Upside Down Cooking Challenge: Giant Burrito

Upside Down Cooking Challenge: Giant Burrito

– So the first step in making a giant burrito is to take (winding noise) Wait a minute, the upside down looks different from what I thought. – Wow! Amazing! – Hey guys, today I will be making a giant burrito while hanging upside down. Now, this video is sponsored by Glad Press’n’Seal, so thank you very much for giving me the duct tape of the kitchen as I attempt to do this. Let’s go! The things we do for burritos. I feel both ready and terrified but I usually feel that way every time I enter a kitchen, so, nothing new there. (background chatter) Wooo! Yep! So, my challenge today is
to take Glad Press’n’seal and use to help me make a giant burrito. So, as you can see we
have all of our leftovers in these really neat magnetic glass bowls and they’re being suspended using Glad Press’n’Seal to keep it in there. And I am being suspended upside down! Oh wow! What a day in the life of me am I right everybody? So step number one in making a burrito is getting friendly with your tortillas. I have my tortillas right here (swooshing and crash noise) Sorry, one second Okay, see as you can
tell this is a pretty big tortilla, and I guess I’m
just gonna put things, hhmm? How longs is it safe to be upside down? (crashing noise) Uh-oh, bye buddy, thank you for your work. That’s not gonna work, can
I get a little help here? Can we just, a little, a little. I love it! You know, I wanna make
an extra big burrito because frankly making
a burrito upside down, let me just get one more, bye-bye. (crashing)
(cat meowing) You know I’m actually starting to really like this new found ability. So I’m gonna make a giant burrito because making a burrito upside down isn’t challenging enough, you know. There it is, okay. We take our guac, which
way is right side up? This way, wow this really
is an air-tight seal. This guac is more secure than I am you know both emotionally and physically. Just kidding, I’m very safe, we’re being very safe right now. So, we’re going to release
our leftover guacamole from its air-tight seal flip-flop, clip-clop Can I reseal this? Is it just as safe, wow! Now that we have our nice guacamole base it’s time to add some beans. ‘Bean-there’ done that, maybe I can just position it so that the beans can just land where I need them to be. Ready to take this risk, lets do it! (mumbling) Amazing! Okay next step lets add some jalapenos, because things aren’t spicy enough, just one, too spicy. A little chicken for extra protein whoa! Here, we go, chicken! Uh-oh, okay, a little more chicken Wow! Amazing! Then I’m gonna get some rice now you guys might be
wondering how I’m moving. Frankly, so am I, I don’t understand how pulleys work, core strength! Just a little bit of
rice, to make it nice! There you got, pat pat pat. Get away, NO! Ugh man! Now, any great chef knows how to roll up a burrito with their eyes closed. But I can do it upside down Voila, you know what I actually think that this might be the most delicious burrito using movie magic. (swishing noise) Now that we know I can make a burrito hanging upside down, the real question is can you eat a burrito
hanging upside down? Literally, I don’t know if I can swallow. Mmmm! You know it’s not worth
the choking hazard. You know what I’m thinking, it’s probably best if I just wrap this burrito and save it for later. Voila, you know I wonder
if I’m ever going to be able to go back to living my life right side up? (crashing) Thank you so much for watching and again thanks to Glad Press’n’Seal for sponsoring this video if you guys wanna watch more of what you can do with Press’n’Seal go ahead and click the links in the description below. Be sure to like, subscribe
and muah have a great day! Also, hit the notification bell please. You know, I will say I can’t help but be very impressed with the Glad Press’n’Seal right now, – I know right! – None of this stuff
is falling on my head.

100 thoughts on “Upside Down Cooking Challenge: Giant Burrito”

  1. Kind of a fail for the burrito. But I am going to buy me some glad press'n seal! So smart of them for sponsoring

  2. OMG THIS VIDEO LOOKED SOOOOOO COOL! I love the idea, and I think it would be quite freaky and weird to be upside down and when the tortillas fell it looked aliens were invaded the food just LOL 😝😇😀😃😄😁😆☺️☺️🤣😅😅😇🙂🙃😉😉😚😌😙😗😘😍😋😛😝😜🤪🧐🤨🤓😎🤩

  3. Coulda done without the sound effects, actually :/ The whole thing is enjoyable weird, you don't have to make it be all Looney Tunes.

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