Trying 39 YUMMY DIY KITCHEN LIFE HACKS by 5 Minute Crafts

Trying 39 YUMMY DIY KITCHEN LIFE HACKS by 5 Minute Crafts

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and today
we’re gonna be trying 39 fantastic kitchen life hacks
that are actually so easy. Is that the right name? Yeah, I got it right, nice! I did it on the first time. Okay, let’s do this, yeah. Whoo! (upbeat techno music) Okay guys, so here’s our Skittles, okay, now I have to
organize all these by color. Here we go! Okay that wasn’t too bad. I’m just gonna go ahead and
put them in their own cups. You know what, I’m actually gonna use
these clear ones I think. (pops) Yeah, looks good. Put these off to the side. So now we’re gonna break out our blender. Now let’s grind these puppies up. Put that top on. (screaming) Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh that was so scary. It’s just a lot louder than I’m used to. ‘Cause like, everything’s
hitting at the same time. Ready, we’ll try it again. Yeah, that doesn’t look too bad. That in there. I’ve never seen powderized
Skittles before. Oh! Almost dropped it. Okay, next one. (blender whirs) Next one. (blender whirs) This process was pretty freakin’ messy, but you know, I did it. Huh, you guys ever noticed
that there’s no blue Skittle? That’s so weird. I never noticed that before. Okay, so now we’re gonna go
ahead and mix it with ice cream. Yeah, vanilla’s my favorite. Man this looks like so much sugar. How the heck am I supposed to mix this? I should have probably gotten
a bigger cup or something. I mean it kinda mixes together. I’m gonna need a bigger cup. Oh my gosh. More ice cream. So far this is not really
mixing together very well. Okay, one down. Gonna put this one in a
bigger cup too, I think. Mix, mix, mix, mix,
mix, mix, mix, mix, mix! This is so messy! Two. If only the mixatron
5000 wasn’t in the shop, I would totally use it on this. Third one down, two more. And last but not least, the purple. Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix. Okay, we’re all done with that. Now we just have to layer
all the ice cream together. I think I’m gonna start out with purple, and then green. Yellow, orange, last but not least, red. I barely have enough
room in this cup for it. I got kinda cocky in the beginning. It’s just getting everywhere. Okay, how’s that look from the side? Uh, not bad, but not great. Cool. Yup, just as I thought,
tastes just like sugar. Now we’re gonna go ahead and get our stick and just plop it in there. I’m gonna throw this in the freezer and I’ll show you guys how
it turned out tomorrow. Okay, so it’s the next day, here is what it looks like. You can kinda see the layers. We got some purple, we got some green? Yellow, and then red on top, cool. So theoretically this should just pop out, and then we’ll have ourselves
a nice ice cream pop. Here we go. It doesn’t wanna come out. Um, come on, you got this. And it’s out! Whoo! Yeah, looks pretty good. We got ourselves a nice ice cream pop. Let’s see how it tastes. Yup, just as I thought, pure sugar. I mean it’s not bad, it’s
just very very sugary. Okay, well guys, I guess we’re gonna have
to say this one works. (rock music) Okay guys, so I actually
bought some pears for this, but they kind of got
all bruised and gross, and plus I don’t like pears anyway, so we’re gonna use this apple instead. Get out of here. Now we go and cut it up into small slices. Okay, cool. Then apparently we’re supposed
to get some hard candy. It didn’t say what kind, so I just went ahead and
got some Jolly Ranchers. Okay, put these off to the side. Now I have to unwrap these and start putting them into the bag. I’m not even gonna use
the green apple ones ’cause they’re kinda gross in my opinion. Okay, so now that we have
all these in the bag, we just break out our hammer, and just start (hammering) oh man, these things are not breaking. (Flintstones sound effects) Yeah, there we go, that
looks pretty broken up. Now we’re gonna get our tray
with some parchment paper, spread these bad boys out. And apparently we just need to sprinkle some of this candy on there. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Now apparently we’re just
