Vegan Dessert Recipes : Making a Raspberry Coolie Vegan Dessert Recipe

Hi! Nili Nathan and Chef Aj on behalf of Expert
Village you are watching the healthy dessert episode. I’m going to let Nili make this one
because this is really really easy all you need is a blender. She has the mother of blender
the vita mix but any cheap blender would do. We are making a raspberry coolie a fancy word
for sauce or topping. Coolie. Coolie it sounds better when you call it coolie but you could
use any flavor fruit that you want. I’m using organic raspberries because I love raspberries
and we are also going to use this on the banana ice cream that we made in another episode
and on the chocolate cake. Okay. But make sure that is defrosted because it won’t work
other wise so I have a whole bag of frozen fruit unsweetened just dump it in the blender.
Strawberries are great like this to make a excellent topping and the a guava that we
talk about just pour in adjust a stop perfect. And again if you everybody sweet tooth, every
bodies pallet is different just a tench of vanilla, just. Oh look I’m getting my first
lesson from Chef Aj. She is perfect you see. Hang out with me guys. I’m natural and hang
out with you what is next. Top goes on the blender that is it. Well whiz it up of course.
But you could use any blender for this. Any blender and any fruit. You could use fresh
fruit to but raspberries aren’t always available fresh. That is you are done. You done. Wow.
You may want to taste it just to make sure that it is sweet enough for you again everybody.
Go ahead you taste. It is good. Alright. What is next actually I lied a little more. It
is good, it is very good but since I know what we are using it for I didn’t really lie
but. It is my first time so. Yeah it is really you know what you brought up a very important
point in any kind of food preparation you can always add more sugar, more salt, you
could never take away, so what you did was absolutely right. I got a little funnel, I
got a little squeeze bottle and you could actually. Looks how pretty that looks. Isn’t
it beautiful and this is great on any kind of ice cream, it would even be great on fruit,
raspberry on raspberry. That took about a minute. That is it. And we are done.

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