Unconventional Experience For The Bored Foodie – Rozz Recommends: EP12

Unconventional Experience For The Bored Foodie – Rozz Recommends: EP12

Now, people say that Singapore is boring
but I don’t think so. You just need to know where to look. Recently I discovered a few websites that offer really unique local
experiences that I thought are cool and quite interesting that I’m going to
recommend today. This one I found is from Airbnb Experiences. Now I’m a huge foodie and I love to cook so this one is a breath of fresh air away from the usual restaurant and hawker fare. It is a cooking class of forgotten local
family recipes. This class is taught by a very personable elderly lady. I don’t like to use the word ‘old’ because…sensitive. She grows her own crops which
are also used in the recipes. Whoo! So hot and it’s not the weather, it’s Mummy Soh! Mummy Soh, the owner of One Kind House the modern day kampong. This is where you grow all your crops? Yah. This is spinach. Tomatoes. Mummy Soh: Rocket.
Rozz: Ooh, can I try? Yah you can try. The spiciest, most delicious rocket leaf I’ve ever had. She cannot stop touching my bum! And we have lavender. Ooh! She can’t stop holding my hands also. More vegetables and more crops at the back garden, let’s go. Hold hand, hold hand! Skip, skip, skip! Such a beautiful spot, isn’t it! Very rare do you get such natural light
and high ceiling in Singaporean homes. This is the kitchen. Oh my lord, this is my dream kitchen. Let’s go to the backyard. How much of this do you use in your cooking? About 40%? Wow. Very self-sufficient. I can see that you’re flanked by two neighbours who have no fruit crop at all. Do you share with them? Mummy Soh: I give them bitter gourd.
Rozz: So generous! Only bitter gourd she gives. So I’m here in Mummy Soh’s very amazing
kitchen. We’re gonna be making some traditional dishes today Blue pea flower rice, Bitter gourd salad which is pretty special. We’re gonna be using bitter gourd plucked from your garden as well this morning. And a curry chicken from scratch including the coconut milk. All right let’s get into making the rice first. Now we’re just gonna strain the flowers so we get this nice indigo-coloured liquid. I flavour it with this: pandan, also from the garden. Yah, lemongrass. Ginger, this is from the garden. galangal and garlic. I like how she just eyeballs the whole thing, just like aiya feeling feeling just put inside. You can stir. All right. So now we’re going to cook it in the rice cooker. Now we’re going to do the curry chicken. These are all the spices that go into the curry that we’re going to be making from scratch. So what do you need me to cut? You wanna cut onion? Yah, ugh…you gave me the worst one. Hate cutting onions. Some more so small. I’ve made curries – all sorts – from scratch, always from scratch.
I hate to use packet seasoning. It’s not as scary as you think it is once you assemble everything because it’s really just blending it. So we’re just grinding all
the dried chilli right now. That’s a lot of dried chilli in there. The ratio to the rest of the ingredients is very high. it’s not spicy, it gives you the colour and the oil. There’s seeds in there though, you sure not spicy? No. Now we can add in the rest. All right, that’s it! It’s so easy right? It’s just blending and this is your curry rempah. We’re gonna be squeezing out coconut milk from coconut shavings. This reminds me of when I was a kid we used to go to this place called the ah pek shop which is like a grocery store and you see this old guy there just grating coconut fresh and then I’ll be taking it home to my grandma who’ll be like squeezing it and I never knew how much hard work it was until I was punished and I had to do it. These days, this method is not common anymore it’s kind of obsolete because you can buy coconut milk in packets. Wow, look at that! It feels so good! It moisturises your hand. Yah. And it’s very oily as well, I can feel the oils – the natural oils from the coconut. Can I use stockings as well – pantyhose? Can also. Buy a new pair. No shit, of course. It’s very therapeutic to do your sauces from scratch especially when you need to take
your mind off like a stressful work week or heartbreak. That’s what I do, you know? When I have to get over break-ups. I cook. Then for that 7 hours right, I don’t think about anything but the food I’m making. Next time, call me when you cook. Rozz: Ah?
Mummy Soh: I’ll go eat! Okay one last sock. Now I’m gonna lick my hands, excuse me. For the coconut, we need to put a bit of salt. Wah lau it’s damn shiok! Guys, if only you could lick my hands right now. So now we’re gonna fry the rempah. Slowly. Not the whole thing ah? No. Slowly! It’ll splash onto your face! Then it’ll splatter a few times, you know. No…put in the center. And then when you start coughing you know you’re halfway there. Mummy Soh: Then I’ll start coughing.
