Update From WHERE? River & Grilling

Update From WHERE? River & Grilling

well hello world you are not going to
believe where I am right now take a guess take take a guess you’re
probably wrong oh yes the official Cologne of jaja jaja I’m here in Georgia
guys I’m here at Keffer ban Kevin’s favorite spot he’s from these parts well
sandy bottoms campground yeah could not get a waterfront site they are all
booked all six of them up there there’s like seven that aren’t but
actually have access to the water like my own private spot let’s walk right
down there so see there’s my RV right there and here’s the Tallulah River
beautimous it’s a very form day it says 91 but feels like 99 so very humid here
in Georgia never in my wildest dreams that I thought I would be in Georgia in
the summertime that does not fit my whole chasing 70 degrees but I just come
down soak my feet in the water up to my knees there and then I kind of feel
totally cooled off and I’ll do this like every 30 minutes now it just doesn’t get
much better than this this area of Georgia up here near the Smoky Mountains
of Tennessee this area is the only place in the country I found that reminds me
of home so much so to be here and see green moss and and ferns and – the the
temperatures and everything this is one of the only places in the country where
I feel at home might wear out where I grew up and so this is really refreshing
right now it’s a good little reset but I know you guys have lots of questions
because I am well off of Lincoln Highway we’ll get to it just take a chill pill
send all of your hate mail to me Eric Jacobs one 4-6-3 yahoo.com it’s gonna be
okay I love the fact that no matter where I’m at in the country what time of
year what happens if something happens or an opportunity arises I can change my
plans at any time now I know the world following me doesn’t like that because
if I don’t stick to the plan then people get really stressed
and they want to voice an opinion and all that but I just say get used to it
and I don’t mean that in a mean way it’s just guys this is my life and Lincoln
Highway is still the route okay so I am about ten hours south just not believe
I’m here right now in the in the southeast and summertime it’s fine
as I mentioned I’m gonna have to be a little vague because some things have
happened some changes have happened and I need to be very patient I’m gonna be
here for about two to three weeks still I can’t give away too many details right
now because I don’t want this to fall through but what’s going on here
involves the RV and no don’t even throw out rumors or anything because you have
no idea what’s going on no idea it’s a good thing though I promise you yeah but
I just have to be patient and we are just going to make this up as we go so
for right now we may stay here five or six days it’s 15 bucks a night’s
beautiful and actually don’t have my phone it’s inside but I was texting with
campervan Kevin I’m showing some pictures and talking about this place
and then randomly mid-conversation he’s like what wait how are you texting me
from soggy bottoms campground in the Chattahoochee National Forest like dude
the booster the Wi-Fi the cell phone booster now this is the first time that
it’s ever given me signal when there was nothing nobody gets any service out here
except me I literally went from no service to two bars of usable 4G LTE
service like in string Netflix texted people send pictures I was surprised I
was not expecting to get service out of nothing that’s not what we boost is
supposed to do it’s just supposed to amplify what’s argue there so pretty
cool little bonus and that means that for the next few days
I can I can stay connected to what’s going on in the works
and yeah so if I need to leave at the last minute just put the bike back put
the awning back up and we’ll head out of here if I need to until the the other
thing is I still had the delay on my video so don’t if you’re watching this
right now don’t come out to sandy bottoms and did I call it soggy bottoms
I might have don’t come out here and look for me cuz most likely I’m not
going to be here I will have moved on to the next phase of what’s going on here
in Georgia but I’m still gonna shoot out a video
every other day and be uploading it from right here – – just to keep things going
man I am so so excited but one thing that happened when I got here yesterday
was the camera system and all of my stuff that runs off my inverter quit
working it wasn’t even on this guy that I got in December in Texas the pure sine
wave inverter from Amazon this is power tech on don’t get one of these guys I
know they sell a bunch of them it only lasted six months I opened it up it’s
got four thirty amp fuses in here that are all good there’s no reason for this
to not work anymore but luckily I saved my old Schumacher 750 water put that one
back in it’s not pure sine but it’s working and it works great I’m bummed
