Untold Story of Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer | Net worth, wife and book

Untold Story of Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer | Net worth, wife and book

‘Wheeler Dealers’ has been considered
as one of the best car shows that exhibits the restoration and transformation of old
cars into brand new. The show became an instant hit, thanks to
the amazing collaboration of Edd China and Mike Brewer. Edd left the show after thirteen seasons due
to a conflict with the direction of the show. However, Mike continues to handle the helm
of the show along with a new host, Ant Anstead. Apart from what you see on screen, the life
story of Mike Brewer has several twists and turns. Today, we present you some facts about Mike
you probably didn’t know. But, before we proceed, take some time to
subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to stay in the loop. #5. Early Start Mike Brewer was born on August 28, 1964, and grew up observing his father, Roger Wilks
customizing cars. He discovered his passion for cars at an early
age and started his professional career as an auto trader. Soon, he established himself as a sharp and
honest motor trader and was offered his first series, Deals on Wheels, on Channel 4 in 1997. #4. Casting as a Host of Wheeler Dealers Mike earned a huge fan following as a TV presenter alongside his co-host, Edd China. He has been hosting ‘Wheeler Dealers’
since its inception in 2003. The show is currently running in its 15th
season. His extensive knowledge of cars and interactive
attitude is what viewers like the most. He has contributed in successfully pulling
all the episodes of Wheeler Dealers with high TRPs. His undying passion for cars and cheerful
presence on air keeps his fans waiting for the Wheeler Dealers new season quite eagerly. #3. Happily Married Probing into his personal life, we can say that he is happily married to his beautiful
wife, Michelle Brewer. They tied the knot after dating for 13 long
years. Considering their togetherness for decades,
their relationship can be referred to along the lines of “And they lived happily ever
after…” He shares a daughter with Michelle. #2. Life Threats After Edd’s Departure
Soon after Edd China announced his exit from the show after the 13th season, Mike endured
death threats as Edd mentioned about some disagreements with him publicly. Reportedly, there was a number of cases of
public harassments confronted by Brewer and his family. The news of Edd leaving the show spread like
wildfire amongst the fans, and Mike began to receive a chain of death threats from enraged
people. As Edd learned about the situation, he made
a statement mentioning that Mike was not the reason for his decision. This pacified the situation, and Wheeler Dealers
was all set for the entirely new season, where Ant Anstead took over Edd’s place as new
host. #1. An Author Apart from being a TV presenter, Mike Brewer made an effort to pen down his experiences
in the book, “Mike Brewer’s The Wheeler Dealer Know How!” In the book, he wrote about specific vehicles,
their trouble spots, desirable models, his memorable moments as a car dealer, his all-time
favorites and more inside details. The book was published by Veloce Publishing
in 2013. The insights into the book reflected every
experience that Mike had acquired to date, and this was something loved by all the car
enthusiasts, especially the Wheeler Dealers fans. Mike Brewer is expected to bring some more
exciting episodes of Wheeler Dealers for the huge fan following he has rightfully earned
since 2003. Along with the stardom as an accomplished
motorhead, he has also collected an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2018. While countless viewers have commented that
they used to love the show during Edd China’s era, what are your thoughts regarding the
quality of the show after Edd’s departure? Let us know in the comments. Leave us a thumbs up if you like the video
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100 thoughts on “Untold Story of Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer | Net worth, wife and book”

  1. Sorry Mike, your show is just another cheap flop without the tall man. To be brutal, you were never the star anyway. Now……. jog on.

  2. I loved the old show with Mike and Edd, I love the new show now, Mike and Ant work well together…keep up the great work guys…

  3. No, the show was a massive hit because of Edd. I just now saw Mike thrashing Edd a year ago and claiming Edd became a superstar and was unwilling to do work. Edd never said a bad word about Mike. Mike was always annoying as hell, there is no WD without Edd.

  4. Brewer is just a wannabe wideboy. Ed made the show. Brewer should have stood with ed and demanded that velocity leave the format alone. This was a British show ruined by the US. Brewer was the sidekick, not Ed. The show was originally made to help people save money with their DIY fixes on cheaper cars. Now its just crap .

  5. He,s a fat useless toad ,any fool can buy a worn out car ,he does it all the time extensive knowledge, the narrator says ! What utter nonsense, they nearly all have major problems,

  6. The presenter is a complete bore, and yes its Mr Breower is the one to go and the director a boring
    presentation which is always the same.

  7. Ant is an arrogant piece of shit. And his name clearly states just an ant. Show is not worth watching anymore. Too bad for Mike that he has to "work" with that unbelievable asshole.

