open. So I’m gonna show you guys a
fun way to open Coke bottles, be really careful when you do this okay. So what I like to do is, you just kinda put it on the
side of a table of something, like this. Make sure it’s a solid table, and also this will
probably mess up the table a little bit. This is my craft table, you know, I don’t really
care that much about it. We get stuff on it all the
time, so it doesn’t matter. So you put the lip of the little cap and then you just go real careful, put your hand like this, one, two and… The camera. You have to be careful sometimes because it does also like to fizz up. So, yeah, that’s how I do it. So now that our Coke bottle’s open, I just have to empty it. So that we can fill it up
with Sprite and soy sauce. Here we go. Oh my gosh. Excuse me, sorry. Almost done. There we go. Okay now that our bottle is fully empty, just gonna grab some Sprite. Oh, please don’t explode, please don’t explode. No, no, no, no, no, no. If you guys don’t want
your soda bottle to explode just kinda tap on the top
of it and that helps a lot. I don’t know why, I don’t know the science behind it, but that’s a thing. See, it works. Now we just gonna carefully
pore it into this bottle, next we gonna put some soy sauce. Oh my gosh. Maybe if I put my thumb on it, and then just kinda mix
it around a little bit. Oh, no! I have to empty some of this out. ‘Cause I put way too much Sprite in there. Okay, we’re back. Let’s try this again. Oh that definitely looks more like Coke. Yeah, there we go. Now I’m gonna attempt
to put the cap back on. See if I can do this. Oh cool, it re-sealed. Perfect. Now it’s time to test
this bad boy out on Tori. Tor de Branski, I have a nice refreshing Coca Cola for you. Oh, thank you. Benji, no that’s not your Coca Cola buddy. Excuse my dog, he’s really needy. – [Robby] Do you need
me to open that for you? – Yeah I can’t do it. All you gotta do is, oh my gosh, that’s a fresh bottle of Coca Cola. Here you go. – It smells a little funny. – [Robby] That’s what
Coca Cola smells like. – Yeah. – [Robby] It’s a new recipe. Didn’t you know? – Yeah. – No, disgusting Robby. – [Robby] I know, isn’t
the new recipe gross. Just kidding, I got you! It’s a prank! This is Sprite and soy sauce. – Oh that’s honestly so gross. – [Robby] I got you. Well guys, I guess we can say, this one works. Oh, cute dog. I got you Tori de Branski. Okay guys, so here’s our onion. Just gotta cut that up. Yeah that looks good. Oh my God, my eyes are bleeding. Then we get our cake. And then we have to separate the cake, just like that. Put some onions in there. I’m actually crying right now. Oh my goodness, okay. And I put the cake back on. Just like that. Boom! We’re all done. Let’s test this out on Tori. Tori de Branski, are you busy right now? – No. – [Robby] Are you too busy to enjoy a nice sweet piece of cake, that I made all by myself. – What are these? – [Robby] Those are.. That’s just part of the decorations. It’s some really good cake, didn’t I do such a good job baking it? Why’d you ut onions in it though? – [Robby] No there’s no onions, those are just decorations. Is it good cake? – Oh, it’s great. – [Robby] I got you! Those aren’t decorations,
those are onions. – Why? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. Well guys, I guess we could
say that this one works. Tori never saw that, she never suspected a thing. – Nope, no. – Well I’ll see you
later, enjoy your cake. Nope too bad, too bad Tori de Branski, that’s your cake now, you can’t, no, this is… No, Tori. Well, I guess I’m stuck with all this delicious cake. Her loss! Okay guys, now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video. Recreate the thumbnail! So here’s our onion. Now I just have to take
a big old bite of it. Oh, this is gonna be kinda gross, you guys ready? So you just kinda do it like this. I actually got some of it in my mouth. That’s so gross. Okay guys, now it’s time to go get
Tori and make her kiss me. Okay Tori de Branski are you
ready re-create the thumbnail? – Oh I’m so ready. – Okay so I just need
you to give me kisses. Ready? One, two, one. Oh, how was breath? Was good? – Oh it great. I mean, it bad. – Do you like breath? – No. Stop. – I got you, it was another prank. I ate onions. Okay guys, thanks so much for watching the video, if you liked them, give it a
thumbs up that looks like this. Fire right down there. If you guys liked this video, you guys wanna watch me do
even more funny pranks on Tori, I have a whole play list. I can be doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. Thank you so much to Tori for putting up with all these pranks. You did such a good job. I can’t believe you only fell for a
couple of them this time. – Yeah. – I can’t believe it. Make sure you go subscribe to our channel, it’ll be right here. Okay guys, love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wifi. Okay bye.

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