about it but big ol honkin piece of paperweight trash right there I’m gonna
do some research and find find another pure sine because I like it it’s better
cleaner power and it’s quieter where that 750 runs that fan all day all night
no matter what this one only runs it when you put a like a heavy load on it
so I’ll fix that later but I got it covered I’m glad I did not throw away or
donate or give away the Schumacher inverter let me see other updates here
going on oh I made a a Best Buy order so I got to get to Best Buy here in about
seven days I’m going to pick up a new camera accessory one that you guys have
been waiting a very long time for and that is a stabilizer that is right I
love everything about this camera and they now have a stabilizer that will
hold seven pounds it’ll hold a DSLR heavy lenses the shotgun microphone on
top have the flip out screen everything
stabilized in one unit it’s the last step I can really make to have the best
videos possible I’ve cleaned up the color saturation and the exposure and
all that kind of stuff I feel like I have fine-tuned the m50 down so
hopefully here in a couple videos I will be showing you that piece of equipment
and you will not be getting a headache from the blurred corners background
shakiness that goes on in the videos just something I want to do I personally
want to do it took me a while to get there but yeah soon what did you see what was it a bug
Georgia bug okay what kind of bug you don’t know you want to tell him about it
what do you know an ant I’m sweating are you sweating well you’re not even
sweating you’ve met all this fern whoa what is all this okay I’ll get the comb
all right Jax is all taken care of it’s about that time I go back to the river
and dunk real quick be back with you in a minute oh man I
might have to switch it up and actually go all the way in the water here at some
point later I don’t know how you guys deal with the moist hot humidity that
comes with the heat in the summer around here that’s just a whole different
element that it makes you feel sticky all the time granted this area isn’t
isn’t bad there’s one drawback to my setup and that’s that I’m not getting
any solar so I mean I can’t even run the fans I mean I’m not getting any solar
maybe an amp but I’m in the shade but that also creates a lot more cooling
inside the RV naturally it’s not sitting there baked in the Sun in a parking lot
but in just like back home I get Margaret McKinney I will have to run the
generator and the speed charger for about two to three hours a day just to
maintain the DC battery so I can still operate the things that run on DC inside
the RV but still there’s there’s just nothing like it
this is of this a perfect spot to spend five six days and I love it I love it you know and if one
of the water sites opens up here it’s gonna be easy for me to put the awning
away real quick and move I may move down to a water site I don’t know the
forecast says it is gonna rain several days but it’s not gonna rain all day so
I can probably put up with it and now it’s getting dark the Sun has set and
the Flies are out I’m getting ready to close up shop for the night it still
does not rained so I really lucked out on my second day here with no rain
thankfully watching some Vikings here on the TV because it’d be a raining good
out there nothing like eat Mountain nature right hmm oh man
trying some new stuff following a guy on YouTube obese to beast on YouTube he
shares a bunch of these really easy recipes for eating a little more
healthier and all of them like like this one I’m gonna get four meals out of what
I just cooked so that the chicken the broccoli and the rice four meals out
that which is great and it’s under four dollars a meal which is a fantastic deal
oh I think I forgot to mention got a Riverside campsite now yeah I was just
over there hanging out and all of a sudden the people just left at like 3:00
p.m. from the Riverside SWAT like okay like less than seven minutes later I was
over here I brought the motorcycle over parked it to kind of block the entrance
and reserved it and then seven minutes later I was over here yeah can you guys
see the mist the fog on the water it’s kind of hard to see but there’s no fog
or mist anywhere except for right on the water like all the way down the creek
that’s kind of creepy but yeah just because you see green on my plate Here I
am not changing everything it’s still gonna enjoy a pizza like once a week and
another stuff but hey it’s fun to change it up sometimes mm-hmm I actually got
some awesome news tonight everything is still moving forward as planned so I’m
really really excited with what the future could hold discuss some great
news tonight man I’m really enjoying life I really am guys have a great night Jackson I’ll see
you in a couple days with another update from Georgia bye guys

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