supposed to toss it in the oven. Get in there. It didn’t say how long
to put it in there for, so I’m just gonna kinda
keep checking up on it, and I’ll see you guys when it’s done. Okay let’s see, how are we doing? Uh, hmm. I feel like it needs
a little bit more time to kind of melt, it’s been
like, four minutes so far. I might be jumping the gun on this, but I just wanna make sure
that I don’t burn them. Anyway, I’ll check back with you guys. Okay yeah, these look like
they’re about done now. Gonna take these out. Yeah, these look pretty good. I’m gonna let them cool down, and then I’m gonna give them a try. Okay now it’s time to try these bad boys. They look very sticky, and very messy. Oh, that’s hot. They’re still a little bit hot. I couldn’t find a fork to
pick these guys up with, so I got a spoon instead. Okay, here we go. It all hardened right on my teeth. Oh, get off! I do not like this. I gotta say, I’m not
enjoying these so far. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I’m gonna have to
say that the recipe works, but I don’t really like it very much. And then also don’t look anything like how they do in the video. But since they did cook I guess we’re gonna have
to say that this one works. (upbeat techno music) Okay so for this we’re gonna need a bowl, and some marshmallows,
yeah that should do it. And we’re gonna put a
little bit of water in it. It didn’t say how much,
I’m assuming very little. Maybe I’ll just kinda mix
it in there a little bit. Yeah, I hope that works. Now we gotta microwave this bad boy. Okay guys, I’ll see you in
a minute when it’s done. (microwave beeps) Whoa! Yeah, not bad. Then we just add some
white powdered sugar, it didn’t say how much to add, so I’m just gonna add a bunch. Feel like marshmallows are
just white powdered sugar anyway, isn’t it? I think we’re just supposed
to mix that in there. Oh that’s so goopy! Just all kind of melting together. Oh my goodness, whoa. Do I add more? Just gonna keep mixing
until it kinda looks like how it does in their video. Okay so now it says that I
just have to refrigerate it, so I’ll see you guys when
this bad boy’s cooled down. Okay, gonna sprinkle some flour, oh that’s way too much,
that’s way, way too much. Why do I always do this to myself? Oh my gosh! Then we get our marshmallow mixture, and then just kind of plop it on there. Oh man. It’s so, so sticky! This is really hard to get out, actually. Oh my gosh. Okay, just gonna have to
break it out in chunks. It definitely didn’t come out very easily like how it did in the video. Maybe if cover my hands
in flour that’ll help? So I guess we gotta do this? We kinda flatten it a little bit. Ah! Okay, my hand is so sticky now. We got a little bit of food dye, just kind of knead it
together until, you know, it’s become a perfect
little, red marshmallow. This is so gross. My hands are so sticky right now. It’s like pulling taffy or something. Oh my gosh. I don’t know what I’m
supposed to do with this. Then we get our flattening thing and we just kind of– oh no, oh no! Oh no! (screams) I’ve ruined it! I think I was supposed to
put some flour on it first. Oh no. Just gonna scrape some
of that off of there. Oh my goodness. Just kinda, yeah! There we go, cover that in flour. And just kinda flatten it. Oh my gosh. Oh, it’s literally sticking
to the freaking cutting board. I don’t know where I went wrong here. Okay guys, I don’t know
if I didn’t this wrong, I feel like I followed the
instructions pretty clearly, but I’m gonna have to say
that this one doesn’t work. Would not recommend, zero out of 10. Too sticky for me. What even is this? Oh my goodness. Tastes like flour. (bright music) Oh, okay, so I’m not exactly
sure what the benefits of putting toothpaste on a lollipop are, but let’s try it. So we got our lollipop right here. As you can see, it’s a Dum Dum. Then we get our toothpaste. We’re just gonna put it right on there. I feel like this is gonna
make it taste really weird, so maybe it’ll make my
breath better or something? Oh, I should do a breath test first. Whoo! Yeah, my breath is not very good. Okay, now we’re gonna try this. (gags) Maybe use the lollipop as a toothbrush? Nope, that doesn’t feel