Rozz: It should change colour. See lah, this Mummy Soh go and put so much chilli inside! Now we’re adding the coconut milk. A bit only, not too much. Just tempering it. See, the culprit is suffering herself. And then we add in the chicken pieces right now. Cover up. Give it one stir and then let it simmer right? All right guys, see you later! So the curry chicken is simmering right now, we’re going to be making the bitter gourd salad. Cut into half and then you scrape out all this. Now you do all the work. I show you, you do the other one. Drives a hard bargain, this woman. Then you slice it thinly. I don’t usually have people bossing me around but with her I’m okay. So I learned cooking from
watching my mom, she would inspire me through cooking and also punish me through cooking. One of my most significant moments in cooking was when my mum punished me by making me peel an entire bag of gingko nuts. It’s not cracking the shell, you know. It’s peeling the skin off the actual nut inside. She just want me to do the difficult bit like you. Like you! You have to learn the hard way. So just started from there and I found out that I enjoyed it so I started reading recipe books and realised hey, I actually can follow them and I think that’s thinking a lot noise right Okay now we’re just adding in
potatoes. The thing about cooking is that you gotta always be on your feet. Sometimes the gravy can be boiled to nothing. So back to the bitter gourd. Now I’m going to marinate the tomatoes and onions. Lime juice with little bit of sugar in it. Just pour. This is almost like a salsa. Okay so checking on this again. Whoa, looks amazing. It’s damn shiok. I can drink it as a soup. No need salt, no need sugar, nothing. This is perfect. Ready for eating. The rice is ready. Let’s see. The pandan…it almost smells like chicken rice. Can I have more rice please? Why you give me three quarters of a rice bowl You make me work so hard. You can have second helping. Blue rice! The rice is on the plate, we’ll just
spoon the salad now. So little…a bit more lah. Give me more! You worked so hard for it. Then we’ve got the curry. Wah, look at all the colours! To make it Instagrammable, we just saw
the fresh blue pea flower from the garden We did it! This is our hard work. Can we eat now? Mummy Soh: How does it taste?
Rozz: Holy moly it does taste like chicken rice rice! You didn’t put any chicken in there? No. Guys, we’re home. This is so good! It really hits you with the chilli. And you can see the chili is not totally minced in as well. You can still see some red parts. So it makes this curry taste really vibrant and very fresh. You’re definitely not gonna get this flavour out of a packet. Now try the bitter gourd. I would take this over achar anyday. I just completed the Mummy Soh One Kind House cooking experience. Normally cooking classes take place in indoor cooking studios but here, it’s in someone’s house and I almost feel like I’m intruding into someone’s personal space except that I’m absolutely welcome here. This is the second time I met Mummy Soh, she makes me feel comfortable immediately. It’s almost like she’s
related to me like a mummy like a real mummy. And I love that, you know. I feel like I’m being treated like family here. And it makes for a great photo as well because even this kind of a surrounding is getting very rare here. I highly recommend this if you love food, if you want to cook or you love
cooking. Makes for people who are just generally wanting to see like an off the beaten path part of Singapore. Very genuine, very authentic kind of
connection I felt this afternoon. That’s all I have for you for this episode of
Rozz Recommends. Don’t forget to download the clicknetwork app so you can catch episodes up to a month before they hit YouTube and don’t forget to follow us on
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  1. I'd love Mummy Soh as a neighbour! And I'll go over to ask her for free herbs and veggies and maybe some plant clippings or seedlings for me to grow in my garden or in pots!😄

  2. Mummy son looks like the cook who makes such a a huge chocolate cake for a boy in Matilda!!!😂😂😆😆but a bit healthier!!😝😂

  3. hi rozz, i know you lost your mum early. so its so heartwarming to see you connecting with mummy soh. there is a very quirky dynamic, can you do more shows with aunties? CLICKNETWORK please take notice. there is a delicious contrast between the straight-talking tough babe and the older aunties. there is a very unique tenderness, i love it.

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