U.S. Air Force: Maj Kevin Brewer, Pilot

I am Major Kevin Brewer, Pilot, United
States Air Force. The Air Force has multiple airplanes to go out and fly. The
C-130s do search and rescue, also known as a C-SAR. We do in-flight refueling of
helicopters, CV-22s, we take gas from KC-10s, KC-135s. You can also resupply
troops via air drops, heavy equipment, vehicles, and also we can land in short
fields, austere, dirt strips and take people in and out. And the C-130 you can
get down in the weeds, you can see everything you’re flying over and you
get to enjoy that rush, the feeling of being close to the ground and really
flying that airplane. For training, the student actually will get more training
on the ground and that’s one-on-one with the instructor,
so as we mission plan, we’ll go through and we’ll look at all the topographical
charts and we’ll talk about the events and we break those down into separate
training cases for the students and work through the expectations and the timing
so the student gets it on the ground and they’re not surprised in flight. As an
aircraft commander, you not only have to plan for the mission, you have to plan
for all the places you’re going, so you get a tasking order that comes down from
headquarters, whether it be just a regular mission or if it’s a
spur-of-the-moment rescue and that tasking order tells you where you’re
going, when you got to be there, how many people, you know, vehicles and all those
things because you have to have the entire plan to load out that aircraft or
make it to your destination. I’ve gotten to fly multiple sorties all around the
world. I’ve seen Africa, Europe, Asia. If you want to be a pilot in the Air Force,
then you should go for your dream and come join me.

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