Universal Transmission Fluid | Burn Rubber Brewery

the automatic transmission being the
most complex component in your vehicle requires the proper care
choosing the right protection for your transmission can be a deciding factor in
the performance for every ten degrees over 165 degrees the life of your
transmission fluid is reduced by half burn rubber brewery represents the
latest technology and fully synthetic automatic transmission fluids with the
lighter viscosity this fluid maintains a lower temperature and Ward’s off heat so
your transmission runs cooler faster and lasts longer
including a robust additive package featuring advanced molecular synthesis
chemistry it goes beyond just a red fluid this fluid is universal designed
to meet and exceed the requirements for Dexron 3 to dexron 6 with millions more
miles of actual Road testing than any other ATF formulation burn rubber
brewery is the most reliable protection for your transmission keep your tires
hot and your transmission cool shift responsibly

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