Vegan Holiday Roast: Stuffed Seitan with Mushroom Gravy

Vegan Holiday Roast: Stuffed Seitan with Mushroom Gravy

Hi guys, Today I’ll be showing you how to make this
delicious stuffed seitan holiday roast with awesome mushroom
gravy to go with it. It makes a great centerpiece but you’re probably
going to want to make a few more dishes for your Thanksgiving feast. Thankfully, this
video is part of the Epically Ethical Thanksgiving collab with 8 of my favourite vegan youtubers
led by the wonderful Emily from Bite Size Vegan. Be sure to check out their recipes.
I’ll link them in the description box and at the end of this video. So let’s get started with our seitan! The
dough is super easy to make; first gather up your flavouring ingredients. I used garlic,
ginger, miso, onion powder, poultry seasoning, vinegar and a touch of sugar for balance.
Check out the description box for the all the amounts. Combine that with hot water in a blender…and
blend it. Now empty that into a large mixing bowl and add your vital wheat gluten and your
chickpea flour. Mix it around until it forms a dough then go in with your hands and knead
it for one minute but not longer than that. Afterwards, you can leave that alone for a
bit to rest while you grab your stuffing. What? You don’t have classic bread stuffing
just ready and laying around? Check out this 3 minute video for the uber easy instructions.
Basically, you just saute some celery and onion, add broth and mix in some dried out
bread cubes. After your dough has rested for a couple minutes
to allow the gluten strands to relax a bit, roll it out on a flat surface. You can see
I sprinkled a little chickpea flour but that was totally unnecessary. The gluten doesn’t
really stick. If it does, just wet it a little. You want to gently smush it out into a rectangle
shape about a foot long on one side. Then add about a cup of stuffing to the third closest
to you. Don’t add too much stuffing though. Now roll it up. Pinch the sides so they come
together but don’t worry too much about it sticking together, it will be fine once you
cook it. This is the part where you choose your own
adventure! You can steam and bake it or just straight bake it. To steam it, wrap the loaf up in a piece of
wet cheese cloth. Use it to tighten up the roll a bit and tuck the end of the cloth underneath
the roll to secure. Now steam that on high for one hour. Don’t
forget to check the water level every so often to make sure your steamer doesn’t run dry. When you have 15 minutes left on the clock,
start preheating your oven at 375 degrees Farenheit or or 190 degrees celsius. Afterwards, the loaf will have puffed up a
bit. Carefully remove it from the steamer and unwrap it. If the cheesecloth sticks,
wet it with some water and it should release. Leave it on a baking pan lined with parchment
paper. Now add a glaze. Mixed together some lemon
juice with garlic, brown sugar, olive oil and a little salt. Brush this all over your
loaf and reserve the remaining liquid. Now we can bake that for 30 minutes. At the
halfway mark, flip the seitan over and brush on the rest of the glaze then put it back
in to finish baking. And that’s it! If you want a firmer loaf or just don’t feel
like doing the extra work, you can simply bake this. Take a large piece of foil and oil the middle
part where the seitan will touch it. Then roll it up firmly and twist the ends like
a tootsie roll. Then bake that in a preheated oven for about
one hour and fifteen minutes at 375 degrees farenheit or 190 degrees celsius. For this
method, you have to have it give it a quarter turn every fifteen minutes or so to that it
cooks evenly and doesn’t burn. While your seitan is cooking, you can make
your mushroom gravy. You’ll need a whole bunch of mushrooms of any mild variety (I used 8
oz), 2 cups of vegetable broth, a clove of crushed garlic, a few sprigs of fresh thyme,
and some olive oil, some wheat flour, cornstarch or tapioca flour. Slice or chop up the mushrooms first, how
big depends on your perference. Heat a saucepan on medium to medium high heat
with the oil, then add the salt, garlic and mushrooms when it’s hot. Cook this for about
10 minutes while stirring regularly, until the liquid has pretty much evaporated. Add the flour, cornstarch or tapioca flour
in and stir that while cooking for about a minute. Now add your stock and fresh thyme. I’m using
a teaspoon of vegetable stock powder and a teaspoon of nutritional yeast mixed with water
but you can use whatever kind you have. Then turn the heat to medium low and cook
for about 15 minutes until the gravy gets thick. Simmer it for longer if you want it
even thicker. Taste it and adjust for salt and pepper. When the times up on the oven, be very careful
when removing the seitan. And be careful when you unwrap it too. See, it got a bit toastier on one side because
I forgot about turning it at the end. Leave the seitan cool a bit before slicing. The baked seitan is a bit dry on the outside
so you can moisten it by brushing on some vegetable broth or the same glaze that we
put on the steamed seitan. The texture is firm, kind of like tofurky. The steamed seitan is more tender but still
firm. The outside is a little sticky, a little lemony, and the stuffing inside is more puffed
up from the additional steaming moisture. Last but most definatly not least, top the
seitan with your rich, savory mushroom gravy. Now for a taste test. Oh yes, tender, hearty,
delicious. I have to admit, I left the camera rolling will I stood there nomming on this. Enough taste testing, time to plate! Serve
this with your favourite Thanksgiving sides or try out one or more of these wonderful
plant-based holiday dishes. There’s stuffed pumpkin by Sim’s Kitchenette, a creamy pumpkin
soup from Cooking With Plants, Roasted Roots by The Veggie Nut, Quinoa Cauliflower mash
from Veggietorials, an amazing looking Thanksgiving Burger from Unhealthy Vegan, a Citrus Spiced
CRanberry Sauce from York and Spoon, and finally, a beautiful gluten-free pumpkin pie from Plant
Based Judy. Don’t forget to check out Bite Size Vegan’s video on the Truth about Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you liked
this video. Please let me know what your favourite holiday dishes are and get some ideas flowing
so we can all impress our friends and family with plant-based, cruelty-free goodness this
holiday season. Bye for now!

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