  8. Extensive knowledge of cars? Please don't make me laugh. You could comfortably fit Brewer's car knowledge on the back of a second class stamp as is painfully apparent from his bluffing and transparent commentaries. Edd was without a shadow of doubt the reason WD became so popular and the show cannot survive successfully without him.

  9. A huge fan of the show since it began playing here so many years ago. Edd working with virtually no tools a single flashlight in a very dark space with some sort of very loud machine running in a neighboring space…ha! I still watch the show with Ant but can see Edd's point about what velocity has mostly done to the format.
    Some years back edd was not around for a season? And Mike did a separate series called Wheeler dealers on the road. Loved that as well and hope to see some sort of repeat of that again. One day perhaps.

  10. The show was brilliant with Edd I have stopped watching on tv they just keep repeating all the episodes over and over.Quest should go back to the very beginning and start from there

  11. Ed is the talent, showed how to do it. Latter episodes showed mike doing little bits no doubt under Ed’s watchful eye! Mike has talent sell not fix

  12. The US based show is a sad reflection on what it was in the UK. I recall Ed spraying the front guard (fender) of a red MR2 AW11 in season one with a spray can. Nothing lasts forever and I understand things must move on but the show certainly lost its way by moving to the US.

  13. What a load of bull. Mike is a user Edd China made that show and please stop posting your incorrect information and give Edd his true recognition as a Mechanic and Guinness book record holder FACT

  14. I have been a critic of Mike Brewer and his attitude towards Edd China on more than one occasion. I have criticised the man on a professional level and so be it . BUT ON NO ACCOUNT WILL I COUNTENANCE ANY THREATS TO MIKE OR HIS FAMILY. This is about a hobbiest show, a show that challenges the creative mind. Whatever happened between Mike and Edd should never extend to nasty rhetoric or threats. If people cannot make a reasonable remark , then don't make any at all .

  15. Edd was the best bit of wheeler dealers learning us things Mike was a dealer who really didn't need to be in it that much

  16. ant who,,iknow american, whats that to with the show made in britain,that gave 13years of joy, wheeler dealers now RIP, edd china rules ok, what twit of aboss done this, for aquick buck.

  17. I luv the show, but never liked Mike. Eddie rocks what a smooth as guy.
    When I see Ant come on I change channels…
    I knew Mike was an asshole.

  18. I enjoyed the show when Edd was on it. Ant is equally likeable and has enabled the transition to be relatively seamless. Mike gets on my nerves, but I realize that is part of the schtick.

  19. I do miss Edd…… but Ant is doing a great job I still love the show . You guys should check out Vice grip garage on youtube

  20. I love Ant, he has such a nice vibe. His skills are top of the range. Im a new comer to the show so I dont have any baggage about Brits verse Yankies. Plus I watch from New Zealand and never miss a show.

  21. I miss Ed on the show, ant thinks he is funny but he isn't. Ed often used a car manual for reference, but ant doesn't need to? Most of the cars ant works on are American, we don't have that many American cars in the UK, also most of these cars are older than him. The show is not the same without Ed, I mosty watch the old shows and enjoy them, the new shows are just not real.

  22. "5 Unknown facts about Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer"

    Yes, 5 unknown but totally normal facts about Mike Brewer. Anyone would think some murky secrets were going to be revealed. As for the new series, yes it's different. But that isn't because Edd left, it's the reason why Edd left as he explained in his own videos. The production company wanted to make changes to the workshop filming that Edd didn't agree with, so he quit. Don't blame Ant for the changes. I wasn't going to bother with the new series but it was still on series link so as it was recorded I watched it. It can't help but be different but the show's content and format are basically unchanged. Ant's style is different but he's just as competent in the garage as Edd was and so the show has as much interest if it's the car's you are interested in, not the presenter. The chemistry isn't quite as good, it's a bit forced, but that doesn't bother me.

  23. No Edd = No show and that's a fact Life threats to mike is nonsense and should never have happened its a show for god's sake !!!!

  24. Let's face it. MB sold out. He went all in for the money, when it came to Velocity etc. MB didn't care what had to be compromised about the show. Ed cared about what the show was about, the fixing, and restoring of the vehicles, which is what the viewers wanted to see etc. Ed showed what people deeply cared about (how to, why to, when to, step-by-step) how to restore cars. I don't blame Ed for leaving. Standing up for what mattered to him, and what mattered to the show. He was right "Not to Sell Out," and I saw the early clips that came out with the remarks that MB made which didn't help the situation at all. Some of those clips have been removed now. MB was only interested in the money. I stopped watching the show the day Ed left.

  25. I like the new show. I didn't think I would but it's good. Better or worse than when it had Edd? I don't know, it's just different. I do wish however, that there was more of the repair and fix up of the cars than the dealing. It's that new direction the show took that had Edd leaving – according to him. Ant had some big shoes to fill and I think he has done a great job. I watch every episode and still enjoy the show.

