Ultimate Cooking For Profit Guide – Black Desert online

Ultimate Cooking For Profit Guide – Black Desert online

Today I will be sharing my personal cooking
spreadsheet with you all, this is something that I imagine isn’t very widely available
currently and I hope it helps all of you to take advantage of the markets on your server
and to make as much silver as possible. This will work on every single server and
on every iteration of the game, xbox, ps4 and pc. Of course you will have to edit prices as
you go. Before we get into the actual video, I want
to say thanks to katnip for the original framework of the spreadsheet, you can find the original
in the description. This video will server as a tutorial on how
to use this spreadsheet, if you have been using my imperial spreadsheets you’ll be familiar
with the setup already and this should be a fairly easy transition for you. If not, we’ll go over anything you need and
I’ll refer you back to those videos to take a look if you missed them. As always if there is any math errors, please
let me know…as you can imagine this is a whole lot of work to do every time and I can
and do make errors, I’ll get them fixed asap. So what exactly is this video and spreadsheet
and what can you use it for? It’s almost every single recipe of cooking
in the game, with all material costs tied in together in an easily editable format which
will automatically update across all stages of the spreadsheet, I’ll try and spend some
time across this video explaining what each and every section does and what you’ll need
to edit and how you can use this. I’m absolutely not going to guarantee you’ll
make x amount of money in Y time while using this as it’s totally beside the point. The point is that using this, you can now
figure out exactly how much money each and every cooking material and recipe in the game
will generate you. The only thing this spreadsheet doesn’t account
for is the proc rate of higher tier food, the cooking utensil prices and the byproducts. So essentially it will always be more money
than what it says when you take those into account since rare procs on some meals can
make you a large sum of silver extra. To start off You’ll see at the bottom we have
the usual tabs, alchemy for the imperial, cooking for imperial and then Cooking Recipe
Calculator which is the new one. On this tab you’ll notice there’s quite a
lot of information, don’t be put off by this, it’s just overwhelming at first…It’s quite
easy to understand once you get the hang of it. This is almost every cooking recipe in the
game, with all associated crafting materials, costs, sale prices, marketplace taxes and
of course profit or loss per craft. So let’s take a look at say red sauce, this
apparently makes 891 silver per craft at current market prices. This is if we buy every material at current
prices on the marketplace, craft and sell on the marketplace. That would be 53 thousands silver per minute
profit, 3.2 million silver per hour minimum if you could cook the whole hour worth of
materials with 1 second cooking. Nothing too crazy right? Just a little bit of silver with zero effort. How about something a bit more profitable. Teff sandwich, 14514 silver profit per craft. 870k silver per minute, 52 million silver
per hour. This of course does not include the cost of
utensils which would be around 6 million silver minus off the total, but considering this
does not count the rare procs of the cook such as the spicy teff sandwich which sells
for 37900 each and you get at a pretty high frequency…You’re looking at probably 60
plus million silver per hour quite easily, almost totally afk. So how did we reach this number and what is
the caveat? Well to reach this number it means you’ve
crafted everything required in that meal up to this point, it also means all the materials
were provided at the prices I have listed for them from the central market and also
that the meals sell for the given price in entirety. This means it’s entirely open to you as a
user to make as much money as you have business sense. What I mean by this is that the market will
constantly change and that means you’ll have to change also. You can’t just make 20k of a certain food
and assume it will all sell at that price, which means you’ll have to switch it up and
do x hours of y food, many different meals and sell gradually. Thankfully with everything laid out like this,
the update you’ll need to do each day to work this out should take about 6 minutes and then
you’ll be able to see where the market has shifted if at all and always be ahead of anyone
not using it since it’s so easy to do. Of course with this, you’ll need to work out
the amount of materials you’ll need to buy to craft for a whole hour but this is very
easy to do and if it’s something people want, perhaps I’ll add another section to the spreadsheet
at some point to make setting up the costs, profit goals and materials required a little
easier. I did plan to do this already but I have a
few other plans for this spreadsheet first, including adding every single alchemy recipe
and then tying that into the imperial section then having a common calculation area. One thing I’ll also note, when cooking, the
same with making money with anything in BDO, you can flood a market, you can also get stuck
with large stock of items if you’re not careful. Just because something says it will make money,
doesn’t mean it will, so long as there’s not fluid movement in the market. What I mean by this is you can’t cook 10000
teff sandwiches and expect to make 156 million silver in just under 3 hours and have it all
move immediately. The best option here is to pick 4 or 5 recipes,
craft 1-2 hours each of them and then sell them all while moving onto 4-5 more recipes,
tie in imperial cooking or alchemy and repeat. This should net you a solid income stream
that will never go away, as soon as one market gets saturated just move into another. With this spreadsheet, depending on how many
people hardcore cook on your server, you could actually full time cook for profit and make
an absolute killing if done correctly. After I add in the alchemy sheet, you’ll probably
be able to permanently craft for profit instead of grinding if like me, you prefer to do things
the easy way. You’ve probably heard stories of people making
similar silver per hour to grinding the highest tier spots in the game and while not knowing
for certain, I’d imagine it’s with methods such as these. Okay so lets go over the actual spreadsheet
and what everything means so you can get on with making your start as a master chef. Ignore the numbers on the far left, they’re
just item IDs, you have the finished meal on next, quantity of first material, material,
price of item, price times by item quantity, repeat for 5 sections for up to 5 items in
each recipe. Next is the cost of all the materials added
together, then the cost divided by 2.5, since all cooking recipes to my knowledge have a
chance to craft one, two, three or four at a time, minus cron meals. The average of this we assume to be 2.5x,
so material cost divided by 2.5, to account for the procs of these crafts, then the price
of the finished item on the marketplace, the marketplace cost if we sell it after taxes
so this is the silver we would get back after a successful sale and of course the profit
which is total sale cost after tax, minus crafting costs. That’s how we spot where to make our money. Next up we have the cron meals and meals that
require other meals at the bottom. So this works identically only difference
being is that each meal that requires finished products we calculate as if we have crafted
the base product. So for instance these products may not make
a profit on their own, but may make a profit when made to then add to the recipe of a higher
up dish. Example being, mediah meal takes dark pudding,
oatmeal, grilled sausage, lean meat saalad and exotic herbal wine. We have all of those in our spreadsheet. The difference here is that instead of having
a material cost, we have the finished crafting cost of said items per material, so in this
box it won’t be the cost of buying the meal from the marketplace finished already, it
will be crafting it from scratch…Which you can then decide if it’s worth it or not based
on the profit. This is quite hard to put into words but say
for instance prawn salad is a loss to make alone since the purchase price is less expensive
than all materials, you can then deduct that buying the end product will net you more profit
than crafting the item…If you do this in combination with crafting any meals to go
into the higher up ones then you’ll combine savings for even more money made. I hope that makes sense since I don’t know
any other way to explain it. Okay where do we get prices and how do they
update? That would be entirely tied into the Cooking
Analytics page. At the bottom of the page, under the imperial
cooking table which is very similar and works out how much profit you can make from imperial
cooking, there is a list of ingredients with prices beside them. Any time you change one of these prices, you
will update every single other cell in the spreadsheet that uses that material. It’s as simple as that. So you log on, decide you want to cook, you
do a 5 minute search and update for these prices on your server, then go to the cooking
recipe calculator section again and on this row here labled marketplace cost, search the
marketplace for the finished meal price and update this. It’s as simple as that. You look at a list, update prices in 2 places
and then you choose what to cook buy the materials and cook them and you make silver. If you could sell cron meals with this price,
as in if the market wasn’t already full of them on your server, you would be making 150
or more million silver per hour, afk processing them after a short time cooking them. Of course this probably won’t be the case,
but just to show you that using this method you can spot gaps in the market where people
not using this spreadsheet won’t. Alternatively for cron meals since they don’t
actually get cooked and are done using simple processing, I also included at the bottom
a section to substitute crafting from scratch the base meals, to buying the meals and then
also buying the special meals at a 1 to 3 rate and as you can see at current prices,
it’s literally free money afk processing if they sell. As I said previously in the video, I will
be doing an alchemy version of this in the exact same fashion, tied in together, then
with a final page which I’ll try and make as customisable and easy as possible where
you can input the number of an item you wish to craft and then the number and price of
each material and it will calculate exactly how many you need, how much silver it will
cost, how much you’ll make back, the cost of crafting including utensils, the time it
will take and how much profit you’ll make. Just as you can imagine it does take quite
a lot of time to do all of this and since I don’t even actively play the game anymore
it’s kind of a case of as and when I get to it. I hope this comes in great help to you guys
and I thank you all for the support. As always if you have any issues at all, notice
any errors, can’t figure something out, whatever it is just join my discord, leave a message
in there for me with the issue or drop me a private message if you’re a socially awkward
penguin like myself and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Please check out the rest of my channel, I
make great content now days about other upcoming mmorpgs, first impressions, revisiting old
content, having open and general discussions about the genre and how it’s changing, just
generally cool stuff about anything and everything MMORPG related.Thanks guys and I hope to see
you on the next one. PEACE!

