1. "You will never understand how much he enjoyed telling you that" – I have a friend who is the same way when talking about food

  2. Fun video! Makes me miss Tokyo!

    Listening to you speak Japanese was like nails on a chalkboard sometime because of the accents 😂😂

  3. Man this stuff is amazing. I really hope you guys didn't insult the food too much when you made it, I'm actually scared for what's to come

  4. Giving me throw backs of my two visits to Japan. It really is a life changing place. And the people OMG, and how clean everything is….. I would live there if I could

  5. Barry always looks like he's not enjoying his food, he looks like he's really struggling with the nato(?) Sushi stuff at 4:44 and then he says it's delicious lol. In fact he looks like he's struggling even after he's said its delicious 😆

  6. noodles. more noodles. soba. fresh Udon. Shirataki yes where aaaare they? :O Okonomiyaki?!? Don't tell me you went to japan without eating it??!?!?!!? very upset :O:O:O Eeek why am I even thinking about this! Now I can't stop thinking about how I want Okonomiyaki! :O

  7. As someone visiting Japan as we speak, I can relate. Easy to get into a train impossible to get out. The exits are… lost for words really. But the food is tremendous!

  8. So you can do Japan, followed by Japan and followed by the next Japan episode on Sunday, but…..WHERE ARE THE OTHER FOOD TEST RESULTS ?????? I think I'm getting sick of asking !!!!!!

  9. My dream of travelling to Japan gets bigger as the days go, I found great channels about it…
    Then you drop your videos about Japan

  10. As someone who's been studying Japanese for two years, Ben's attempts at Japanese, while respectable since he's trying, was hard to listen to.
    Also Ben you wanted to say, 「すみません、金色ライオンへどやって行く?」

  11. Ben needs to watch a lot more of anime, I don't speak Japanese, but I cringed hard at how he pronounced "excuse me" 😛 I did love the supergeek part though and the fact that he has embraced that title ^^

  12. just wow. best trip ever…gotta love Japan with it's all culture..from food and agriculture to art and geishas and people..amazing country

  13. Sometimes the boys can be so hard on James and Ben, and sometimes they can be so kind. I really loved watching them find out that they were going to that test kitchen; it obviously made their trip so much more special! I want to say to whoever at Sorted reads the comments: I love that the guys rib one another, but it’s moments where they share genuine affection and lift one another up that really make me love this channel. I’m sure that there’s a lot more that gets cut when putting these videos together. I know the ribbing is funny, but those moments are just as important to people like me, who tune in as much for the friendship between the boys as the food-related content, so if there’s any way you guys can keep that in mind when you’re filming or editing these, just know that there’s an audience for the friendship as much as the jokes.

  14. I've really been loving all of these videos that are outside of the UK that have been coming out this year. It's like a well deserved holiday after all the hard work that Sorted has been doing all these years, having real good fun, and what's great that it's all sponsored as well! ( ´∀`)

  15. You guys should have visited "Fäviken" and done a show there.. It reminds you of Noma in th class but only done with scandinavian produce that is in season.

  16. This such an AWESOME series! If only youtube could convey flavors…
    I tried pressing the bell 15 times to get the next episode first 😀

  17. I've been to Japan three times now and one of my absolute favourite things about it is the care and love they put into their food and because of you guys I'm definitely getting a better sense of appreciation for sake as well! I'm absolutely positive my next trip will involve a lot more sake now and will be better because of it. And that's thanks to you guys! I'm so excited for this Japan series! you guys are so wonderful <3

  18. Please do more of these videos!!! They are fantastic!! So much fun and educational. Love that you added a bit of history and also love how passionate you are all. Pleeeeeeeease do more abroad videos from all over the world. 🙂 p.s. would love it if the videos were longer, more like episodes xx

  19. I'm loving the format of the Guys around the table walking us through the video. And the Interview style in the video as well. High Production Value. And Ben telling us about Iron in Water, LOVE IT!

  20. I think that respect and appreciation for food is missing in most places in this day and age of fast and convenient. This was a superb example of the true enjoyment of food paired with conversation❤️❤️❤️

  21. Wow! I loved learning how the iron in the water changes the taste of the saké. Does that make me a super geek too? 😅

  22. Please do some Vietnamese videos too like language challenge both chefs and normals or all normals get just a recipe in only Vietnamese. Or because Mike and Ben have been to Vietnam have them do it lol

  23. I’m so damn jealouse right now… What I wouldn’t give for a meal like that! You’re very lucky guys. Enjoying the content and love Japan.

  24. Can we talk about the editing of this video? I recently deep dived into old Sorted videos to find a recipe, and maaaaan you guys have gotten way way better at making beautiful videos.

  25. If I'm liking this so far? I'm loving this so far! The adventure, the humor, the way you take time to understand the "why" of things and overall the friendship. The Nobu surprise was incredible. I'd be jealous if I didn't feel so included in the journey!

  26. For a trip to Noma it is around 588 usd at most for food and wine in the winter season, a bit cheaper in the other two seasons or if you choose the juice menu instead of the wine, for students it is 222 usd for food and wine combo. Inua costs about 388 usd at most inclusive alcohol and again a bit cheaper for either juice pairing or a cheaper menu or lunch deals every other Sunday.

  27. Ben is so cute when he replies "Science!" after Mike says we'd never understand… Awww… You're all great, guys! Thanks for continuing to make fun, informative, interesting videos. And mostly fun videos! XD

  28. 内容は素晴らしい!本当にありがとう!boys we were so close but I never knew..😭 please come back here again…

  29. When Jamie said, "I'm going to have to get in the map like Joey." I laughed so hard! Oh my goodness I love it! 😂😂😂😂

  30. The next time you have these moments between the clips, can you guys work on the volume of the microphones you use? They are set way too loud.

  31. #1 What happened to the Super Geek song?
    #2 We absolutely need a food science video, it's fascinating! (like when Sally Le Page scienced her way through GBBO fails) Please, please, please!

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