100 thoughts on “Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin”

  1. Wow that's awesome 😋 but I' would be so scared to be alone for 2 years .. at Least u had ur dog … And it looks like u handled it very well by urself!! 💪👊👍 That's so awesome!!! Good job !!!👍

  2. I am wondering where is the other dog that shows at 59:59 minutes of the video. Did you guys see him too? Thumbs up if you saw him too.

  3. great video enjoyed watching this build from start to finish, scenery was outstanding the sunrise sunsets was stunning, truly wish i could do this my self pity iam in the uk

  4. Amazing! What an awesome feat. What inspired you to do this, and can you share some of your cooking recipes? Nicely done!

  5. Great job! Awesome! The wild and so beautifull nature around and the best friend is near! The Climate is pretty similar as in St-Petersburg in Russia.

  6. Gosh dang it… All I want is to do this. Does anyone have some land just laying around where I could do this lol? I wish that 40 acres and a mule thing was still around haha. Great video!

  7. Olha se eu fosse mais mim cadidatava pra faser companhia. a você adoro estilo rústico viver da terra um Luca lindo…

  8. Wow so awesome where did you learn your wood working skills. You are awesome!! Boy the simple life is a lot of work lol

  9. Hi people. I am also from Russia, I had a friend who had a dream of this kind. It was really romantic, he left Moscow and went to Altai, Russian wild region. He also built the house, and made some yoga retreats in the summer time. In summer, yes, it is romantic, but in winter, he buys the products and other staff the nearest big city with shops. Also he said that he really misses women, and all the women are in city only. So… I think we all need sometimes lonliness in wild nature, but in some months you can see other sides of this. People just need change of decoration, new views, new emotions, new citis, new nature.

  10. you did one fine cabin build got to hand it to you sir i am 79 and wish i did this some time a go bu now i am to old for that but still in joy you video thanks for it

  11. Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem takiego zapału i talentu,złote ręce,cudne miejsce ,coś dla mnie,rybki,lasy ,woda.Ogrom dziewiczej przyrody.Gratuluje panu tej niezwykłej zdolności w budowaniu i byciu niezależnym.

  12. Un homme qui se coupe de la civilisation en emportant avec lui tout un matériel de prise de vue et un drone ? Ça ressemble surtout à une belle couillonnade montée de toute pièce pour faire des vues.

  13. ✌🏼😿✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼👋🏻👋🏻
    Yo i fell asleep and woke up and saw i wrote this tf!?

  14. Ciao amore ti aspetto cuando ai finito di dire cazate al momento un pezzo di cipolla celo per condire la pasta e ame mi basta

  15. My English Setters think they're dying everytime the temp drops a little and mean old mommy puts them out for 10 minutes……. -_-

  16. you have inspired me . many thanks sir…. now time for my adventure open invitation for advice and a group adventure

  17. What I’d give to be out in the wilderness doing this a dream of mine that will probably never happen unfortunately. But that’s my kind of lifestyle right there hard work peace an quiet

  18. Great cinematography and amazing cabin! Incredible craftsmanship. See lots of milled lumber among the fresh lumber so guessing you have access to a saw mill within reasonable distance. Sad about so many trees being cut down. A few decades from now trees will be pretty scarce. Living in Colorado where the number of gray-brown standing-dead trees has increased 30 percent since 2010 to 834 million. 1 in 14 trees are dead in Colorado forests… pretty shocking.
    Nature is amazing, thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

  19. Superbe, j'ai passé 1h31 de plaisir, bravi Shawn. Pour ainsi dire aucune paroles et ça ne manque pas, ça dit déjà tellement. Merci. Joe

  20. Man, that is so awesome… I was thinking about this for a few years now but I must admit that I never had the courage to do this. This man has my full respect.

  21. The calories gained from that one small trout was definitely not enough to cover all the work that day that he did.

  22. Hé bien hé bien ..qui n a jamais rêve d aller vivre en pleine nature ??. Je ne vis pas dans la ville mais j arrive bien a comprendre qu on puisse aspiré a la paix et la tranquillité de la forêt .. Magnifique chalet ..Çà fait rêvé..Rien qu a regarder cette vidéo je me revois a Montréal en 1984 , j ai la tête pleins de beaux souvenir..

  23. बिन बोलती मूवी😂😂 2 साल अकेले नही 2 साल बिन बोले

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