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  1. To make a copy yourself that you can then edit and do with what you want,make sure you're signed into google, go to file at the top left and press make a copy. I can't make it so you can edit the main one, or you could just ruin it for everyone and it would constantly be changed while you were using it.

  2. Been wondering what your graphic settings are in-game? Your videos always look so beautiful.

    Thanks for all the awesome guides.

  3. Hey KIRA. I love your videos obviously. lol I'm cooking beer at more than 10 secs. i bought the silver 2 cooking outfit. before i throw more money at this why am i cooking at such a high time. i thought default was 10 secs. Ive done the numbers and even with alchemy stone, p2w outfit and utensils. im not gonna be 1 sec. im obviously confused here i ask server but no help. if i could subscribe twice i would.

  4. Hi pal great video! small question alot of these meals on here are profitable due to a certain mat that is sold out with lots of pre orders some like 60k+ pre orders how sustainable is this, or is it a case of pre order mats for a week then when ready spend few hours cooking ?

  5. Hi pal.Thanks for the spreedsheet it's really helpfull .
    I have a question for you.
    I do have milions of material and i dont know what to do with them to get some money instead sell them .
    150k date palm,150k teff,150kpalm timber,150k pistachio,150k freekeh,150k cooper ore and 100k cedar,timber,ash,birch,fir and so on..idk what to do with these to get money :(..could u help me ?

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