like it’s working at all. What a weird combination. I don’t know if I like this. (gargles) Okay, well we did that, let’s see if my breath smells any better. (drumroll) Oh! My breath actually smells
a little bit better. So I don’t know if that’s what
the whole point of this was, but I guess we can say
that this one works! It tastes really weird though. (upbeat dance music) (brakes screech) Okay guys, so first we
need some spray paint. Perfect. Then we get protection for our lungs. Always wear protection, kids. Perfect, now it’s time to paint our ball. Okay, that looks pretty good, now we just gotta let this bad boy dry. Okay, so now we get our Toblerones. I’ve actually never
had a Toblerone before, so this is gonna be interesting. What is it, just like, chocolate? (drumroll) Yeah, it looks literally
just like chocolate. Okay, so now we have to separate all these little triangle guys. Okay, then we get some toothpicks and start sticking it on the
ball that we painted earlier. Ugh, this is gonna be a
long process, here we go. Okay, so it’s all done. I didn’t have enough to do the bottom, but, I mean, the top
still looks pretty cool. So then we’re just gonna get our dowel and just kind of stick it in. I think I should have done
this before I actually started, but you know, that’s fine. There we go, we got ourselves
a Toblerone lollipop. Now to do the next one. This one didn’t require me to paint it, so I’m not going to, I’m just gonna go ahead and
stick the dowel in first. And I didn’t wanna get jellybeans because, honestly, gummi worms
are the superior candy. Well, now it’s time to cover
this ball in gummi worms. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Two down, one more to go. We got our ball, ha ha! Uh oh, stuck it a little
too far this time. Oh, actually we’re good. So for this one I have a
bunch of Jolly Ranchers so, so I’m just gonna go ahead and hot glue a bunch of these Jolly
Ranchers to the ball. Here we go. Yeah, now we’re done with that one. So I guess we could say that
all three of these work. I’m gonna see if Tori wants one. Oh Tori Dobranksy! Would you like a giant lollipop? – What? Those are fun. – [Robby] Do you want one? – Yeah. – [Robby] You can have all of them. – I want this. – [Robby] You can have all
of them, they’re all yours. – I was about to stick this in my mouth. – [Robby] Yeah, don’t do that. It’s good? – Oh they’re great. I have them? Can I take these two? That one’s chocolate, so it melt. – [Robby] I think she likes them guys. Oh, she dropped it. Well Tori Dobranksy, I’ll see you later. I’m glad you like them. – Bye! (upbeat techno music) Okay guys, so first off we get our bowl. I actually just grabbed a pan, ’cause we’re gonna be heating
this up later anyways. So I figured why not? Then we get our Sprite slash 7 Up, it’s like, basically the
same thing in my opinion. (screams) Don’t explode, don’t explode,
don’t explode, don’t explode. We’re good! Yeah, put that in there. Yeah, looks good. Then we get our food dye, and our gelatin. This one’s actually blue
raspberry flavored, yum. Pour that in there. We’re not gonna put all of it, ’cause I feel like it
doesn’t need all of it. Man, this is just a tummy
ache waiting to happen. Now we just gonna heat this up. This concoction looks so gross. Like, do you guys see this? Oh, it’s overflowing! It’s over flowing! Okay, oh my gosh, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Okay, yeah I definitely think
that we got it heated up. I hope this isn’t too hot. I think it’s gonna melt the syringe. Here’s our little silicon
cake pop thingies. So I just fill this up. Oh my gosh, this is so messy. Oh boy. I’m just gonna kinda pour
it all over all of them, and hopefully that’ll
get in all the holes. Maybe if I shake it around a little bit? I don’t know if I made enough, ’cause I have to fill them to the brim. Maybe I’ll just do half of them. I’ve just gotta suck up all
the extra stuff, I think. This is so much more messy
than I thought it would be. It’s like scorching hot, and
I’m like, scared to touch it. And I think it’s melting the syringe. Okay, so I think I’m just