  26. i think of mike as the big i as in I AM DOING THIS I AM DOING THAT ! were's the we as in team work ? now a cool show would be edd and ant if there ego's did not class and yes there would be a place for mike he would still find the beat up ol turt's that edd and ant would put a bit of mike's pant. turd polish on and mike could put the cot on for a cupper or two !

  27. When you have 2 people working together that works there is a unquantifiable magic connection. You can't measure it, you can explain why it works, but it's there. Then some people who can't see it, but try to make money out of it by changing it. magic happens when they work together, Simon & Garfunkel, Laural & Hardy, you can't one away and expect it to work.

  28. like most comments on here i was an original watcher of the show right from the start.loved edd and the way he explained every job clearly and im sure many viewers were able to carry out jobs thanks to his advice.i haven't even watched a single new episode .with no offence to the new guy i just gave up on it after edd's departure.r.i.p. a great show

  29. Ive Never Liked Mike Brewer ,Edd Did All The Work ,Brewer Took The Credit,And While Edd Was Doing All The Hard Work Where Was Brewer During The Rest Of The Show,Mike Brewer Should Have Gone Not Edd.

  30. Whilst many comments on here say they don't like the show without Ed I'm afraid the (American) producers just don't care! Simply if a bozo in Kansas watches it then the adverts sell and the producers are happy. It can't come back to the UK as Velocity own the title and can pull in anyone with an English accent to keep it running. I believe Mike owned the format so that's more money for him. Mike was happy to take the golden dollar, Ed was not. I respect him for that and it's a pity Ed is having to live on his residuals. He needed a good agent and a good laywer, seemingly he was without both at the time of his split.

  31. I think Mike brewer's vanity ruined wheeler dealers. Once they went to the US Mike brewer decided he wanted more screen time so messed with a tried.and trusted.format by muscling in on Ed's mechanical segments and started doing oily jobs himself. Ed's demeanor changed and suddenly there were loads more corny scripted bits. Mike should have stuck to saying 'oawldahtcherand, u know me I'm a wheeeeler dealer etc etc' and left Ed, the real reason anybody watches, to do his thing.

  32. Brewer didn't get enough attention, I think, and Ed worked out under the guise of having a different technician, the program has just as many viewers. Not so. The program was fun and educational with Ed. The technician who is now in the series is a technician who wants to be an Hollywood actor. Brewer now indeed has more attention, but his input is uninteresting. Give Ed a similar program and chase the chat maker out the door

  33. wheeler dealers is like top gear does not work with out ed china same as top gear does not work with out the three amigos clarkeson may and hamster dont like new wheeler dealers dont watch it

  34. YES I AM ALSO A PETROL THEAD ALBEIT OFDOUBLE FIGURES LONG HISTORUCAL PAST ! thos 2 gentswere great ogether lovable and
    cleverly bounced of oneanother with some ( rather too repetetive ) banter ! I AM A1947 TRIUMPH ROADSTER PREVIOS OWNER NOW SEEKIN A NEW PROJJECT FOR ED CHINA TO BRING BACK TO LIVING GLORY ! my dream perchance one day ? ED , mr CHINA I GENTLY SHOUT, WHERE ARE YOU sir and can you rejuvenate a 1947 ROADSTER 2000 for a geeky bloke from 1942 ? MY RECURRING NIGHTLY FANTASY !!!!! LURV YER ..Michael with family name sTARTING , NOT WITH A B … RATHER A LETTER A sir…..SO IF YOU GET TO SEE THESE FEW BLURBY WORDS

  35. Never watched the show since Edd left. Brewer opened a garage repair facility in Sheffield, England which has since shut down. Probably cos he was charging too much.

  36. I stopped watching because i never liked used car dealers ever like mike . Mr. China was fair and truthful made the sale safe to the buyer. Yes I like honest people I never liked Mike

  37. Ed was good, but Ant is better, his work is cleaner ,and more professional looking. Ed was sloppy, his work never looked completed, Sorry Brits, America is happy with Ant, and you can keep Ed at home.

  38. Ant has equalled if not bettered WD. He still does all the in depth mechanical stuff,explains complex things well and is actually more suited to being on camera than Ed. He's a natural TV presenter.
    I liked Ed and the whole debacle was a shame but it's no real loss to the show itself.

    Maybe it's because I'm not American or British but this thread sounds like a whole lot of "but hurt" or is that "bum hurt" Brits that are just pissed off the show expanded to America and ditched their quintessential English eccentric presenter. Lads come on. They couldn't stay polishing old Triumphs in a shed in the midlands forever!