gonna try it with these eight, and see if that works. Put the top on. Okay, so far so good. Now we just get our syringe, then we just kinda fill
these up one by one. Here we go. How do I tell if it’s full or not? This is a little nerve
wracking, guys, I don’t know. I definitely should have
made more jello mix, I think. Because I don’t think
that these are all full. I can’t even do the last two. I’m just gonna go ahead
and put the sticks. Okay, I’m really hoping that this works. I’m gonna go ahead and
put this in the fridge, and I’ll take it out tomorrow
and I’ll show you guys how it turned out. Update, I got it in my fridge, but I also got it all over my floor. This is gonna be fun to clean up. Okay, it’s the next day, let’s see how these bad boys turned out. So I guess I just have to slowly remove it and hopefully I don’t break the little jello molds or whatever. I think the sticks are
gonna be the hard part. Oh my gosh, this thing is so sticky. Yeah, these sticks are
just coming right out. Maybe I wasn’t supposed
to put the sticks in? I don’t know. They didn’t put the
sticks in in the video, so I’m just gonna go ahead
and pull all these out. Okay, yeah these didn’t turn out too bad. This looks like the most
perfect one, so here we go. Pull that out, you can do it, come on! And we got it, whoo! Yeah, so that’s our little jello pop. Let’s see how it tastes. It’s not bad, yeah, these
actually turned out pretty good. These turned out a lot better
than I thought how they would. Wow, yeah there’s our little jello pop. Looks pretty good. You can see how on the top, like, the soda kinda fizzed and
then it like, jelloed up. Yeah, these turned out pretty good. So I’m gonna go ahead and say this works. The stick part didn’t work
though, that’s the only downside. (techno music) Okay guys, so here are our
marshmallows, nice and wadded up. So we’re just supposed to take one, that’s gonna be our center one, and then apparently,
we just get a lighter, kind of melt it a little
bit, just like that. And we just stick that on there. Oh, it actually stuck, perfect, just do that again, another five times. (squeaks) yeah, that looks pretty good. Then we grab our stick and
just poke that in there. And then we got ourselves a
nice little flower marshmallow. Doesn’t that look so nice? I mean it stuck together, so I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works. (rock music) Okay guys, so here’s our lollipop. Let’s unwrap that, yeah
don’t need that anymore. Here’s our marshmallow, then we just go ahead and cut it up, apparently, just like that. Then we get a lighter and
then just kinda heat this up. Oh, it’s on fire, ah! Will that stick? I think it might stick, I don’t know. Oh, it kinda stuck, that’s not bad. Then we just do the next one. Oh, that’s on fire as well. Oh, it fell off. Yeah, this isn’t really working. I’m gonna have to say that
this one doesn’t work. Sorry guys. Okay guys, now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail, whoo! So I actually went out and
got some of these Lego molds. I already melted some chocolate, and we’re just gonna go
ahead and pour that in there. There we go. I’ll do another one just in
case this one doesn’t work. Okay, now I’m just gonna go
ahead and let that cool down, and then I’ll pop ’em out of the molds. Okay, here it is, hopefully it’s cooled off enough to where I can take it
out and it won’t break. Come on, just gotta be really careful, and, and we’re good! Actually came out, cool. Let’s see if this one came out okay. Yeah, this one turned out okay too. Not bad. Okay yeah, that should do it. Okay guys, if you like the video make sure you have a thumbs up. It looks something like this, you want it right down there. If you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts
I have a whole playlist that I can major in them right here. If you guys are new make sure
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you can click right here. Oh yes, love you so much, I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace love and wifi, I’m ready, okay, bye! (screams)

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