  39. I am a mechanic and i say Ed China vas not good mechanic only a fixer not healer. Quack not professional. But maybe he had bad budget and had to do with less. But still just fixing not reparing. Like a bad customer wanting full owerhaul but gives 50 £ budget!!
    Ok that looks stupid…


  41. Like most others, I enjoyed Edd's part of the show the most. Nothing bad to say about Mike, but I have only watched part of one episode with Ant, and it's just not the same. I understand why Edd left…. they wanted to take away a lot of what made his contributions work. I didn't even know they moved it to the US until I read some of the comments here.

  42. I loved wheeler dealers and never missed an episode and have watched a series of the new partnership having seen ant anstead before in other car shows great mechanic he is but sorry to say it don’t work the same without edd. Don’t like the stateside format and most American cars in my opinion are bags of shite. Should have left it alone but suppose it became a victim of its own success.

  43. How Ed China Is A Class Man Also Mike Brewer Was Always A Massive Wheeler Dealership Type Chap,Ed Was Always The Main – Man When It Came To Showing Avid Fan's The Know How Surrounding Ed's Mass Knowledge Around Any Car Or Van Put In His Garage. Good Luck To Both On All Thing's Getting Wheeler Dealers Back-On Our TVs So Missed As Now The REAPEAT'S Are Always A Winner …….Go On Ed China >>>>> https://youtu.be/6ZHht3I_F6U

  44. I don't wach it anymore, the renuns with Ed are better. I must say, I found Mike an annoying factor sometimes in the show but I suppose that gave the contrast that made the show successful. And there is no such thing as an honest car dealer especially second hand car dealers, saying Mike is an honest car dealer is a lie on its own like saying he never lies.

  45. moving to usa was a bold move, here both host mike and edd also changed their life to fit the expectation to accomplish this new adventure. however, the show is already changing its pace, the format, even mike says is the same, the reality is that the new guy is doing a messy work, cut corners and quite shite stuff and i lost interest in this show and im now more focused in monkey garage. i dont believe that edd will ever come back, but the name of wheeler dealers, the tv show, is only that, branding. the essence ended!

  46. The new show is not available on 'normal' TV or Freeview channels. I don't pay for Sky and others, so have never seen the new shows. I suspect like hundreds of thousands of other folk.

  47. The words 'honest' and 'car dealer' very rarely go together. Mike always sounded like your typical over excitable Essex boy in it to turn around a quick buck. Edd China and Ant in later episodes always seem more passionate about what they are doing.

  48. I was disappointed when Edd left the show. Having seen Ant Anstead in 'For The Love of Cars', [with Philip Glenister] I KNEW they picked a great replacement. The show is still great. Ant is not Edd; nor is Edd Ant. They are both wrenching geniuses. So I don't compare them & just enjoy the current show.

  49. I liked the show when Ed and Mike kept it simple and looked like they had fun. It’s sadly lost it’s direction as people love the restoration/mechanics side of the show. Ive not watched the show since it went stateside, as sadly its lost its charm. I’ve enjoyed watching Car SOS for the same sort of fun and comradery. I hope that doesn’t become a victim of its own success!

  50. Cant be bothered to watch the new format, also was getting fed up with Brewers strange attitude accusing Edd of not doing anything all the time. I now watch shows such as fast and loud etc, there is not the backstabbing going on that Brewer is so fond of

  51. Used to be an avid watcher of the show, but was only really interested in the workshop side. Enjoyed watching Ant on previous shows he has done but Wheeler Dealers was about Ed, his way of repairing and educating without patronising the viewer. Haven't seen any of the episodes with Ant, just wouldn't be the same – like Top Gear without Clarkson. Mike should have walked away just like Hammond & May did.

  52. I stopped taking this vid seriously when you asked me to subscribe BEFORE I had even watched the video. You do realise how ridiculous that is, don't you?

  53. Bloody Yanks as always take a great British idea and programme and completely fuck it up, wonder how long before Brewer ends up with the Mid Atlantic accent that Brits seem to get when working out there 🤔

  54. Come on people they both brought something to the show. I will follow Edd China where ever he puts down stakes. Mike is doing an ok job but Edd was always the magic. Pure automotive genius CSI and Aircrash Investigation on wheels with Edd doing the fab repairs. Give ole Art a chance. Series shows seldom make runs longer than 13 years…

  55. Watched 2 episodes of the new WD's with 'Ant' and thought he has all the charisma of the said insect. They'd have done better if they nicked the mechanic guy from Car SOS (learned his trade as a mechanic in a bus garage!). Either way, like when Clarkson et al left Top Gear, it's the end of the road for me (appalling pun!)

  56. Love Edd and Love Ant. The show is still interesting to watch. I'm glad Mike is continuing to put his energy into this show. Mike keep living the dream.

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